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Alphy Announces Breakthrough Technology Solution for Advancing Women

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New platform for learning, jobs, and networking is DEI 2.0

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AI--Alphy, a venture-backed technology company, is releasing today its dynamic new mobile-first app and web-based platform which gives companies the tools they need to better recruit, retain, and advance women.

The solution comes at a time when diversity is decreasing across many sectors; burnout is increasing; female labor force participation is at its lowest point since 1988; and 1 in 3 women are considering leaving their jobs. Gender inclusivity and the advancement of women is a driver of corporate profitability and improved customer experience.

“We are pioneering EqualTech™ — technology that enables equal opportunity,” said Alphy CEO and founder Julian Guthrie. “Diversity and inclusion is a $15.4 billion global market that has been largely overlooked by innovative new technologies. Legacy solutions are not working, and new tools are needed.”

Guthrie added, “We are introducing a new way of thinking about the advancement of women at work, school, and home. We’ve built a suite of tools for women to connect and advance themselves, and for companies from all sectors to better recruit, develop, and retain female talent.”

The Alphy solution includes:

  • Daily original stories, interviews, and news
  • Live Talks with leading luminaries of our day
  • Reimagined learning tracks created by Alphy’s award-winning writers and editors
  • Original learning games offering friendly team competitions
  • Social networking in a supportive environment
  • A jobs and internship board connecting to Alphy’s talent pipeline


  • AlphyReflect, a breakthrough AI-assistive communication-strengthening tool

“Alphy is a community built around innovative AI, shared experiences and goals, and storytelling that advances women,” said Alphy CTO Ted Selker. “Our AI tool, AlphyReflect, helps individuals strengthen their written communication. It’s a mirror for reflecting, not an auto-correct or override solution.”

Guthrie added, “Alphy delivers a reimagined approach to diversity and inclusion in an easy-to-use platform that offers measurable results to companies. We at Alphy are all about human capital fulfillment and optimization.”

Hear from Alphy’s early adopters

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About Alphy

Alphy was founded in 2021 by former veteran San Francisco Chronicle journalist Julian Guthrie. She is the author of five books, including Alpha Girls, now being adapted for television. The Alphy team includes award-winning veterans in technology, journalism, branding, and design. The company has been in stealth mode for more than a year, learning from its beta collaborations with companies including Axon, Wilson Sonsini, and enVista, as well as with colleges including WSU, Cornell, Rutgers, and USC, among others.

Alphy, which recently closed its second seed funding round, is backed by investors including MJ Elmore, John Fisher, Jim Goetz, Theresia Gouw, Will Hearst, Bill Lanfri, Meridee Moore, Sonja Perkins, Mark Pincus, Kevin Scott, and S-Cubed Capital.

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First published on Tue, Jun 14, 2022

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Alphy Venture-Backed Technology Web-Based Platform EqualTech™

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