TechDogs-"Artemis Health Introduces Cost Advisor, Empowering Brokers & Consultants to Quickly Deliver Higher Value to their Employer Clients"

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Artemis Health Introduces Cost Advisor, Empowering Brokers & Consultants to Quickly Deliver Higher Value to their Employer Clients

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Benefits brokers and consultants can now leverage automated analytics to reduce manual work and improve consultation and decision-making around budget and cost performance

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Artemis Health, a best-in-class benefits analytics platform, today introduced Artemis Cost Advisor, an automated analytics solution that enables brokers and consultants to help their clients make superior budget and financial decisions for their benefits programs.

Generally, benefits brokers and consultants struggle to aggregate data from multiple sources into consolidated reports that can help their clients make budgetary decisions and understand the financial impact of benefits programs. The sheer volume of healthcare industry data further complicates the development of these critical reports, resulting in an average broker spending hundreds of hours compiling all the data and distilling the information into actionable insights that their employer clients so desperately need. Artemis brings massive simplification to this clunky process through analytics and reporting with Cost Advisor.

“It is hard to believe that as an industry we spend billions on digital health solutions while some very basic problems remain unsolved,” said Sanjay Motwani, Chief Product Development Officer of Artemis Health. “The Artemis platform is purpose-built for processing healthcare data at scale, simply and automatically. Our technologies help transform archaic processes that broker and consultant partners, as well as employers, struggle with, like tedious manual cost and analysis reports. Artemis Cost Advisor is built on the Artemis platform that over 600+ employers know and love, extending their capabilities to drive better decisions and costs for their members. Using Artemis Cost Advisor, we are enabling our broker and consultant partners to differentiate their value at scale."

Artemis Cost Advisor uses the same Artemis platform that enables benefits leaders, their brokers and consultants to identify opportunity and take action with their benefits programs. Cost Advisor is:

  • Easy-to-Use: Out-of-the box budget and cost analytics that brokers can seamlessly share with their employer clients
  • Configurable: Guided set up based on brokers’ unique business needs, including branding and context to deliver rich and compelling insights
  • Data-Rich: Data is combined from multiple sources such as paid claims, enrollment data and information about high cost claimants to automatically deliver the analytics employers need

The launch of Artemis Cost Advisor comes quickly on the heels of the recently announced Artemis Console, a simple yet comprehensive tool that allows employers, brokers and consultants to better evaluate point solutions. To learn more about Artemis Cost Advisor, visit

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About Artemis Health

Artemis Health strives to help fix healthcare in America by making it easy for self-insured employers to use their own benefits data to offer better health benefits for fewer dollars for their employees. Artemis Health believes everyone should have good healthcare they can afford. Learn more about Artemis Health’s benefits data analytics solutions and services at


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First published on Wed, Jun 29, 2022

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