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BroadRange Logistics To Unveil Warehousing For The Solar Industry At RE+ 2023 Conference In Las Vegas

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FOREST PARK, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BroadRange Logistics, the sixth fastest-growing warehousing and logistics company in the US, will unveil its solar industry-focused 3PL warehouse offering at the upcoming RE+ conference in Las Vegas.

The industrial warehouse company will introduce new services such as inventory financing and warehousing cost deferrals tailored to all types of solar and clean energy companies.

BroadRange Logistics’ leadership, including sales and business development teams, will attend RE+ to connect with the solar industry and showcase their unique value proposition.

“At BroadRange Logistics, we’ve been intensely collaborating with our partners, customers, and consultants to expand our extensive portfolio of services to the solar industry. Our ultimate goal is to support the growth of both large and small solar companies and remove any hurdles they might experience. We believe in the power of solar energy and are committed to providing innovative solutions that cater to this industry’s unique needs,” said Ari Milstein, CEO of BroadRange Logistics.

BroadRange Logistics operates nine warehouses across five states, covering six million square feet. It has grown by 3,200% over the past three years.

“Our remarkable growth in a short span is a testament to proactive initiatives like the solar warehousing initiative we’re launching today,” said Jan Jones, SVP of Sales & Marketing at BroadRange Logistics. “We distinguish ourselves in the warehousing and 3PL industry by tailoring solutions for each sector we serve. We work tirelessly to shape our services to meet your specific needs, creating a partnership where our success is naturally tied to your success.”

The company is renowned for its ultra-flexible, short and long-term warehousing space with no contracts or minimums. BroadRange Logistics aims to revolutionize the warehousing 3PL industry, striving to make business as effortless as possible for companies needing its warehousing and fulfillment services.

Its clientele ranges from Fortune 100 companies to emerging e-commerce brands, providing a variety of services such as inventory warehousing, fulfillment, and value-added services like pick-pack-ship.

BroadRange Logistics plans to affirm its commitment to the solar and clean energy industry and its continuous innovation in providing solutions that address the unique needs of solar companies. The company’s warehouse locations enable it to reach 92% of the US population and 72% of Canadian population within 2 days.

About BroadRange Logistics:

BroadRange Logistics, an ultra-flexible, end-to-end warehouse-focused logistics company has been ranked #6 Logistics company and #163 out of all the private companies on the Inc. 5000 list.

Managing nearly 6 million square feet of warehouse space, BroadRange Logistics operates across nine prime locations in five states within the US.

The company is committed to providing flexible, short-term, multi-tenant warehousing 3PL solutions. These services cater to a wide array of companies, regardless of their size or industry, demonstrating BroadRange Logistics’ adaptability and extensive capability in delivering comprehensive warehousing services.

Learn more about BroadRange Logistics and the extensive range of services it offers at:


Jan Jones, SVP of Sales & Marketing

First published on Fri, Sep 8, 2023

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