TechDogs-"Booka Acquires a New Contract and Announces the Upcoming Relaunch"

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Booka Acquires a New Contract and Announces the Upcoming Relaunch

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Booka provides a vast digital library of children’s books. The platform is packed with informational and engaging books available in both English and Spanish languages.

TechDogs-"Booka Acquires a New Contract and Announces the Upcoming Relaunch"
LIMASSOL, Cyprus--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Booka--One of the most extensive digital children’s books libraries, Booka has proven to be a company of ambition. Having partnered up with a number of publishers, Booka has gained a 100% hike in terms of subscribers as compared to 2021. The revenue growth in the first half of 2022 has also been boosted immensely by 125% as compared to the first half of 2021. Booka has increased Spanish viewership by adding the Spanish language to the app.

Booka now expands by securing a new contract with XIST Publishing. Their books are tailored specifically to help children understand the world through moral-based stories, beautiful artwork, illustrations, and voice acting. With this newest collaboration, Booka now feature about 1500 books in its catalog.

With each partnership, Booka has brought success to the partners as well as to itself, while delivering quality content to the consumers.

Furthermore, the Booka is about to undergo some major design as well as functional changes in the next update. The app will recommend the best books based on the mood, time of the day, major dates, seasons of the year, and more.

The CEO of the Booka app, Andrey Mishenev, says: “We have expanded our digital library and looking for further ways to expand collaboration with our future partners. With the latest updates, we are excited that our readers will get to experience a completely new way of reading or listening to books.”

About Booka:

Booka is a digital library of kids’ books. With a unique collection of exciting books, and interactive ‘Read to Me’ function, Booka aims to provide kids with books that are engaging and fun. The app currently holds more than 10,000 readers of 1500+ books.

Booka, read to me!


Person Name: Andrey Mishenev
Company: Booka
Location: Cyprus

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First published on Thu, Jan 1, 1970

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