TechDogs-"AppDirect Launches AppDirect AIAn AI Marketplace And Creation Studio That Provides The Ability To Create And Use Purpose-built, Secure AI Apps In Minutes"

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AppDirect Launches AppDirect AIAn AI Marketplace And Creation Studio That Provides The Ability To Create And Use Purpose-built, Secure AI Apps In Minutes

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Marketplace platform and digital commerce leader launches unique AI platform that simplifies and secures the way AI impacts business innovation and productivity

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AppDirect, the world's leading B2B subscription commerce platform, today announced the launch of AppDirect AI, a simple and secure marketplace and creation studio that accelerates organizations’ ability to create, adopt, and benefit from AI apps. What sets AppDirect AI apart is its users’ ability to create an AI app within minutes using their choice of proprietary data sources, in a fully secure environment that protects the privacy of their data.

AppDirect AI empowers users to easily transform AI app ideas into reality without needing any coding skills, while also giving them the freedom to choose the most suitable large language model (LLM) provider for their business needs.

“From fostering seamless collaboration between teams to ensuring enterprise-grade privacy and security for every user and the ability to get an AI app up and running in minutes, AppDirect AI is designed to be the all-in-one AI solution businesses need,” said Peush Patel, VP of Product Management at AppDirect. “We're democratizing the AI space. What differentiates AppDirect from other solutions is our agnostic approach. Our platform is built as an abstraction layer that ensures your AI solutions can quickly adapt to any underlying technology. Users should be able to control all aspects of the AI app they create – including the LLM model or data sources to augment their AI’s knowledge – without having to know or use code.”

AppDirect AI arrives as more companies seek to leverage AI solutions but are running into barriers, including data privacy concerns, limitations on customizations, and a widening AI skills gap. And organizations are turning to experts for advice. “This new AI offering from AppDirect is a game changer in the channel,” said Nicolas Desmarais, Chairman and CEO at AppDirect. “With our community of over 10,000 technology advisors, our development priority has been to equip them with to resell AI and accelerate their ability to capture new opportunities and drive long term value for their customers.”

To further close this skills gap, AppDirect AI has partnered with IVADO Labs, one of the top AI labs globally, which provides world-class expertise and professional services for enterprise customers looking for an AI solution that addresses their specific challenges. Located in the heart of Quebec’s AI ecosystem, IVADO Labs brings together world-class scientists and AI practitioners to help enterprises build production-grade AI assets and develop AI capabilities that make an impact. Through this partnership, organizations can get the AI support they need, whether that's customizing their AI configuration and managing complex integrations, or more advanced projects such as private LLM deployment and fine-tuning to meet precise requirements.

"At IVADO Labs, our team of world-class applied scientists, AI developers, and business strategists work together to transform industries through AI," said Andrea Lodi, Founder and Scientific Director of IVADO Labs. "AppDirect AI launching in partnership with IVADO Labs is expected to help organizations build AI for the real world, turning challenges into huge opportunities through custom AI solutions.”

Unlike other solutions on the market, AppDirect AI lets users build their AI apps using the LLM that best suits their app’s purpose, such as OpenAI (GPT 3.5/4/Turbo, Anthropic (Claude 2.1/3), Cohere (Command), and Meta (Llama).

AppDirect AI gives users flexibility in how they augment the AI with their data and update their AIs seamlessly. App creators can load their app with data from a wide variety of sources—files, workspaces, drives, or websites—and control how frequently data is updated to ensure their AI is always current.

The AppDirect AI Marketplace and Creation Studio is available now. To learn more about AppDirect AI, visit the website.

About AppDirect

AppDirect is a San Francisco-based B2B subscription commerce platform company that brings together technology providers, advisors, and businesses to simplify how they buy, sell, and manage technology. More than 1,000 providers, 10,000 advisors, and 5 million subscribers rely on the AppDirect ecosystem of subscription marketplaces to power their innovation, growth and success.


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First published on Tue, Apr 30, 2024

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