TechDogs-"ADDING MULTIMEDIA GlassHive Announces Collaboration With Microsoft To Transform MSP Sales And Marketing To Capture AI Opportunity With Customers"

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ADDING MULTIMEDIA GlassHive Announces Collaboration With Microsoft To Transform MSP Sales And Marketing To Capture AI Opportunity With Customers

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ALLEN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GlassHive, the preferred CRM and Marketing Automation platform for over 15,000 partners across 29 countries, announced a strategic collaboration with Microsoft, a global leader in technology and cloud services. This collaboration marks a significant initiative to empower Microsoft partners to effectively sell Microsoft Azure, Copilot for Microsoft 365, AI, Business Applications, and Business Intelligence Solutions to businesses worldwide.

Microsoft and GlassHive share a vision of being partner-first companies, committed to ushering in a new era for the channel with a strong focus on Security, AI, Cloud and providing safe anywhere access to business technology. This announcement is designed to enable partners to directly access marketing content and enablement materials within the platform they use daily, avoiding the need for another partner portal.

GlassHive, born and raised on Azure, utilizes AI to enhance partners' ability to market and sell services effectively. Its unique magic branding feature allows for rapid go-to-market strategies with Microsoft, streamlining the marketing process. Since launching in the GlassHive Marketplace, Microsoft has introduced Copilot marketing content and AI for business marketing content, seeing over 2,000 qualified leads generated by sub-100 partners in a limited release within a month—averaging more than 100 leads per partner in less than thirty days.

We are excited to announce that partners can access exclusive Microsoft content starting today, with the “Journey to the Cloud” campaign. Developed with TRIdigital, this Partner First initiative provides weekly marketing touches over six months, emphasizing the value of partnerships in aiding businesses on their cloud journey. This campaign will add to the growing portfolio of strategic vendors that help MSPs deliver innovative cloud-based solutions to their customers, including ConnectWise and Ingram Micro.

Giovanni Sanguily, Founder and CEO of GlassHive, expressed his enthusiasm: "I'm thrilled to be working with Microsoft to empower the partner community. Our aligned vision has led to the creation of outstanding content, yielding phenomenal results for our partners."

Heather Deggans, VP of GTM for Microsoft Americas added, “Microsoft’s collaboration with GlassHive is a testament to our commitment to the partner ecosystem. By combining our strengths, we can enable partners to help their customers adopt innovative cloud-based solutions to be more productive, more efficient, and more agile in changing market conditions.”

As this relationship continues to evolve, more benefits and opportunities will become available to partners, emphasizing the transformative potential of this collaboration. Partners are encouraged to explore the magic of this partnership and discover how it can elevate their business.

To learn more about this relationship and its benefits, please click here.

About GlassHive: GlassHive is the leading CRM and Marketing Automation platform, designed specifically for the partner community. Born on Azure and leveraging AI, GlassHive enables partners to market and sell their services with unparalleled efficiency.


Jasmine Cue,, 469-965-9225

First published on Thu, Apr 25, 2024

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