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Bouygues Chooses Dawexs Corporate Data Hub Solution To Create A Complete Internal Data Ecosystem

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Bouygues has chosen to facilitate the circulation of data across the whole Group, by deploying a Corporate Data Hub solution for internal data exchange, and lays the foundations for exchanging data externally.


The Bouygues group has selected the technology from Dawex, the leader in data exchange solutions, for the roll-out of a Corporate Data Hub in order to set up a complete ecosystem for internal data within the Group. To address the challenges of internal data circulation, the Bouygues group will use Dawex Data Exchange technology to speed up and facilitate data exchange and information sharing across all its subsidiaries (Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier, Colas, Equans, TF1 group and Bouygues Telecom).

The Bouygues group will be able to distribute, source and exchange data in a trusted and secure environment that will increase the potential for value-creation thanks to the Dawex Corporate Data Hub solution, which is already compliant with new European regulations. The solution will make it possible to apply the Bouygues group’s data governance policies, supported by a technology that is simple to integrate and combine with the company’s systems.

The Bouygues group will therefore be able to exchange data whilst considerably reducing the time and effort required, making it possible to streamline data sourcing, speed up the sharing of economic intelligence data and support data pooling, all of which are essential for improving operational efficiency. By rolling out its strategy of internal data exchange, the Group is laying the foundations for the circulation of data externally and the implementation of new data exchange models.

"Bouygues’ construction, energy & services, media and telecoms activities all meet essential needs. We strive to seek out the right technology to support our drive for useful innovation and meet the economic and environmental challenges we are facing." says Edward Bouygues, the Bouygues group’s Deputy CEO, Telecoms Development, CSR and Innovation. "Data is at the heart of our strategy, and as a signatory of the "Je choisis la French Tech*" program, Bouygues chose Dawex Data Exchange technology to foster innovation within our Group and subsidiaries and drive our business segments forward." concludes Mr. Bouygues.

“We are delighted that Dawex Data Exchange technology has been selected by Bouygues for the Group’s Corporate Data Hub. This choice serves as recognition of our commitment to offering powerful solutions that address the strategic challenges that organizations face.” says Fabrice Tocco, Dawex co-CEO. “With a Corporate Data Hub, large organizations have an immediate answer to some of their business, environmental and operational challenges, including for their AI strategies, by internally unlocking the full potential of their data.” concludes Fabrice Tocco.

*”I choose the French Tech”

About Bouygues

Bouygues is a diversified services group operating in over 80 countries with 200,000 employees all working to make life better every day. Its business activities in construction (Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier, Colas), energies & services (Equans), media (TF1) and telecoms (Bouygues Telecom) are able to drive growth since they all satisfy constantly changing and essential needs.

About Dawex

Dawex is the leader in Data Exchange solutions to distribute or share data products, with trust, for any business case, in compliance with data regulations. With Dawex Data Exchange technology, organizations create data ecosystems and data spaces such as Corporate Data Hubs, Industry Data Hubs and Data Marketplaces to address economic, environmental and decarbonation challenges.


Press Contact Bouygues • Tel: +33 (0)1 44 20 12 01

Press Contact Dawex
Isabelle Joulot, Vice President Communications & Marketing

First published on Thu, Dec 14, 2023

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