TechDogs-"Addressing Risks, Anticipating The Future: Proactive Approaches And New Technologies At SWISS GRC DAY 2024"

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Addressing Risks, Anticipating The Future: Proactive Approaches And New Technologies At SWISS GRC DAY 2024

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LUCERNE, Switzerland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#swissgrc--The Swiss GRC Day 2024, which recently took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Zurich Airport, attracted over 300 governance, risk and compliance (GRC) professionals. This year's conference focused on forward-looking and timely corporate governance in the context of a highly complex and dynamic risk landscape supported by new methods and technologies.

The Swiss GRC Day 2024 impressively demonstrated the importance of intelligent, integrative and forward-looking adaptation in the areas of governance, risk management and compliance in order to be successful in a rapidly evolving technological and geopolitical risk landscape. Besfort Kuqi, CEO of Swiss GRC AG, opened the event and emphasized the importance of proactive, contemporary and forward-looking new generation risk management, where a comprehensive and integrated use of new methods, approaches and technologies will play a central role. He added that the Swiss GRC Day has established itself as a key event for GRC professionals, where precisely these future-oriented strategies and technologies are presented and discussed.

Frank Romeike, founder of RiskNET GmbH, set the scientific framework with his analysis of the risk landscape in 2024. He emphasized the importance of intuition in a world where knowledge often grows faster than the understanding of its implications. Professor Stefan Hunziker from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts picked up on this theme, noting that despite the great advances offered by AI, human skills such as creativity and contextual understanding remain essential for making in-depth decisions.

Another highlight was the presentation by Roger Halbheer, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft, who addressed the growing global cyber security threats. Roman Regenbogen and Andreas Rostin from Eraneos emphasized the urgency of rethinking cyber security strategies and made the call for basic cyber hygiene and layered security measures.

Richard Gaechter from CRIF Switzerland discussed the benefits of consistent ESG risk management, which not only improves compliance but can also strengthen overall corporate governance. He explained that by integrating ESG into risk management, companies can improve their resilience and market position.

At the end of the conference, moderator Nikolai Tsenov highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and overcoming silos within organizations. He emphasized that the concepts and technologies presented must not only address the risk landscape of today, but also strengthen the ability of organizations to proactively prepare for future challenges.


Yahya Mohamed Mao
Head Marketing & Communications

Swiss GRC AG

First published on Tue, May 14, 2024

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