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Cognigy Unveils Its Knowledge AI Solution For Enterprise Customer Service

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Harnessing the Power of Generative AI, New Question and Answer Technology Delivers Ability to Create AI Agents in a Fraction of Time

SAN FRANCISCO & DÜSSELDORF, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#cognigy--With a commitment to maximizing the value of AI for enterprise contact centers, Conversational AI leader Cognigy today announced the launch of Cognigy Knowledge AI. The new solution is the latest development in the company’s ongoing charter to empower enterprises with effortless and hyper-personalized customer service.

The rapid adoption of AI in contact centers is being driven by the demand for efficient and painless interactions for customers as well as reduced operational costs and improved data-driven decision-making. According to a recent study by Data Bridge Market Research, the adoption of AI is on the rise and projected to reach $7.5B by 2030.

But Generative AI, or Large Language Models (LLMs), can be daunting, leaving customer service teams with an inability to make use of the latest technology. An innovator in Conversational AI, Cognigy is on a mission to make AI easy and accessible.

According to Philipp Heltewig, CEO and co-founder of Cognigy, "Cognigy Knowledge AI is enterprise-class, safe and secure Generative AI-powered knowledge search and retrieval. As market leaders in transforming customer service and agent support, we continue to enhance our offerings with the latest AI innovations – with the intentions of making technology easy to use and empowering businesses to provide unparalleled service experiences."

Cognigy Knowledge AI is poised to transform customer service and agent support by fusing LLMs and advanced vector search technology. Designed to seamlessly integrate generative question answering, enterprise knowledge and hyper-personalized interactions, this innovation presents a powerful solution for businesses seeking superior customer experiences.

Cognigy Knowledge AI features include:

  • Generative Q&A on Autopilot: Automate Q&A query resolution and allow customers to find the information they need – immediately. Powered by advanced vector search technology and LLMs, Cognigy Knowledge AI works with diverse knowledge sources to extract and summarize the most accurate answer to every customer question.
  • Hyper-Personalized Interactions: Go beyond standard answers and impress customers with hyper-personalized conversations. Seamless CRM integration means that Cognigy’s AI agents can tailor retrieved information to each unique customer journey, driving delight and loyalty through outstanding service experiences.
  • Transaction-Ready: Empower customers to accomplish their goals in a single interaction. Through deep backend integrations, Cognigy combines Knowledge AI with the ability to serve and solve transactional queries from start to finish.
  • Agents’ Knowledge Shortcut: Be it a seasoned customer service representative or a newly onboarded agent, Cognigy Knowledge AI empowers teams to always deliver accurate and speedy service by surfacing the most relevant, concise information across internal documents.
  • Elevate Enterprise Efficiency: Save costs and streamline processes by eliminating manual creation and maintenance of FAQ sets. Simply upload documents such as existing PDF files or connect to enterprise knowledge sources.

Beta Program and Webinar

Cognigy has publicly launched its beta program effective immediately. To learn more about the beta, please contact Cognigy at

Cognigy will hold an educational webinar on August 31st at 8 a.m. San Francisco (PDT) / 5 p.m. Berlin (CEST). The webinar will provide a deep dive into the mechanics and capabilities of Cognigy Knowledge AI to demonstrate its potential to revolutionize customer engagement and operational efficiency. Register here:

To learn more, visit Cognigy’s website at

About Cognigy

Cognigy is revolutionizing the customer service industry by harnessing the most cutting-edge AI technology on the market. Its award-winning solution, Cognigy.AI, empowers businesses to deliver exceptional service that is instant, personalized, in any language, and on any channel. By perfectly combining Generative and Conversational AI to create AI Agents, Cognigy is shaping the future of customer service, increasing customer satisfaction, and supporting employees in real-time. Over 1000 brands worldwide trust Cognigy and its vast partner network to create AI customer service agents for their business. Cognigy's worldwide customer portfolio includes Bosch, Frontier Airlines, Lufthansa Group, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota. Learn more at

Follow the company on Twitter @Cognigy and on LinkedIn at


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First published on Wed, Aug 30, 2023

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