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Airbyte Launches Terraform Provider To Streamline Airbyte Cloud Workflows

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Makes managing and scaling deployments much easier and efficient

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#DataConnectors--Airbyte, creators of the fastest-growing open-source data integration platform, today announced a Terraform Provider that enables Airbyte Cloud resources to be managed programmatically – streamlining workflows and integrating Airbyte configurations with existing data infrastructure.

The Terraform Provider, based on the new Airbyte API, enables current Terraform users to now use the Provider plug-in for Airbyte Cloud. Terraform is an open-source infrastructure-as-code software tool from HashiCorp, which creates open-source tools and commercial products that enable developers, operators and security professionals to provision, secure, run and connect cloud-computing infrastructure.

The Terraform Provider enables Airbyte resources to be created and managed using code, rather than the user interface (UI), as an option for integrating with development tools. This improves efficiency – especially at scale – and reduces the probability of manual errors. Airbyte extensively tested and used the Terraform Provider in production internally ahead of the public launch.

"The Terraform Provider gives us the ability to modify multiple workspaces and connections quickly, saving us time and hundreds of clicks in the UI," said Alex Gronemeyer, lead data engineer, Airbyte. "We track these changes in source control and are able to roll back to previous configurations, if needed. This provides peace of mind for production systems that need to be working without disruption."

Key features and benefits of the Terraform Provider include:

  • Programmatically manage Airbyte Cloud: Airbyte resources can now be created and managed through code, providing a more efficient and scalable approach for managing data integration tasks.
  • Integrate Airbyte configuration within existing data infrastructure: The Terraform Provider enables users to merge changes to Airbyte configurations, enhancing workflow efficiency and simplifying the deployment process.
  • Automate Airbyte configuration management: Leveraging automation minimizes the likelihood of errors and improves efficiency, saving engineering time.

To learn more about the Terraform Provider, see Airbyte’s launch blog post and attend the webinar event on Thursday, June 22 at 9 am Pacific/12 Noon Eastern. Airbyte plans to enable the Terraform Provider to be available for self-hosted Airbyte Enterprise deployments in the third quarter of this year.

Airbyte makes moving data easy and affordable across almost any source and destination, helping enterprises provide their users with access to the right data for analysis and decision-making. Airbyte has the largest data engineering contributor community – with more than 800 contributors – and the best tooling to build and maintain connectors.

About Airbyte

Airbyte is the open-source data integration leader running in the safety of your cloud and syncing data from applications, APIs, and databases to data warehouses, lakes, and other destinations. Airbyte was co-founded by Michel Tricot (former director of engineering and head of integrations at Liveramp and RideOS) and John Lafleur (serial entrepreneur of dev tools and B2B). The company is headquartered in San Francisco with a distributed team around the world. To learn more, visit


Joe Eckert for Airbyte
Eckert Communications

First published on Wed, Jun 21, 2023

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