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Confirm Launches Performance Profile, Putting Employees In Control Of Their Own Performance Reviews

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Confirm’s new Performance Profile feature gives employees a holistic view of their performance and a better understanding of how they stack up to their colleagues and employers’ expectations

SAN FRANCISCO & LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Confirm, the first platform to inject the science of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) into performance reviews to help people leaders make fairer, faster and data-driven talent decisions, today announced the launch of Performance Profile, minting Confirm as the first performance review software to offer a truly comprehensive view of an employee’s individual performance.

Confirm’s Performance Profile is a new platform feature, leveraging ONA to provide a network-driven point of view into employee’s contributions to the company through the eyes of their colleagues that work with them daily –– not just their manager. By providing a holistic view of an employee’s performance, Confirm’s Performance Profile ensures that employees know exactly where they stand at work, how their progress compares to their colleagues, and specific actions they can take to improve and grow in their careers. The comprehensive performance report that Performance Profile provides also helps facilitate more meaningful performance conversations between employees and managers.

Traditional performance reviews are biased, inefficient and one-way conversations between managers and employees, and often leave workers feeling uncertain about where they stand and unclear on next steps to take to succeed in their roles and further their careers,” said Josh Merrill, co-founder and CEO of Confirm. “Our new Performance Profile feature is changing that by putting employees in the driver’s seat of their own performance reviews and career development. This launch is the next step towards our goal of fixing performance reviews for good –– and we’re well on our way.”

All performance feedback provided by Performance Profile is made clear and easy to understand for employees. The scientific approach of Organizational Network Analysis that powers Performance Profile ensures that an employee’s performance is measured by their network of colleagues that work closely with them –– not just their manager’s feedback or specific, cherry-picked 360 feedback. This helps eliminate the bias that often clouds performance reviews.

Other key features of Confirm’s new Performance Profile platform feature include:

  • A full picture of an employee’s performance over time, from the perspective of their colleagues and network within the organization. Using ONA, Performance Profile provides a point of view into an employee’s contributions through the eyes of everyone around them, not just their manager. In addition to network reviews, Performance Profile also feeds current and historical manager feedback, and a summary of the employee’s self-reflections, impactful activities, feedback and recognition into performance reviews to provide a holistic view of performance.
  • A comparison of an employee’s actual progress vs. their expected progress for their tenure and level. Performance Profile also produces charts that show the distribution of the employee’s network recognition and manager ratings across the entire organization, along with where the employee falls in that distribution, allowing employees to understand their performance against their employers’ expectations and broader organizational trends.
  • A clear breakdown of an employee’s network recognition, including which of their skills and behaviors are most valued by their network of colleagues and their direct reports’ views of their strengths and growth areas as a manager –– all of which is packaged up and shared with employees themselves for further transparency and visibility into their performance.
  • A “manager mode” feature that provides managers with deeper insight into the network feedback of their direct reports, enabling more productive performance conversations and ensuring that true performance transparency isn’t limited by a manager’s attention, ability or experience.
  • A list of suggested action steps for both employees and their managers to take to help the employee grow in their career. This makes sure that performance reviews are more than just informative, but genuinely productive and beneficial for both parties, but especially the employee.

Attendees of the HR Technology Conference at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, next week from October 10-13 can see a demo of Performance Profile first-hand, as Confirm will be exhibiting at booth #7602. The company will also be presented with its Top HR Products of 2023 award by Human Resources Executive®, which recognizes Confirm as an innovative Talent Solutions product in the space.

Josh Merrill, Confirm’s co-founder and CEO, will also be hosting a panel, “Manager Ratings are Wrong: It’s Time for a New Era of Fair, Data-Driven Performance Reviews,” where he will lead a discussion about how to make performance reviews more accurate alongside experts Jess Johannson, CHRO at Canada Goose, Dr. Joe Best, VP of People and Operations at Thoropass, and Dr. Stephanie Murphy, Head of Listening and Engagement Strategy at UnitedHealth Group.

To learn more about Confirm’s new Performance Profile feature, please visit: For more information on Confirm at HR Tech, please visit:

About Confirm

Confirm is the first platform to inject science into performance reviews, ensuring advancement is based on data, rather than company politics or the loudest voice in the room. Designed for the new world of collaborative and remote work, Confirm is the first to leverage Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) in performance reviews, quantifying employee influence and impact, and giving leaders clear visibility into who they can’t afford to lose. Leading businesses such as Niantic Labs and Canada Goose rely on Confirm to make data-driven decisions on employee development, promotion and retention. Learn more at


Allison Zullo
Walker Sands, for Confirm

First published on Tue, Oct 3, 2023

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