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Bethany Childrens Health Center Finds Gold Standard In MEDITECH Expanse

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Implementation is underway to streamline care delivery in pediatric rehabilitation and 24-hour complex care.

CANTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bethany Children’s Health Center (Bethany, OK), an innovative leader in pediatric rehabilitation and 24-hour complex care, has selected MEDITECH Expanse to integrate patient records across their 160-bed hospital, outpatient clinics, and rehabilitation services. Expanse will be hosted on the cloud-based MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS) platform, enabling them to focus less on IT and more on delivering exceptional care to its young patients.

“MEDITECH Expanse will permit us to have a single, integrated, enterprise-wide solution that will dramatically improve our care delivery to all patients,” said Bethany CMO Michael Johnson. “By offering a technically sophisticated, customizable, and user-friendly solution, our staff will be able to devote more time to doing what we’re called to do – maximizing the potential of every child.”

Bethany Children’s offers pediatric care throughout Oklahoma and beyond, including outpatient services, transitional care, rehabilitation, and complex care. When the organization began to look at the prospect of implementing a new, integrated EHR, leaders knew that it had to have the capacity to support varying and complex needs.

Over nine months, Bethany Children’s completed a full workflow analysis, examining their staff's challenges. They emerged from this process with a clear idea for what Bethany Chief of Clinical Innovation Dr. Darrin Brannan called the “gold standard” of an EHR platform.

“After having completed an evaluation of our current workflows and pain points, we were able to define 237 discrete requirements for our new EHR system,” he said. “The next step was to design a model patient to represent our most complex patient. We used this to test the limits of the candidate EHR systems to find a reliable, optimizable, user-centric, transparent, and evolving platform. This process led us straight to MEDITECH Expanse.”

The Expanse EHR will supply Bethany Children’s with all the necessary functionality wrapped in one integrated EHR platform. Patients will benefit from a centralized patient portal with easy access to virtual visits and remote patient monitoring solutions. And Expanse’s mobile, personalized user interface will empower care teams with even greater efficiency from their touch-based devices.

“We are honored that Bethany Children’s selected MEDITECH Expanse to meet the complicated, intricate, and often very involved needs of their pediatric patients,” says MEDITECH Executive Vice President and COO Helen Waters. “Our partnership promises to bring innovative solutions to match the innovation of this institution, as well as fully support their staff and community.”


MEDITECH empowers healthcare organizations everywhere to expand their vision of what’s possible with Expanse, the world’s most intuitive and interoperable EHR. Expanse lays the foundation for the next digital era, enabling care across delivery settings with cloud-based systems that drive better outcomes and provide mobile, personalized solutions to improve efficiency for an overburdened workforce. See why thousands of healthcare organizations in 27 countries and territories choose Expanse to meet the challenges of a new era in healthcare, boosting the productivity and satisfaction of their physicians, nurses, and staff. Expand your possibilities. Visit, find MEDITECH Podcasts on your favorite platform, videos on our YouTube channel, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About Bethany Children’s Health Center

Bethany Children’s Health Center (formerly The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital) located in Bethany, Oklahoma is an innovative leader in the field of pediatric rehabilitation and 24-hour complex care. The ACHC accredited hospital offers inpatient and outpatient services for children (ages 0-21) and is the only inpatient pediatric rehabilitation facility in Oklahoma. Our CARF accredited multidisciplinary team works with patients and their families to maximize the patient’s physical and cognitive potential, and ensure the family has the training and resources needed for a smooth transition from hospital to home. For more information, please call the hospital at (405) 789-6711 or visit


Rose McCarthy
Public Relations and Media Relations Manager

First published on Wed, Aug 30, 2023

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