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ARBA Retail System Releases Microservices On Azure

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LISLE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#cloudpos--ARBA Retail Systems, a leader in cloud POS solutions for the retail and food services industry, announced today the release of our completely rewritten POS platform in Microservices for our Hospital retail and cafeteria customers in addition to our other corporate customer base as well.

The new POS solution design and architecture leverages the intelligent azure cloud by using Microservices with the following benefits to our customers:

  1. Microservices architecture helped us build applications where each service or function is built and deployed independently. The architecture is distributed where failure of one component will not break other components of the application or the entire application,
  2. Microservices applications meet changing business requirements and can enable our customers to bring new features and functionalities to market faster,
  3. Microservices allows us to manage new releases seamlessly. Feature updates and fixes can be implemented in individual functional components without having to redeploy the entire application,
  4. Microservices’ individual services and subsystems can be scaled without scaling the entire application. A single host can pack higher density of services using a container orchestrator like AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service),
  5. Individual services can be replaced or retired without affecting the entire application. The application model in Microservices can tolerate individual service failure without impacting the whole application, thereby improving reliability, uptime and security of the entire application suite,
  6. Each Microservice allows us to choose preferred deployment approach, language, platform and programming model. Microservices APIs can be published for internal and external consumption while managing concerns regarding authentication, authorization, caching, transformation, throttling and management, with Azure API Management.

ARBA’s Microservices solution on Azure is the only POS solution that leverages all aspects of the intelligent cloud such as Azure, since it was built on the cloud, as compared to migration of legacy POS solutions to the cloud, which are then hosted on the cloud. The solution’s flexibility, security, performance, up-time, proactive support differentiates our solution with most of the other hospital and corporate retail and cafeteria solutions in the market today.

About ARBA Retail Systems

ARBA Retail Systems is a leading provider of enterprise grade technology solutions for the retail, healthcare and foodservices industries with clients located across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit


Blake Bell

First published on Fri, May 3, 2024

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