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ACI Worldwide And Dock Team Up To launch Acquiring As A Service Solutions

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  • ACI's cutting-edge technology forms the backbone of Dock's comprehensive range of technological, operational, and regulatory solutions, empowering customers to become acquirers.
  • Brazil is the first market to have access to the solution, with plans underway for expansion throughout the entire Latin American region.

SÃO PAULO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ACI Worldwide, the global leader in real-time payment software, joins forces with Dock, one of Latin America's top technology companies for payments and banking, to unveil Acquiring as a Service solutions in the Brazilian market.

This innovative as-a-service model redefines the acquiring landscape, allowing non-financial institutions like retailers, restaurants, apparel, and e-commerce businesses to step into the role of acquirers through a simple subscription process, eliminating the need for cumbersome accreditations from card networks and the Central Bank. With streamlined processes and optimized costs, customers reap the benefits of this game-changing model.

Dock's Acquiring as a Service solutions are bolstered by ACI Worldwide's state-of-the-art technology, enabling seamless integration with other payment solutions. Dock presents a robust, modular, and tailor-made solution that adapts to the specific needs of its clients.

"ACI's technology lies at the heart of the solutions we offer, empowering Dock as a pioneering force to deliver its unique value proposition to the market," enthused Vlademir Santos, Head of ACI Worldwide in Brazil.

As Brazil marks the inaugural launch of this revolutionary solution, both ACI and Dock anticipate taking the region by storm, with plans to expand the Acquiring as a Service offering to other Latin American countries through this groundbreaking partnership.

"Dock has now the most comprehensive range of financial solutions in the country, including processing, digital banking, credit, risk management, and acquiring. Our partnership with ACI further strengthen this aspect, with Acquiring as a Service taking center stage as a pivotal focus of our business unit, accelerating companies' ability to provide innovative services to their customers," emphasized Fernando de Paula, Director of Acquiring at Dock.

About ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide is a global leader in real-time, mission-critical payment software. Its proven, secure, and scalable software solutions enable major corporations, fintechs, and financial disruptors to process and manage digital payments, empower omni-commerce payments, present and process bill payments, and handle fraud and risk management. Combining global reach with local presence, ACI drives real-time digital transformation in payments and commerce.

About Dock

Dock is a leading technology company for payments and digital banking in Latin America. As a pioneer in the B2B sector, Dock drives the acceleration of digital financial services in the region. For over 20 years, Dock has been fulfilling its mission to democratize access to financial services, promoting inclusion for millions of unbanked and underbanked individuals. With decades of experience, Dock launched Dock One, the only end-to-end platform in Latin America that brings together card issuance, digital banking, credit, risk management, and acquiring solutions, empowering companies to offer innovative services to their customers. Dock manages technology, operations, and regulatory complexities, allowing customers to focus on expanding their businesses. The company operates 70 million active accounts and processes over seven billion transactions annually.


Nick Karoglou, Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs,

First published on Wed, Jul 19, 2023

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