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Concord Technologies To Demonstrate Concord Care Intake At The National Association For Be

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Healthcare Leader in Secure, Compliant Document Exchange and Data Transfer to Streamline the Referral Intake and Disposition Process

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Concord Technologies, creator of industry-leading Concord Cloud Fax®, will be showcasing its referral management solution for behavioral health at the 2023 annual meeting of the National Association for Behavioral Healthcare (NABH) in Washington, DC. Concord Care Intake uses the unique features of Cloud Fax, which currently converts and transmits over 12 million pages of protected health information every day, to streamline the acceptance and processing of behavioral health referrals from multiple sources and channels. By removing frustrating obstacles to timely intervention and care, Concord Care Intake improves workflow for overburdened behavioral health staff and enables hospitals to serve patients more effectively.

Managing referrals is a perennial headache in behavioral health. Related bottlenecks can mean delayed care, often for patients and families in profound distress. Concord Care Intake eliminates these bottlenecks by consolidating referrals from faxes, email, inbound calls, walk-ins, and soon direct messages, capturing each referral’s status and displaying its location in the workflow in a clear, comprehensive dashboard. It also harnesses internally developed machine learning models to drive efficiency by extracting key data out of documents, including exclusion criteria flags, and displaying that with useful charts and metrics in a single dashboard. Concord Care Intake has dramatically improved referral review and dispositioning at numerous sites, including Hendricks Behavioral Hospital in Plainfield, Indiana. According to Wendy Taylor, MSW, LCSW, Hendricks’ Director of Assessment and Referrals, the solution saves the hospital’s intake directors about two hours per day—hours that can be put toward patient-centered decision-making rather than bureaucratic aggravation. "The data and analytics dashboards also allow us to identify referral outliers and take action to better manage our referral-source relationships," Taylor said, noting that "if we are losing referrals from a given source, we can identify the issues, diagnose the reasons for them, and then proactively remedy the problem."

Melissa Giampietri, Vice President of Clinical Applications at Concord Technologies, said that is exactly what Concord Care Intake was designed to do: clarify and streamline existing processes and expose areas for improvement. “After two decades in behavioral health, I’ve seen up close how poor document management and unreliable systems can impact patient care—but I’ve also seen how superior technology can improve daily operations for staff and the people they’re caring for.”

The conviction that behind every document is a patient in need of care has driven Concord Technologies from its inception. According to William Cavanaugh, President of Concord Technologies, “Having served the five largest psychiatric hospitals in the nation, we understand the criticality of transmitting documents containing protected health information quickly, securely, and reliably. Now we’ve built on this expertise to solve the critical referral management challenges in behavioral health.”

About Concord Technologies: Concord Technologies is a provider of cloud-based fax and intelligent document automation and workflow solutions to healthcare providers, payers, and other highly regulated businesses. For more than 20 years, millions of sensitive records containing valuable patient information have been accurately and securely sent and received using Concord's Cloud Fax suite of solutions. The company is also recognized for its best-in-class development of new machine learning technologies and industry-leading applications that help its customers grow and manage their business.


Melissa Giampietri
Vice President of Clinical Applications

First published on Thu, Jun 8, 2023

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