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Bright Data 2023 Impact Report Highlights The Use Of Public Web Data For Public Good

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The Bright Initiative now partners with over 700 leading organizations, including more than 300 academic institutions

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bright Data, the industry-leading web data platform, today released its latest impact report in which it highlights the critical use of public information for public good. The report includes several dozen social responsibility, environmental and educational initiatives, as well as special programs such as the credible journalism program and compliance and policy-forward initiatives. The report also demonstrates the progress made by The Bright Initiative as it continues to expand its work with organizations, academic institutions, NPOs, NGOs and other public bodies around the world to provide public web data expertise and tools to advance valuable missions and projects.

The Bright Initiative by Bright Data, a pro bono program focused on using public web data to drive global change, expanded in 2023 and includes partnerships with over 700 organizations around the world. During 2022 and 2023, key highlights for the Initiative include:

Combating hate speech: The Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) aims to identify and forecast cyber-social threats targeting individuals, organizations, and communities. NCRI is working towards facilitating honest conversations around the spread of political deception, hate, and manipulation, especially on social media. NCRI uses The Bright Initiative by Bright Data’s tools to monitor publicly available web content across social media platforms.

Fighting violence and human exploitation: Since 2021, The Bright Initiative has been supporting an incredibly impressive organization: HTI Labs. This organization focuses on developing an intelligent infrastructure for fighting violence, human and sex trafficking as well as human exploitation.

Credible journalism program: As reaching credible reporting is getting harder than ever, in mid-2022, The Bright Initiative launched a new program, offering journalists and reporters from across the globe the opportunity to reach data they can actually trust and base their reports on. As part of this program, the Initiative recently supported a study by The New York Times (NYT), one of the world's leading newspapers.

Impacting data initiatives and nationwide programs: Complementing membership of the UK NDS (National Data Strategy) Forum in 2022, The Bright Initiative also accepted an invitation to join the Data Skills Taskforce. Charged with ensuring that the UK builds the skills base needed to develop as a global data leader, the Taskforce brings together leaders from industry, the public sector, and educational institutions to develop and deliver high-impact initiatives. The Initiative also recently convened a meeting of UK business leaders with the country’s Education Secretary, Rt. Hon. Gillian Keegan MP, to discuss ideal opportunities for businesses to support the development of cutting-edge skills for future generations.

Tackling global warming: Among the 30+ projects focused on doing just that, in the past year, the Initiative has supported several new partner organizations. Among them are the UN’s Integrated Management Drought Program, The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) as well as BRightapp.

The report also highlights Bright Data’s major advancements recently made in the compliance and ethics space as well as new partnerships and awards in that space.

The full 2023 impact report reviews Bright Data’s progress and highlights the steps it continues to make to create a better environment for its employees, customers, and ESG initiatives and to support global "for good" campaigns through data. The full report can be accessed here.

To discover more about the positive impact The Bright Initiative is having on the world, visit:


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First published on Thu, May 11, 2023

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