TechDogs-"Accelerating The Scientific AI Revolution: TetraScience And Databricks Join Forces To Transform Scientific Research, Development, Manufacturing, And Quality Control In Life Sciences"

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Accelerating The Scientific AI Revolution: TetraScience And Databricks Join Forces To Transform Scientific Research, Development, Manufacturing, And Quality Control In Life Sciences

By Business Wire

Business Wire
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  • Life sciences organizations will accelerate and improve outcomes and unlock data ROI
  • TetraScience will begin sharing its AI-native data with Databricks via Delta Sharing
  • The partnership will encompass product development, marketing, and sales

BOSTON & SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TetraScience and Databricks today announced a strategic partnership dedicated to helping life sciences organizations harness Scientific AI to bring more effective and safer therapies to market faster and less expensively.

The life sciences industry is racing to unlock data intelligence and harness the value of AI. Companies want to use their massive data sets and ever-cheaper computational resources but are blocked by more than 10 million silos of unstructured and vendor-specific proprietary data, which inhibit AI.

This partnership rapidly accelerates the Scientific AI revolution by re-platforming and engineering this data to enable the large-scale production of AI-native scientific data across the entire value chain, supporting a growing suite of next-generation lab data management solutions, scientific use cases, and AI-based scientific outcomes.

Scientific use cases already enabled by the partnership include generative AI for data analysis in cell therapy research, a lead clone selection assistant that reduces clone selection time by up to 80%, and digital QC analytics for method performance trending that reduces out-of-specification (OOS) events by up to 75%. Future use cases in the roadmap include predicting IC50 for drug candidates to speed up safety testing by at least 25%, speeding up purification process development through advanced visualizations of process and analytical data, and predicting optimal cell culture conditions to reduce bioprocess development times by up to 80%. This puts the power of AI into the hands of scientists to augment their daily work.

“Scientific AI is the key to solving humanity’s grand challenges, beginning with improving and extending life through more effective and safer therapeutics. I see our partnership with Databricks as essential to ensuring AI is the transformational catalyst it must become to improve the velocity and quality of innovation and transform the economics of this vital industry,” says TetraScience CEO Patrick Grady.

Databricks brings all its formidable strengths to the partnership, including advanced analytics capabilities, automated infrastructure management, and integrated security features. “By integrating the two,” says Grady, “scientists and data scientists get to ‘AI-native’ faster and unlock ROI on their data sooner.”

“TetraScience stands out for its unique combination of expertise in science, data, and AI and its resulting ability to deliver Scientific AI outcomes. By aligning that strength with our industry-leading Data Intelligence Platform, we’re establishing the definitive architecture for yielding tangible gains from scientific data across the pharmaceutical value chain,” says Bavesh Patel, SVP, Go To Market & Industry at Databricks. “TetraScience and Databricks both have grand visions to solve the world’s toughest problems, and we’re enabling our customers to do so with a unified data platform, combined with flexible and secure data sharing between platforms.”

The partnership will encompass product development, building on Databricks, co-marketing, and go-to-market activities. TetraScience CEO Grady emphasized that "today’s announcement marks a pivotal moment for the entire life sciences industry as it can now begin to benefit from the power of Scientific AI.”

About TetraScience

TetraScience is the Scientific Data and AI company with a mission to radically improve and extend human life. TetraScience is catalyzing the Scientific AI revolution by designing and industrializing AI-native scientific datasets, which it brings to life in a growing suite of next-generation lab data management products, scientific use cases, and AI-based outcomes. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Databricks

Databricks is the data and AI company. More than 10,000 organizations worldwide — including Comcast, Condé Nast, Grammarly and over 60% of the Fortune 500 — rely on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to unify and democratize data, analytics and AI. Databricks is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices around the globe, and was founded by the original creators of Lakehouse, Apache Spark™, Delta Lake and MLflow. To learn more, follow Databricks on LinkedIn, X and Facebook.


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First published on Mon, May 20, 2024

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