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400 China Basin Announces New Website Launch For BMR Condo Project In San Franciscos Mission Bay

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SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--400 China Basin, a significant BMR (Below Market Rate) condo initiative situated in the heart of San Francisco's Mission Bay, proudly announces the launch of its brand new website at Sponsored by the City’s Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, 400 China Basin offers a unique opportunity for Middle-Income, First Time Homebuyers under the City’s Limited Equity Program.

The website, expertly developed by Shereen Hadid of Hadid Concepts LLC, a specialist in Marketing, Branding, Web Development, and Creative Strategy, aims to keep eligible applicants updated with the latest news, events, and advancements related to the lottery process in allocating the condo units. Additionally, visitors can immerse themselves in insightful content about San Francisco's Mission Bay area and gain valuable insights about embarking on the journey of new homeownership.

Veteran affordable housing developers Michael Simmons, Charmaine Curtis, and the team at Young Community Developers collaborated on this vital project. With Baines Nibbi JV at the helm of construction and award-winning architects Mithun and Y.A. Studio on the design front, this initiative is backed by a star-studded lineup of experts. Each firm involved boasts over 25 years of experience in developing both market rate and affordable housing in San Francisco and the wider Bay Area.

The endeavor is not only about bricks and mortar. During the purchase process, buyers will be in the safe hands of a seasoned team comprising housing counselors, buyer’s advocates, and sales agents, all of whom have substantial BMR experience.

400 China Basin is an integral component of a broader initiative spearheaded by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure. The ambitious plan aims to construct 1,100 affordable housing units in Mission Bay, which includes two special sites earmarked exclusively for first-time homebuyers. 400 China Basin is one of the last developments of this initiative.

"We're thrilled to introduce our new website to potential homeowners and the community. Our goal is to provide an accessible platform where people can receive timely updates, learn more about the area, and prepare for the exciting journey of homeownership in Mission Bay," said developer and project coordinator Michael Simmons.

For more information or to explore the website, visit

About 400 China Basin: 400 China Basin is a premier BMR condo project in San Francisco's Mission Bay, offering permanent affordable home ownership to middle-income individuals and families. The project stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to providing quality housing options for its diverse population.


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First published on Thu, Oct 12, 2023

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