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Danish BNPL-leader Viabill Enters Consolidation Mode On All-time Best Results

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Reporting record results for the fiscal year 2022/2023, Viabill has perfected a “unique recipe” and thus value proposition for other European BNPLs seeking a platform for profitability in a post-ZIRP era, says group CEO, vowing to enter consolidation mode and scout for possible acquisitions as the Danish BNPL-leader nears its 15th operational year.

Despite global economic turmoil, volatile interest rates and the end of ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy, edt.), Danish fintech and BNPL Viabill defies trends and ends its fiscal year by reporting all-time high consolidated net profits of EUR 5.4million on the basis of a group turnover of EUR 22.2million, according to the 2022/2023 annual report of its parent company, The Holding Co. A/S (the “Company”). According to group CEO Jan Lytje-Hansen, the record results underline that Viabill stands out in a market where bleak outlooks are due for those that still base their operations on ZIRP-era conditions, however, noting that skies are clearing for profitable BNPLs that have proven ability to adapt to the changed market conditions:

"Being able to control your costs is paramount in our line of business where growth comes easy, but healthy growth requires dexterity. As far as we know, Viabill is still the only BNPL in Europe that has been able to perfect that balance and that makes us quite the rarity, providing us a unique platform for potentially conquering the European market”, says Jan Lytje-Hansen.

Eyes wide open for possible acquisitions

Nearing its 15th year in operation, which has taken Viabill from start-up to BNPL market-leader in Denmark, Jan Lytje-Hansen now considers to explore the use of the Company’s “unique recipe” as a platform for European consolidation; to grow the Danish fintech beyond its current domain in Denmark and Spain into a pan-European BNPL by acquiring other European companies, turning these around to unleash their full potential for profitability:

"Many European BNPLs are struggling as their business models were built for ZIRP. Those days are long gone, and consequently more BNPLs won’t be able to refinance their loan books and fund future growth. Viabill knows how to make profits, and having all the necessary licenses, experience and funding capabilities, we will be keeping our eyes wide open for potential acquisitions on the European market in 2024/2025”, says Jan Lytje-Hansen, inviting interested parties to reach out directly.

Bottomline-centric BNPL

Having seen banks offering PoS (Point of Sales, edt.) financing struggle, tagging along the birth and rapid growth of e-commerce, Viabill was established in 2010 introducing a stellar technology platform allowing for rapid onboarding of merchants and consumers. Today, Viabill has more than 270,000 customers and is owned through The Holding Co A/S by global VC firms like Headline GmbH as well as an array of private investors. And according to Andreas Haug, Partner at Headline GmbH, Viabill’s unique position and business model has the potential to lay ground for a new breed of bottomline-centric BNPLs that can challenge the current European and global market-leaders:

“It’s impressive that for 15 years, Viabill has consistently delivered both top and bottom line growth quarter after quarter, despite the recent global financial turbulence and general headwinds in the BNPL sector. The strong focus on winning the Danish market will now be complemented by increased attention on European expansion. As we shift into a consolidation phase, we hope that viable acquisition targets will soon emerge”, says Andreas Haug.


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First published on Thu, Apr 11, 2024

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