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BarkerBlue Announces The Expansion Of Their Business Printing Capabilities

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SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BarkerBlue, a leader in commercial printing solutions for the San Francisco Bay Area, is excited to announce the acquisition of the Xerox Versant 280 Press complete with EFI Fiery EX 280 Print Server. This dedicated booklet printing technology is a significant addition to our state-of-the-art printing services. The acquisition greatly enhances our business printing capabilities and underscores our commitment to deliver exceptional quality and innovative solutions to our diverse clientele.

The Xerox Versant 280 is a cutting-edge printing system known for its superior quality, unparalleled efficiency, and remarkable versatility.

Key Benefits for Our Customers:

  1. Enhanced Quality and Precision: The Xerox Versant 280 is equipped with advanced color management tools and Ultra HD resolution capabilities, ensuring the highest quality prints with vibrant colors and crisp details.
  2. Increased Efficiency and Speed: With faster turnaround times due to the press's high-speed capabilities, we can handle even the most time-sensitive projects without compromising quality.
  3. Versatility in Printing Options: The Versant 280 supports a wide range of media types and sizes, offering our customers more creative possibilities and customization options for their printing needs. From envelopes to continuous banners, this printer handles it all with speed and accuracy.
  4. Environmentally Friendly Solutions: Aligned with our commitment to sustainability, the Xerox Versant 280 is designed with energy-efficient technologies and supports eco-friendly print materials.
  5. Enhanced Personalization and Customization: The advanced technology of the Versant 280 allows for greater personalization in printing, catering to the unique needs and preferences of each customer.

At BarkerBlue, we continuously strive to adopt innovative technologies that empower us to exceed the expectations of our clients. The Xerox Versant 280 is not just an investment in technology; it is an investment in our customers' success and satisfaction.

We invite our customers to experience the enhanced capabilities and superior quality that the Xerox Versant 280 brings to our printing services. For more information, please visit BarkerBlue's website or contact us directly.

BarkerBlue, Inc. is home to three distinct service divisions: BarkerBlue Build, BarkerBlue Manage and BarkerBlue Create—the visual display and print solution for any creative project. BarkerBlue’s consultative approach considers the context and use of each application, applying their deep knowledge of materials, design, production technology, and installation to deliver a job on time and within budget, exactly as envisioned.

BarkerBlue Create specializes in high-quality commercial printing services, offering a range of solutions including large format printing, digital printing, and custom graphics. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, BarkerBlue has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses and organizations across various industries.


BarkerBlue Create
Phone: (650) 696-2100

First published on Mon, Jan 22, 2024

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