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2023 SDIA Award Lauds Taiwans Top Smart Display Companies

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TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--To facilitate the development of the emerging display industry, the Industrial Development Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs founded the Smart Display Industrial Alliance (SDIA), actively promoting cross-sector collaboration in panels, electronic components, software, system integration, and service applications. The Alliance organized the 2023 SDIA Award ceremony and a result presentation on Oct. 5, giving the award to 12 outstanding smart display innovation projects in recognition of the participating manufacturers for their investment in expanding forward-looking display technology and effectively raising the profile of the smart display industry in Taiwan.

To encourage Taiwan’s smart display manufacturers to stay up to date with the leading display technologies and promote the adoption of their research and development results into cross-sector product applications, SDIA held the Award for the second consecutive year, handing out Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes as well as the Prize of Excellence to winners who meet the award evaluation criteria including marketability, innovation, and technology. The aim is to commend these awardees for their effort in self-improvement and to help drive the overall smart display industry transformation and upgrading.

The 2023 SDIA Award focused on products that highlight forward-looking display technology research and development as well as those that realized technological breakthroughs. SDIA aims to promote these achievements and apply them to four major areas: Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Mobility, and Smart Education. This year, the Gold Prize winners are AUO Corp. and E Ink Holdings Inc., while the Silver Prize recipients are Yenrich Technology Corp., AUO Corp., and Lextar Electronics Corp. On the other hand, the Bronze Prize goes to PanelSemi Corp. and Innolux Corp., and the Prize of Excellence is given to Lixel Inc., Gio Optoelectronics Corp., and InnoCare Optoelectronics Corp. The winning products were exhibited in the award ceremony hall, demonstrating Taiwan’s incredible prowess in the smart display industry.

These display technology manufacturers each have their own strengths. SDIA will continue assisting them in upgrading into developing higher value-added products and application integration services. SDIA also encourages the development of business solutions in various sectors as well as their materialization in the fields, in order to drive the overall smart display industry transformation in Taiwan. (R.O.C. Industrial Development Administration of the Ministry of Economic advertising)


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First published on Tue, Dec 26, 2023

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