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Arity And Tapestri Partner To Help Drivers Combat Rising Cost Of Living By Keeping More Money In Their Pockets

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Leveraging Arity’s unique understanding of how people move, Tapsters can earn and save money by understanding how they drive


CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Drive2Earn, a new feature that allows users to earn money while they are on the move, is now available in Tapestri, an app that pays users for sharing their location data, and powered by Arity, a mobility data and analytics company.

Drive2Earn will offer users a suite of Arity’s solutions to help users save money when they share their driving data:

  • Arity® Fuel Efficiency – A feature to help drivers save money at the pump with personalized driving insights on how to improve their fuel consumption, based on analyzing individualized driving behaviors like hard braking and speeding.
  • Arity® driving score – After taking several trips, Arity will present a personalized driving score based on personal driving habits, such as speeding, hard braking, and phone handling while driving. The same data used to generate a score can also be used by insurance carriers to present Tapsters personalized insurance quotes based on their Arity driving score and driving behavior data, giving consumers greater control over what they pay for insurance and the opportunity for better drivers to receive lower rates.

“Data is a powerful asset in today’s hyper competitive and busy world, so when you can leverage it to empower yourself, your family, and friends to a positive end, you should,” said Walter Harrison, CEO of Tapestri. “With the help of Arity, Drive2Earn helps us further fulfill our mission and promise to help users earn from their data with the added bonus of understanding their personal driving habits and how to be smarter and safer the next time they get behind the wheel.”

Combining Arity’s market-leading driving behavior analysis – which is built on over a trillion of miles of driving data – with Tapestri’s privacy-first approach to helping users earn passive income,

Drive2Earn will provide users a more dynamic and enhanced app experience increasing Tapestri’s offering. By working with Arity, Tapestri is able to enhance their advantage with even more always-on opportunities for users to earn more while receiving personalized insights about how they drive.

“We (Arity) believe that consumers deserve to gain value that is meaningful in return for their data,” said Chuck Fuller, Director of Product Management at Arity. “Combining our ability to identify risky and costly driving habits with Tapestri’s engaged community of people on the go, made for a perfect partnership. We are excited to provide a richer mobile experience for Tapsters through mobility data.”

For more information about how Arity is connecting with users to simplify their lives, visit

About Arity

Arity is a mobility data and analytics company that provides data-driven solutions to companies invested in transportation, enabling them to deliver mobility services that are smarter, safer, and more economical. Arity collects and analyzes over a trillion of miles of driving data to create a greater understanding of how people move. With the world’s largest driving dataset tied to insurance claims collected through mobile devices, in-car devices, and vehicles themselves, Arity derives unique insights that help insurers, developers, marketers, and communities understand and predict driving behavior at scale. Arity was founded by the Allstate Corporation in 2016.

About Tapestri Inc.

Tapestri, Inc is a Chicago-based, data analytics company with the marquee product "Tapestri". Tapestri, the mobile app, works by understanding human mobility and location data as a person moves throughout their day. The app passively collects data and gives highly engaged users the opportunity to earn cash each day for the places visited from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed while their privacy is protected. Tapestri helps users begin to understand their own location behavior as well as the movement patterns of people and places around them, while marketers benefit from insights gleaned from movement trends. Our 100% consent-based, first-party mobile data is incredibly valuable and is one of the most robust consistent location datasets in the marketplace today, second only to a carrier provider. To learn more about how Tapestri can help your business or get you paid for your data visit


Stacy Silver
Communications, Arity

First published on Thu, Sep 14, 2023

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