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Datasembly Launches GPI 2.0: The Most Comprehensive, Real-time Grocery Price Index In The Nation

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The Second Iteration of Datasembly’s Renowned Grocery Price Index Provides Increased Transparency for Retailers, and CPGs

TYSONS, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Datasembly, the leading provider of real-time product pricing, promotions, and assortment data for retailers and CPG brands, today announced the launch of its new and improved Grocery Price Index: GPI 2.0. A free, interactive resource with the widest set of standard metrics to help retailers and CPGs better understand industry pricing trends, the Grocery Price Index is a culmination of the billions of pricing and product records that Datasembly collects daily from over 150,000 stores and over 200 retail banners that span over 30,000 zip codes across the United States.

In the latest GPI release, Datasembly has more than doubled the number of categories of products from 14 to 34, creating a much more granular look into the overall grocery assortment. With a focus on driving transparency these new categories also include subcategories to further highlight the drivers of category movement. New filters also provide the ability to localize the trends at the state and metro levels which includes 54 of the largest major metropolitan areas in the U.S.

GPI also includes innovative segmentation capabilities including the ability to measure pricing impacts by population density highlighting the changes from very urban city centers to very rural areas. The most recent edition includes segmentation by median household income by zip code. This allows for tracking trends and patterns of grocery prices by six different income segments.

“With our nation facing record-breaking inflation and unforeseen market volatility this year, the need for real-time competitive pricing intelligence is more important now than ever,” said Datasembly co-founder and CEO, Ben Reich. “It’s absolutely critical for retailers and CPGs to have access to actionable data so they’re armed with the insights required to drive pricing strategies, and ultimately increase revenue and profitability. With our new GPI 2.0, we’re providing an even deeper level of market insights, empowering our customers to make the best decisions possible for their business.”

The launch of GPI 2.0 further bolsters Datasemby’s position as the one true source of actual grocery price inflation on a national scale. The Grocery Price Index leverages Datasembly’s unparalleled product data with over 12 billion new product observations every week. You can read more about the new GPI release at the Food for Thought blog on

About Datasembly

Datasembly empowers brands and retailers to make data-driven decisions about pricing, promotion and assortment in real-time. Datasembly collects hyper-local, real-time data from over 150,000 stores representing 200 of the largest retailers across North America. Datasembly’s intuitive web application leverages this data to solve real-world problems and deliver immediate visibility and insights that save time, money and improve efficiencies. For more information, visit


Courtney Grieco

First published on Tue, Jul 25, 2023

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