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Altimetrik Launches Digital Business Academy To Address Digital Talent Needs

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Offering enables enterprises to upskill, cross-skill, and enhance career progression to accelerate adoption of digital business

DETROIT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Companies around the world are challenged to close the digital skill gap. According to ManpowerGroup’s 2023 Talent Shortage Survey, a staggering 77% of employers found it challenging to fill roles, a 17-year high, and the most in-demand skills are in IT and data.

Altimetrik, a pure-play digital business company, has launched the Digital Business Academy (DBA), a comprehensive program designed to enable companies to mature their digital skills and cultures with the help of its Digital Business Methodology (DBM). The DBA, tailored for all organizational levels from the C-suite to engineering professionals, offers crucial talent enablement, guaranteeing efficient digital adoption across all business functions.

This offering aims to internalize the development of digital practitioners at scale, bridging talent gaps so companies can achieve sustainable growth paths. The DBA provides professionals with indispensable skills and expertise to help companies navigate the complexities of digital landscapes, and foster innovation and efficiency. It extends beyond technical skill development; it's a proven pathway to cultivate a DBM and capabilities that enable companies to internalize a digital business culture to achieve growth.

“Altimetrik has developed more than 5,000 practitioners across the globe using the DBA, and now other companies can access the infrastructure and program we’ve created to enhance their own teams,” said Raj Sundaresan, CEO at Altimetrik. “In response to the consistent demand from business leaders seeking accelerated growth, we recognize the need for evolving in-house teams’ skills to meet these ambitious objectives. The DBA stands as a solution to this challenge, offering companies the opportunity to embark on transformative learning journeys tailored to various roles and business scenarios.”

The DBA has a wide array of offerings, including:

Development of practitioners through self-paced curriculum and coaching for business and engineering teams, cross-skilling and up-skilling, certification for technical competency, culminating in DBM proficiency

Meaningful learning journeys across roles and business scenarios, collaborative POCs, and pilots

Digital business platform for continuous engagement, enabling engineers to become proficient through learning and real-world implementation

Collaborative ecosystem that extends the DBA framework to students through academic credits, equipping them with the necessary skills for executing digital business methodologies

Analytics and tracking to help business leaders understand where users are in their DBA journey

Custom, gamified experience with individual pathways and timelines to ensure success so each individual is progressing through the curriculum with knowledge-check assessments

About Altimetrik

Altimetrik is a pure-play digital business company. We focus on delivering business outcomes with an agile, product-oriented approach. Our digital business methodology provides a blueprint to develop, scale, and launch new products to market faster. Our team of 5,500+ practitioners with software, data, cloud engineering skills help create a culture of innovation and agility that optimizes team performance, modernizes technology, and builds new business models. As a strategic partner and catalyst, Altimetrik quickly delivers results without disruption to the business.


Matt McLoughlin
Gregory FCA on behalf of Altimetrik

First published on Mon, Oct 30, 2023

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