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3EO Health Announces The U.S. Launch Of The First “High Efficiency” Molecular Platform

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BOSTON--()--3EO Health, a “Point of Life” diagnostics company focused on the development of high-performing low-cost molecular diagnostics for both the point of care and community settings, is excited to announce product availability of its COVID-19 test for U.S. physicians and consumers.3EO Health received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for its COVID-19 test utilizing 3TR technology in Q4 of 2023. 3TR technology eliminates the need for sample preparation, expensive consumables, and complex equipment creating a new category of “high efficiency” point of care molecular testing. High efficiency is defined as low-cost, easy-to-use molecular testing under $20 per test with no sample preparation required.

“When it comes to diagnostic testing, physicians and consumers alike want reliable results,” said Jeremy Schubert M.B.A, M.P.H., Chief Executive Officer of 3EO Health. “Although molecular technologies are up to 1000X more sensitive and offer advantages versus variants, antigen testing still dominates the point of care testing market. This is largely due to significant operational cost and complexity of prevailing molecular technologies. Our scientists engineered cost and complexity out of the testing process, opening the door for more physicians and patients to benefit from molecular testing.”

3EO utilizes a simple 3-inch by 3-inch instrument called the Cube, enabling testing to be executed in multiple settings or locations. Its sample-to-test workflow eliminates the need for mixing, pipetting, or technique-dependent manual steps. With a cost per test up to 70% lower than existing technologies, 3EO is seeking to create access to molecular technology for more physicians and consumers. Lowering barriers even further, 3EO is currently providing 3EO 3TR molecular test analyzers at no charge to U.S. physician offices.

For more information about 3EO Health and its 3TR Technology, please visit

About 3EO

3EO Health Inc. is a “Point of Life” diagnostic company leveraging novel technology to exponentially lower cost and expand clinical and community access to high impact diagnostic tools. Our passion is to create a world where every person is empowered to optimize health – for their patients, communities, family, and self. We seek to ensure physicians and consumers have equitable access to the best technology that is both affordable and easy to use. We enable people to thrive by extending the four walls of the health system into the community, work, and home. Our mantra is “… the right information, in the right place, at the right time, enabling the right action, right now.” For more information visit


Melyssa St. Michael
(844) 538-7336

First published on Wed, Jan 17, 2024

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