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CCC and Chinese Medical Association Publishing House Partner to Provide Global Licensing Solution for CMA Articles

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Partnership Provides Chinese Rightsholder with Access to New Markets While Offering Researchers Key Medical Science and Technology Content

DANVERS, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Publishing--CCC, a leader in advancing copyright, accelerating knowledge, and powering innovation, has contracted with the Chinese Medical Association Publishing House (CMAPH) to offer document delivery and licensing solutions for all CMAPH journals. CMA titles will now be included in the Republication License Service on CCC Marketplace and Document Delivery with RightFind. CMAPH is the leading publisher of medical journals in China, including the prestigious Chinese Medical Journal and National Medical Journal of China.

This arrangement with CCC enables wider dissemination of and global access to Chinese medical articles. International medical researchers now have seamless access to use and reproduce Chinese research in the pursuit of medical innovations.

CCC Marketplace is the one-stop shop for copyright permissions and article reprints and serves as the online hub for the licensing of rights, including rights for republication. CCC Marketplace provides an advanced workflow and simple buying experience allowing users to easily search, find, and obtain permissions to reuse content from thousands of publishers and rightsholders around the world and to purchase article reprints.

RightFind is CCC’s award-winning research solution used by hundreds of global R&D teams and other corporate content users from the smallest emerging life sciences companies to the largest global R&D organizations in the world. RightFind provides centralized, copyright-compliant, seamless access to high-value content from subscriptions and licenses and offers on-demand document delivery through intuitive software and services. It is comprised of a set of comprehensive application modules that integrate seamlessly with CCC’s annual copyright licenses.

“For medical researchers around the globe, it’s critical to have access to the latest research, regardless of geography,” said Michael Healy, Executive Director, International Relations, CCC. “We’re pleased to include the extensive collection of CMA titles in our CCC Marketplace and RightFind services.”

“All mankind is a community with a shared future, and the results of scientific research are the commonwealth of all mankind,” said Xibin Shen, Director of Digital Publishing Department, CMA Publishing House. “We are happy to show the latest achievements of Chinese biomedical researchers to the world through CCC’s platform and share our wisdom to scholars in life sciences worldwide. I am also very glad to recommend CCC to my colleagues at Chinese STM journals.”

About CCC

A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) helps organisations integrate, access, and share information through licensing, content, software, and professional services. With expertise in copyright and information management, CCC and its subsidiary RightsDirect collaborate with stakeholders to design and deliver innovative information solutions that power decision-making by helping people integrate and navigate data sources and content assets.


The Chinese Medical Association (CMA) Publishing House is society-affiliated medical publisher, which aims to publish national journals in general medicine and various specialties. Up to July 2022, the Publishing House has published 154 journals, the largest series of medical journals in China. Among the 154 journals, 22 are published in English, and 132 are published in Chinese with English abstract.


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First published on Tue, Aug 2, 2022

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