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Chemence Launches KURA-LOW Adhesive Technology Chemistry Platform Driving Paradigm Shift for Consumer Electronic Device Assembly Processes

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ALPHARETTA, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Chemence, Inc. Performance Materials research scientists are committed to solving next generation bonding challenges for Electronics Device Assembly. This corporate commitment to being a solution provider for the industry has led to the development of a new chemistry platform, KURA-LOW™ available in some KRYLEX adhesive formulations manufactured by Chemence, Inc.

Thermal budget is a critical concern when assembling electronic sensors, displays and enclosures. The ability to reduce thermal excursions to elevated temperatures makes both the assembly process more robust and helps maintain the integrity and reliability of the electronic system or device. Existing competitive adhesive systems typically require ‘high’ process temperatures or must be supplied in a two-component format which brings additional limitations to device assembly and reliability.

KURA-LOW™ Technology enables high performance bonding performance at thermal cure temperatures as low as 60◦C, all while being supplied in a room temperature (RT) stabilised, one-part, pre-mixed adhesive formulation. The highly stabilised resin system enables RT stability anywhere between 3-5 days, or up to 6 weeks depending on the product formula.

KURA-LOW™ Technology is available in multiple curing formats:

  • Dual cure format, UV + Heat, for KRYLEX industry leading products for camera module active alignment and Lens bonding applications.
  • Thermal Cure only system, for structural bonding applications e.g., OLED display, enclosure bonding, etc…
  • Snap Cure, for applications demanding in-line processing.

KURA-LOW™ offers customers high levels of adhesion and reliability to common consumer electronic plastics and metals, often outperforming competitive solutions cured at higher temperatures. For data on the performance differences, visit KRYLEX KURA-LOW™.

“KURA-LOW™ Technology is a significant innovation that is enabling our customers to achieve previously unmet levels of performance,” explained Jeff Roberson, Company President, at Chemence. “Our Research scientists have created a technology that delivers best in class work life (RT stability), dispensing, low temperature curing (60◦C) and reliability performance. Working on this technology with our large global customers has given us a true insight in the value our technology is delivering. In addition to the tangible process and performance benefits of the technology the highly stabilised system is also offering sustainability efficiencies through the use of lower cure temperatures and reduced storage conditions, for instance, no requirement for high energy usage -40◦C storage.”

Target Electronics Applications for KURA-LOW™ Technology:

  • Camera Module (Active Alignment/ Lens Bonding/ Lens to Barrel).
  • Sensor bonding.
  • Structural Assembling of temperature sensitive metals and plastics.
  • OLED Display Assembly.
  • Magnet Bonding.
  • Battery Bonding.
  • FPC Re-enforcement.
  • Micro Speaker Assembly.
  • Enclosure Bonding.
  • Wearable Electronics.
  • Soft Goods and fabric bonding.

For more information on KURA-LOW™ Technology and KRYLEX products contact Paul Gleeson @


Paul Gleeson

First published on Mon, Sep 18, 2023

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