TechDogs-"ControlUp Launches Free 50-User VIP Pack For Edge DX, Enabling The Best Digital Experience For Any Organization"

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ControlUp Launches Free 50-User VIP Pack For Edge DX, Enabling The Best Digital Experience For Any Organization

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Company to demonstrate its enhanced DEX solution with new executive dashboards at VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#DEX--ControlUp, the industry leader in Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management, announced today a free 50-User VIP Pack of their award-winning platform. The VIP Pack includes three new executive dashboards to simplify the enterprise IT decision-making process. The company will be showcasing the VIP Pack at VMware Explore Las Vegas, booth #203, from August 21 through August 23, 2023, demonstrating how organizations can take advantage of its management solutions for a better digital employee experience.

The free 50-User VIP Pack unleashes the power of Edge DX for all IT teams of any size to help users with specific requirements who need extra care from the IT team. Edge DX reduces IT support cost for physical desktops by identifying, resolving, and preventing problems that traditional device management software can not.

“We are thrilled about ControlUp's free 50-User VIP Pack for Edge DX, and what better time to announce it than during VMware Explore,” said Andy Whiteside, president and CEO, XenTegra. “It is an excellent opportunity for IT organizations to dive into comprehensive performance monitoring and management without risk, but plenty of rewards for VIP users in their environments.”

The VIP offering also comes with three new executive dashboards, which are also available for all ControlUp Edge DX customers. Since monitoring usage, performance and availability trends for applications, devices and networks is difficult, ControlUp delivers hundreds of easy-to-read metrics to allow executives to make decisions that improve an enterprise’s digital employee experience.

“With IT budgets getting tighter every day, organizations face challenges supporting users that require special attention. We saw the need for an easy-to-adopt solution that helps IT teams significantly improve efficiency in supporting employees regardless of their location,” said Alexander Rublowsky, executive vice president of marketing at ControlUp. “With the free 50-user VIP Pack for Edge DX, now every company can take advantage of accelerated troubleshooting and the ability to have preventive measures in place to safeguard against future disruptions for their employees."

To learn more about ControlUp’s 50-User VIP Pack for Edge DX and start using it today, please read our latest blog post.

About ControlUp

ControlUp helps IT resolve desktop issues faster, prevent tickets, and reduce spend by delivering a Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Management Fabric built for IT teams’ challenges such as troubleshooting complex workspaces, support tickets, and flat budgets. With ControlUp, organizations minimize time spent troubleshooting with context-rich data and reporting, proactively identify problems while automating solutions before tickets are submitted, and consolidate tools into a single, easy-to-use web app. Learn more at


Georgiana Comsa
Silicon Valley PR

First published on Tue, Aug 22, 2023

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