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Announcing Trimarc Vision: A Robust Active Directory Security Product For Enterprise And M&A

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Rapid, Global Insights Into Prioritized Security Issues, Whether You Manage One or Thousands of AD Forests

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ActiveDirectory--Trimarc Security, the professional services company with extensive expertise in securing Active Directory for enterprise organizations, today announced the early access availability of its new product, Trimarc Vision. Trimarc Vision is a powerful security posture analysis product that provides visibility into the most important security components of Active Directory. With Trimarc Vision, organizations gain continuous monitoring of security issues attackers leverage to compromise Active Directory (AD).

With dozens to hundreds of thousands of AD users often spread across multiple domains and forests, maintaining a strong security posture can be a daunting task. This is especially true when performing risk calculations, mergers and acquisitions, or conducting remediation planning. But with Trimarc Vision, organizations can now have a unified view of their AD security, real-world based risk scoring, and prioritized remediation guidance - all in one powerful tool that’s quick to deploy and simple to implement.

Watch the Trimarc Vision demo scenarios:

Trimarc Vision represents multiple decades of Active Directory knowledge and experience,” notes Sean Metcalf, Trimarc Founder and CTO. “This product is the culmination of over 2 years of active development, and the consolidation of over 7 years and hundreds of Active Directory assessments of the Fortune 50 and beyond. We are very excited to see customers use Trimarc Vision to improve their Active Directory security in just days!

With Trimarc Vision, you can get answers to these and other critical questions:

  • What risk do I have in my environment with Active Directory?
  • What actions can I take today/tomorrow/this week to best mitigate AD attack impact?
  • What should I be most concerned about in AD when it comes to a potential attack?
  • What is the current security posture of ALL of my AD forests?

In addition to being quick to deploy and integrate into existing workflows, one of the key benefits of Trimarc Vision is its ability to enable collaboration between security and operations teams, allowing them to “work off the same sheet of music.” By providing a unified view of security posture across all AD environments, teams can work together more efficiently to address any issues that may arise.

Considering a merger or acquisition? Trimarc Vision has several pain-reducing benefits just for M&A:

  • No agent required! Run the Trimarc Vision tool to capture all required information.
  • Discover the most important AD security issues with realistic risk scoring.
  • Compare the M&A forest with another AD forest, and get an auto-generated summary of high-level concerns.
  • Identify when acquired company’s AD forest security level is appropriate before connecting to the corporate network.

Learn more about Trimarc Vision and get early access (and introductory pricing) at

About Trimarc

Trimarc helps organizations in the Fortune 50 and beyond secure their Microsoft platform, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Based out of Washington, DC, the company is self-funded and was founded in 2016 by Sean Metcalf, a Microsoft Certified Master in Active Directory. Trimarc’s mission is to help organizations better secure their critical IT infrastructure. See how Trimarc is securing the enterprise at


Jen VanAntwerp, JVAN Consulting |

First published on Mon, Jan 15, 2024

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