TechDogs-"AWOL Vision To Unveil Ground-Breaking Triple Laser Projectors With Dolby Vision At IFA 2023"

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AWOL Vision To Unveil Ground-Breaking Triple Laser Projectors With Dolby Vision At IFA 2023

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Making its grand entry into the European market, AWOL Vision will light up the IFA show floor with its innovative triple laser projectors, innovative screens and exciting Vanish Laser TV

BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AWOL Vision, maker of industry-disrupting triple-laser home theater projectors will unveil its new Pro series triple laser projectors at IFA 2023, 1 – 5 September 2023 (Booth H20-109), and all show attendees are welcome to come by and bear witness to the future of home entertainment.

“AWOL Vision's presence at IFA represents a pivotal milestone in our brand's trajectory, underscoring our resolute dedication to amplifying our footprint within the European market. IFA is a great opportunity to connect with European customers,” remarked Andy Zhao, CEO of AWOL Vision.

AWOL Vision will unveil the groundbreaking LTV-3000 Pro and LTV-3500 Pro ultra short throw triple laser projectors, boasting lifelike color accuracy, superior sharpness, lag-free gaming experience, active 3D capabilities and more!

AWOL Vision's projectors have gained industry-wide recognition for delivering the sharpest images available. This distinction is owed, in no small part, to the inclusion of the impressively large F2.0 aperture lens developed by Ricoh. With the introduction of the new LTV-3500 Pro, AWOL Vision's dedicated engineers have fine-tuned the projector firmware, resulting in a remarkable 2.5x contrast ratio improvement, eliminating the customary compromise between image sharpness and contrast.

Another prominent highlight in the new LTV-3500 Pro is the Dolby Vision picture quality, providing an enhanced viewing experience marked by stunning visuals, vivid colors, and unparalleled realism. This not only serves movie enthusiasts with cinematic excellence but also offers immersive gameplay for gamers and visually captivating presentations for professionals. Combined with AWOL Vision’s triple laser technology, and industry-leading brightness and contrast ratios, the new LTV-3500 Pro produces a broader color gamut, capturing subtle shades and hues that competing projectors miss.

Moreover, this new firmware will be seamlessly deployed to current LTV-2500 and LTV-3500 customers through an OTA update, ensuring that every AWOL Vision customer's projection experience is elevated to new heights.

About AWOL Vision:

Founded in 2020, disrupting the home entertainment industry by introducing ultra short throw, triple-laser projection to the market. AWOL Vision has quickly become a driving force of home theater and living room entertainment solutions.


Angelia Yin

First published on Fri, Sep 1, 2023

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