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Celigo Expands Existing API Capabilities To Support The Full API Lifecycle By Adding New

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Modern approach enables collaboration between business users and IT teams to meet the growing needs of API development

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#automation--Celigo, the leading integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for business and IT users, today announced the launch of Celigo’s enhanced API management capabilities to accelerate time to value when developing APIs.

“Organizations need data to be accessible at a moment's notice so that new, innovative offerings can be created and consumed, internally and externally,” said Matt Graney, Chief Product Officer at Celigo. “By expanding on our existing API Management capabilities to include a modern approach to policy enforcement, API documentation and consumer onboarding, we can offer a complete solution for our customers’ API needs while also expanding who can develop, document, secure and socialize their APIs, all from a single platform.”

The enhancements to Celigo’s integration platform include:

  • An improved interface for managing API policies with new prebuilt configurations for expedited deployment – As organizations expand the number of services they support internally and externally, the ability to secure APIs is critical. With this update, Celigo provides an improved graphical interface for defining policies, rate limits, and custom attributes. This update also includes dozens of prebuilt configurations based on industry best practices and customer usage, enabling accelerated API deployments. By bringing these capabilities to market, Celigo provides its customers the advantage of enabling non-traditional developers to participate in the API lifecycle, eliminating the requirement for experienced software engineers to manage APIs.
  • A new API consumer portal for improved API documentation and user onboarding – Celigo customers can now deploy a centralized portal for internal and external consumers to find, subscribe, and manage their subscriptions. The portal provides a graphical interface for API managers to develop and host their documentation, define how consumers gain access, and set up any usage restrictions that may apply. By allowing users to customize the look and feel of their portal, Celigo customers can produce their APIs faster, increase their usage, and stay on brand.
  • New dashboards for API monitoring – Celigo’s new API monitoring capabilities make it easier for developers and operations teams to visualize and learn how their APIs are functioning, enabling easier issue diagnosis and performance optimization. The new dashboard provides additional granular logging and advanced audit controls to help customers monitor API behavior over time. Customers will be able to set up key performance metrics around response times, error rates, and other relevant indicators making it easier to identify adoption trends but also improve security by exposing illicit behavior.
  • New generative Open API endpoints within the Celigo platform - Customers can now expose various connections they’ve created within the Celigo platform as Open API Specifications (OAS) compliant APIs, making it easier for customers to solve data-as-a-service use cases. Customers can quickly import these generated APIs into the new API management portal to properly secure their usage. By providing this generative capability, Celigo provides its customers a competitive advantage by reducing the technical skills required to make data more accessible, inside and outside the organization.

The company will continue to drive API innovation with future releases in coming months. For more information, please visit the Celigo API Management web page.

About Celigo

Celigo is the leading AI-driven integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS). At Celigo, we understand the evolving market and believe integration should be accessible to everyone in your organization. Our platform is built for both the line-of-business user and technical teams, promoting automation at every level of the business and enabling growth and innovation at scale. For more information, visit Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Facebook, and Instagram.


Geoff Lopes
fama PR for Celigo

First published on Tue, Sep 12, 2023

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