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Association for Project Management Reveals the 50 Most Inspiring Projects From the Past 50 Years

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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The 50 most inspiring projects from the past 50 years have been announced by the Association for Project Management (APM), the chartered membership organisation for the project profession – in celebration of its 50th anniversary. Entitled '50 Projects for a Better Future', the list features iconic projects from around the globe and across the fields of construction and engineering, technology, healthcare and education, sports and nature, arts and media.

More than 600 projects were nominated for inclusion in the list by a panel made up of APM members, APM branches, board members and industry experts. Projects were selected based on the transformative impact they have had on society, the economy and environment since their launch within the past 50 years.

The Channel Tunnel, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Øresund Bridge, Wikipedia, the World Wide Web, the UK Covid-19 vaccine rollout, In vitro fertilisation (IVF), the Hubble Space Telescope, the Large Hadron Collider and Mars Perseverance Rover all make it onto the list. The full list including project details is available now at

Professor Adam Boddison, Chief Executive of APM, says: “To mark our 50th anniversary we wanted to celebrate and recognise the impact that projects have had on the world, and the important role that project professionals play in embracing change and opportunity. The 50 projects on this list all have their own legacy in the impact they have had on society, the economy and environment, as well as acting as a catalyst for other projects which followed and will follow them in the future.”

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Construction and Engineering Projects:

  • Hong Kong International Airport (1998)
  • The Channel Tunnel (1994)
  • The Øresund Bridge – (Sweden/Denmark) (2000)
  • Canary Wharf – London (1991)
  • The Thames Barrier – London (1984)
  • The Falkirk Wheel – Scotland (2002)
  • Maeslant Barrier (Netherlands) (1997)
  • Unisphere (United States) (2018)
  • Madrid Metro Extension (1995-2003)
  • The Peace Bridge (Northern Ireland) (2011)

Sports, Media and Arts Projects:

  • FIFA Women’s World Cup (2019)
  • London Olympic and Paralympic Games (2012)
  • Parkrun (2004)
  • Forest Green Rovers (2010)
  • Angel of the North (1998)
  • BBC Children in Need (1980)
  • Guggenheim Bilbao Museum (1997)
  • Hamiliton (2015)
  • Tate Modern (1994)

Healthcare and Education:

  • HIV antiretroviral therapy (Mid 1990s)
  • EPS Electronic Prescribing Service (2013)
  • Global Polio Eradication (1988)
  • HPV Vaccination (2008)
  • Human Genome Project (1990-2003)
  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) (1978)
  • Tackling Poverty in Renfrewshire Programme (2014)
  • UK Covid-19 vaccine development and roll out (2020)
  • Educating girls in the Swat Valley (2013)
  • Netherlands cycling revolution (1970s)
  • Nepal earthquake response (2015)

Science and Nature Projects:

  • International Space Station (1998)
  • Howdon and Bran Sands Gas to Grid plants (2012)
  • Hubble Space Telescope (1990)
  • Kielder Reservoir (1982)
  • Large Hadron Collider (2008)
  • The Mars Perseverance Rover (2020)
  • Svalbard Global Seed Vault (2008)
  • The Eden Project (2001)
  • Cloning of Dolly the Sheep (1996)
  • The Voyager spacecraft programme (1977)

Technology Projects:

  • Amager Bakke – (2017)
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) – (1973)
  • The PACUNAM Lidar Initiative (discovery of Mayan cities) - 2016
  • Landsat (1972)
  • Raising the Mary Rose – (1982)
  • The Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) - 2003
  • The Eurofighter Typhoon – (1983)
  • Wikipedia – (2001)
  • World Wide Web (1989)
  • SWIFT banking service (1977)

Visit APM’s '50 Projects for a Better Future' for details.


Hayley Mountstevens, Communications and PR Officer at APM

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First published on Mon, Jun 13, 2022

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