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Crediverso Secures Additional $3.5 Million In Funding, Will Provide Consumer Legal Tech Platform For Small Businesses, Underserved Communities

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The Spanish and English Consumer Advocacy Platform Launches New Product “My Pocket Lawyer,” Brings Total Funding to $6.6 Million

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Crediverso, the Spanish and English language consumer technology company dedicated to providing financial and educational resources to underserved communities, announced today that it has raised $3.5 million in a pre-series A funding round to provide these communities with access to legal resources as well. The round included distinguished investors such as Torch Capital and Gaingels, with continued participation from earlier investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Act One Ventures, bringing Crediverso’s total funding to $6.6 million.

Crediverso’s mission since inception has been to support underserved and under-resourced communities, a mission that began with the U.S. Hispanic community. This new funding positions Crediverso to leverage recent advancements in generative AI technology to rapidly develop products and tools that effectively resolve the challenges of not only the Hispanic community, but anyone with limited access to legal or financial resources across markets, whether they be a freelance web designer working with a new client, a young couple trying to understand their loan, or a small business owner hiring a new team member.

In this expansion, Crediverso is launching "My Pocket Lawyer," a platform that democratizes access to legal resources and empowers individuals, small businesses, and freelancers to navigate their legal issues. The platform addresses the wide market gap between low-quality, generic online legal information and costly, out-of-reach lawyers. 3 in 4 low-income households experienced civil legal problems in the past year, ranging from landlord-tenant issues to employment disputes to questions on loan and healthcare contracts, yet almost none of them received the legal help they needed. Likewise, one-third of small businesses experience civil legal problems annually, often resulting in lost revenue, but they also struggle to access the help they need. Startlingly, more than 40% of counties in the U.S. are classified as “legal deserts” - areas with one or fewer lawyers per 1,000 people. Located predominantly in areas with below median income or minority populations, these areas often lack the financial resources to hire a lawyer even if one were available. These are the communities where Crediverso has focused extensively in the past on providing financial resources and education, and where My Pocket Lawyer seeks to increase legal access going forward. My Pocket Lawyer’s goal is to reduce the necessity of hiring an attorney in over 50% of cases, putting the power back into the consumers' hands by enabling consumers and small businesses to educate themselves about the legal system.

“It’s not another competitor that keeps us up at night, because unfortunately there are very few companies offering affordable legal solutions designed responsibly for consumers. Rather, it is how many individuals and small businesses go without the tools and help they need,” said Charlie Hernandez, CEO and founder of Crediverso and accredited attorney. “This is a civil rights issue, in that a portion of the population doesn’t have the same rights as everyone else, because they can’t reach lawyers to help them access those rights. It is also an economic issue, since we are stifling our economy’s growth potential by not arming the most entrepreneurial people in our workforce with the legal tools they need to be able to start and run businesses. The market has recognized the huge potential for generative AI to solve these problems, and I’m grateful that with the backing of our investors, we can continue our mission of equal financial and legal access for all communities.”

“We always look to support founders and businesses that identify market opportunities where consumers are deeply underserved,” said Chris Harper, Principal at Torch Capital. “Crediverso brings a deep expertise in generative AI to the legal field, and the introduction of My Pocket Lawyer offers individuals and small businesses a legal tech solution where one did not exist before. We’re proud to support Crediverso as they continue to innovate on behalf of underserved consumers and look forward to witnessing their impact on unlocking the potential of small business owners and beyond.”

My Pocket Lawyer is available in both English and Spanish and provides an avenue to access reliable and accurate answers to legal questions in a way that is accessible, secure, and affordable. My Pocket Lawyer educates users in framing their legal inquiries effectively, giving them the power to act pro se and advocate for their rights independently, where possible. For more complex cases where users require the assistance of a legal professional, My Pocket Lawyer will guide users on how to effectively connect with the right attorney.

For more information on Crediverso, visit and or contact

About Crediverso

Crediverso is a Hispanic-owned and operated technology platform providing legal and financial tools and educational resources for underserved and under-resourced communities. Crediverso helps consumers make informed professional decisions by providing access to free, unbiased, and easy to understand information in both English and Spanish about financial and legal products. Crediverso includes My Pocket Lawyer, a new consumer tech legal tool that simplifies and democratizes access to legal resources and empowers individuals, small businesses, and freelancers to navigate complex legal issues. Crediverso also includes its Learning Center, one of the largest online libraries of English and Spanish financial educational resources. For more information on Crediverso, visit


First published on Tue, Sep 26, 2023

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