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Backpack Group Launches Open Data Platform to Connect the $16 Trillion Built Environment

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First affordable, full-service solution unlocks rich on-premises data of buildings

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Backpack Group, LLC today announced the launch of its full-service open building data platform for the $16 trillion built environment. This new platform answers the growing call for affordable and accurate asset-level operating data from owner/operators, regulators, lenders, insurers, investors and equipment manufacturers.

“The six million buildings in the US today are a treasure trove of rich data that have the potential to power a wide range of transformative impacts — starting with the 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings,” said David J. Kaiserman, founder and chief executive officer of Backpack Group. “There is no shortage of demand for this data, just the challenge that the cost of gathering it has been prohibitively expensive. Backpack strikes the balance among accuracy, efficiency and affordability.”

Backpack is the first company to affordably make the individualized data of a building and how it operates available in one unified, cloud-based system of record. Unlike current market solutions, which often rely on this data as a means of propriety, Backpack empowers building owners to share data simply and efficiently with parties of their choosing. The result is both significantly simpler and less expensive than the current use of internal and third-party resources. It also lays the path to access for current and future benefits made possible by this data.

“Backpack put the power of our own data back in our own hands,” said Bryan Sanchez, chief executive officer of Lionstone Investments. “They enabled us to centralize and powerfully organize our data to make better business decisions and drive opportunities forward faster.”

Backpack was formed in 2021 through the acquisition of Bractlet, an award-winning proprietary enterprise software that unifies disparate building data sources into one common technology language.

“Backpack’s original vision of an open system of record for data of the built environment instantly resonated with us. It was the hardest and most expensive part of the problem we faced,” said Alec Manfre, chief innovation officer of Backpack and former co-founder and chief executive officer of Bractlet. “The team’s deep experience in the built environment is the missing ingredient for most software companies in this space.”

Backpack has also teamed up with strategic partners, including Veea, an edge computing platform founded by Allen Salmasi, former chief strategy officer and board member of Qualcomm [NASDAQ: QCOM] and current Backpack advisory board member. It has also aligned with MasTec Advanced Technologies [NYSE: MTZ], a multi-billion-dollar leading infrastructure construction company serving many of the nation’s leading utilities and telecommunications providers. The combination gives Backpack the advantage of scale.

“Backpack is fulfilling a major intelligence gap in one of the country’s largest economic sectors. MasTec’s extensive national footprint, coupled with Backpack’s deep industry experience, is the perfect combination to unlock this massive opportunity,” said Tom Stingley, senior vice president of MasTec.

Backpack has already deployed in 18 markets with leading owner/operators of commercial real estate, as well as other adjacent industries, including insurance brokers and parking operators.

About Backpack Group

Backpack Group, LLC was founded in 2021 by David J. Kaiserman, former president of Lennar Ventures, and a group of former senior executives from all around the built environment, with the goal of linking the built world to the connected world so the places we live, work, play, learn and heal can operate smarter and healthier. For more information, visit


First published on Wed, Jun 14, 2023

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