TechDogs-"2023 CTBC FinTech Summit To Show Prosperous Perspectives For The Future Of Fintech In Taiwan"

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2023 CTBC FinTech Summit To Show Prosperous Perspectives For The Future Of Fintech In Taiwan

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TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The 2023 CTBC Fintech Summit, being the first of its kind, showcased the vibrant innovation scenes in the local fintech ecosystem. Co-organized by Business Weekly Taiwan and CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (CTBC Holding), the summit focused on topics of financial innovation and sustainable development with “Fintech for Good” as the theme. During the event, Business Weekly and CTBC extended a special invitation to international fintech and independent market analyst Chris Skinner to share his views on the future trends in fintech. Other industry, government, and academic specialists also participated enthusiastically. Overall, the event was a great success with over 2,500 in-person and online participants attending the event.

In his opening remarks, President of CTBC Financial Holding, James Chen, stated that as the most internationalized financial institution in Taiwan, CTBC strives hard from multiple angles to comply with the government’s policy to promote the digital transformation of Taiwan’s financial sector, bringing Taiwan in line with international banking standards.

Global fintech trend development specialist Chris Skinner had insightful discussions on how financial organizations can consolidate technology and sustainability, and believes that “banks aren’t going to disappear.” Future technologies will be a force for good. During the panel discussion, CTBC Financial Holding Chief Technology Officer, Titan Chia, sat down with National Chengchi University Fintech Research Center Director, Jennifer L. Wang, General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan, Sean Pien and Partner at McKinsey & Company, Charles Tan to explore topics such as the feasibility and implementation of global trends in digital innovation; the impact of AI on the financial sector, and ESG goals and financial innovation from the perspectives of different sectors and industries.

The second half of the summit was dedicated to remarking on innovative results. CTBC has come out with six scenarios for use in tandem with the exclusive Apple Messages for Business app. CTBC also extended an invitation to Carl Wegner, CEO of the leading digital trade finance platform, Contour, to give a talk explaining CTBC Financial Holding’s experience in pairing with 20 international banks to create the world’s largest blockchain trade and finance platform. CTBC also invited Carl-Johan von Uexkull, Chief Commercial Officer of the green tech startup, Doconomy, to discuss the carbon footprint-reducing services performance of CTBC’s personalized services and Renewables Trading Blockchain Platform.

As the partner of CTBC Financial Holding, Business Weekly Taiwan is happy to see the advancement of its future-facing fintech technology as it strides towards sustainable development, receiving international recognition and accolades. CTBC has been bestowed with the honors of The Asset’s digital finance award, Global Finance’s “Best Bank” ranking for all of Taiwan, and over 135 domestic and international award nominations for 2023. CTBC will continue on its path of promoting digital transformation and the use of fintech in the future, achieving a bright future for everyone.

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First published on Fri, Jul 28, 2023

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