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Achievers Is Number One In Vision And Capability In Everest Groups 2023 Reward And Recognition PEAK Matrix Assessment

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Achievers is also named the only Star Performer among the Leaders category

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#EmployeeExperience--After an intensive research process covering 26 vendors in the rewards and recognition space, Everest Group’s Rewards and Recognition (R&R) Solutions PEAK Matrix® reward and recognition (R&R) assessment ranks Achievers as number one in vision and capability. Achievers received the number-one ranking in vision and capability based on its innovation, increase in scope of services offered, expansion of delivery footprint, and technology and domain-specific investments.

Achievers is also the only R&R vendor to be named both a Star Performer and a Leader in the 2023 Everest Group PEAK Matrix. Star Performers are evaluated on year-over-year improvement in the top quartile across the two axes (vision & capability and market impact).

Everest Group’s comprehensive Rewards and Recognition (R&R) Solutions PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023 publication provides HR, total rewards, and compensation and benefits purchasers with a complete picture of market success, portfolio mix, value delivered, buyer feedback, vision, technology, service capability, investments, and engagement and commercial models for R&R platforms. Equipped with this data, buyers have the information to make the right decision for their company’s and employees’ needs.

Achievers has been named a Leader in the last five years that Everest Group has published the R&R Solutions PEAK Matrix Assessment, and each year marks an even greater leap – from placing among other Leaders in the total rewards and recognition space – to becoming the top global platform for vision and capability.

“We are proud to pioneer purposeful nudging to help build people leaders and to trailblaze personalization and relevancy of content, as we continue to lead the highest active usage platform and work with best-in-class partners, such as Workday, to maximize the impact of HR technologies,” said Jeff Cates, CEO at Achievers. “To be recognized by Everest Group as the most visionary and capable rewards and recognition platform is an honor and it is also a testament to our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement to be named the only Star Performer in the Leaders category. We will continue to build upon these strengths with the help of our talent and the dedication of our customers and community,” Cates added.

The complete report, which includes Everest Group’s outlook for the future of rewards and recognition, can be found here.

About Achievers

Achievers’ employee voice and recognition solutions bring your organization’s values and strategy to life by activating employee participation and accelerating a culture of performance. Achievers leverages the science behind behavior change, so your people and your organization can experience sustainable, data-driven business results. Visit us at


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First published on Thu, Apr 27, 2023

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