TechDogs-"Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) Welcomes Three New Ministers To Support Bioeconomy"


Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) Welcomes Three New Ministers To Support Bioeconomy

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WINNIPEG, Manitoba--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) is thrilled to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to the newly appointed ministers who will play a pivotal role in advancing the bioeconomy in our province. “I am honored to acknowledge and congratulate Minister Jamie Moses, Minister Ron Kostyshyn, and Minister Uzoma Asagwara on their respective appointments,” said Kim Kline, President of BAM. “We are ready and eager to join forces with our new Premier Wab Kinew and the NDP Government in pursuit of our shared goals for economic development, innovation, and the continued growth of the bioscience sector.”

Minister Jamie Moses has taken the helm as the Minister of Economic Development, Trade, and Natural Resources. We look forward to collaborating with Minister Moses to further the growth of our vibrant bioeconomy, which has the potential to bring substantial economic benefits to Manitoba.

Minister Ron Kostyshyn, as the new Minister of Agriculture, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this vital sector. BAM is eager to engage with Minister Kostyshyn to strengthen our agricultural ties and support the increased growth and sustainable development of agbiotech within the biosciences.

Minister Uzoma Asagwara, our new Minister of Health, Seniors, and Long-Term Care, holds a key position in the health sector, which intersects with the bioeconomy in numerous ways. We anticipate fruitful collaboration with Minister Asagwara to drive innovation and health advancements within the biosciences.

In extending our welcome to these new ministers, we also wish to express our deep appreciation to the outgoing ministers for their unwavering commitment and dedication to the bioeconomy in Manitoba. Their contributions have been invaluable, and we extend our best wishes for their future endeavors.

BAM is excited about the opportunity to work with the entire NDP government to continue elevating the bioscience industry and ecosystem in our province. We eagerly anticipate engaging with the new ministers in the near future to discuss our shared goals and to ensure Manitoba's rich and diverse biosciences ecosystem thrives.

We look forward to a prosperous partnership and a bright future for the bioeconomy in Manitoba.

About Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM):

Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) is an industry association funded by provincial and federal governments. Our mission is to support and drive the bioeconomy in Manitoba and, ultimately, nationally. We are dedicated to making Manitoba known for its rich and diverse ecosystem within the biosciences.


For media inquiries, please contact:
Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM)

First published on Mon, Oct 23, 2023

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