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Leadership is not just a job or quality but a way of life for some people. A leader inspires others to take action. An effective leader understands their team's needs and can help them reach their full potential. Effective leadership as well as your leadership style will determine whether you'll continue being successful. That being said, what you think about leadership impacts your ability to lead others effectively. We believe it all begins with staying on your toes regarding what's cooking in the market and being aware of the recent trends and developments. The upcoming trends in leadership can give insight into how today's leaders operate and what techniques are most effective for leading others through change and growth.

That's why it's essential to know which trends leaders of today should ponder on. To help you with that, we present you the top 5 Leadership Trends that are all set to lead the way in 2023 and beyond.
TechDogs-"Top Trends 2023 - Leadership"
If you have watched the movie 300, we are pretty sure you have admired the leader of the Spartan army - King Leonidas. He was a man who believed and gave up everything to lead his people to an almost certain death sentence. King Leonidas was a strong and inspiring leader who showed the world what it means to be the best leader and fighter, when necessary. He didn't demand love and respect from his fellow men; instead, he won their trust and admiration through his leadership.
With his 'Spartans never retreat, Spartans never surrender' attitude, he proved that a true leader faces the battles and shoulders his team till the end. No wonder he's considered one of the iconic characters when it comes to leadership. Surprisingly, a new-age leader can also learn a lot from King Leonidas. For instance, he taught us that leaders must instil confidence and raise the spirit of their team. He also proved that keeping your skill set sharp is essential as who knows when you might need them to defend yourself from the competition. So, initially, the two key takeaways from King Leonidas are to keep your team motivated and to upgrade their skills. Cool, right!
Now that we’ve looked at a leader of the past, let’s talk about how leaders of today are approaching leadership. Unfolding the 5 hottest Leadership Trends of 2023 with a dab of lessons taught by King Leonidas! Let's get started.

Trend 1: Super Apps Will Be Super Important

 TechDogs-"Trend 1: Super Apps Will Be Super Important And Pioneer"-A Self-Generated Meme From The 300 Movie.  
Business leaders, pay attention – super apps will be here anytime soon! 
Imagine a world where you can solve all your business needs with just one app. Does that sound like a dream? Not really as it's not so out of the world anymore. There is an emerging aid in the business world to solve this most significant need of having an individual app for everything. The name is – super apps! These are combined functions of many different apps into one. #OneForAllAndAllForOne
The advent of the app store now serves as a gateway to everything we need — from task resolution apps to loyalty apps to content apps; there's an app for everything. So, welcoming super apps will be a win-win for you as they’ll help you save time and space and keep you organized. Besides, some super apps can be a great asset for team collaboration. One of the studies by Gartner predicts that by 2027, more than 50% of the global population will be active users of super apps. So, if you are a business leader, super apps will be the must-have assets in your kitty.
TechDogs' OpinionSuper apps will be a platform and an ecosystem for your business as they will combine essential apps for you in one place. It means they can be accessed at one low price, rather than paying separately for each app. These apps will not just have their own set of functionalities but will also offer a platform for third parties to develop and publish their mini apps (because a leader thinks about everyone’s growth!). Besides, IT leaders can design and customize their super apps. However, the process of designing super apps will require the same level of detail as any other software project but the result will be much more potent than what you would get with individual apps. In a nutshell, super apps will give your businesses the ability to streamline processes at an affordable price while cutting down on the clutter between separate apps.

Trend 2: Leveraging And Optimizing Applied Observability Will Be A Must

 TechDogs-"Trend 2: Leveraging And Optimizing Applied Observability Will Be A Must"-A Self-Generated Meme From The 300 Movie.  
Organizations will continue to launch new digital products and services and there will be a need for fine-grained visibility into product usage. That's when observable data will step in! It's data that indicates the digitized artifacts, such as - logs, traces, API (application programming interface) calls, dwell time, downloads, file transfers and much more! Applied observability will feed these observable artifacts in a highly orchestrated and integrated manner when stakeholders take action and want to make decisions. 
Frances Karamouzis, the VP analyst at Gartner, quotes, "Applied observability enables businesses to exploit their data artifacts for competitive advantage. It is powerful because it elevates the strategic importance or the right data at the right time for rapid action, based on confirmed stakeholder actions rather than intentions." Applied observability will offer a new approach to managing business change within organizations. It will integrate telemetry data obtained across multiple systems to make data-driven business and IT decisions. Business leaders and IT Pros will need to go beyond using observability for system reliability and create an observable digital business. 
TechDogs' OpinionApplied observability will equip business leaders with insights on customer adoption of new and existing features and figure out reasons for customer churn. Besides, leaders can get the demographics of active versus inactive users. Applied observability will also enable brands with on-point trend analysis of customer satisfaction and its correlation with service levels and performance. It will be helpful for operational support and strengthening the sales team, product management and customer success. Building observable systems will assist businesses and IT stakeholders in understanding features that customers crave, what they struggle with and how to improvise the service. #ObserveFirstActNext

Trend 3: Industry Cloud Platforms Will Scale Your Business To Cloud Nine

We’ve all heard of cloud platforms, right? We’re all using them. However, leaders of tomorrow would go beyond cloud platforms to leverage them in building integrate SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) products. These will offer industry-specific modular capabilities to support specific industry businesses. Business leaders will use the package's capabilities of industry cloud platforms as building blocks to combine a range of digital business initiatives, offering agility and driving innovation.
Gartner forecasts that more than 50% of enterprises will welcome industry cloud platforms by 2027 to accelerate their business initiatives. These industry cloud platforms will create business value by offering adaptable and relevant industry solutions. Besides, they will leverage innovative approaches such as packaged business capabilities, data grids and fusion teams to accommodate quick changes and platform adaptability.
TechDogs' OpinionThe future business environment demands agility and responsiveness #MustHave - the rise of industry cloud platforms will enable businesses to achieve these objectives. They will provide them with access to an array of pre-built apps that facilitate new process implementations. These platforms will also accelerate the time to market for new products or services, reduce capital expenditures on IT infrastructure and increase operational efficiency. Apart from that, industry cloud platforms will speed up cloud adoption, cloud infrastructure and platform technologies. These platforms will also be the enabler of higher performance and better ability to meet the change.

Trend 4 – Digital Immune Systems Will Protect The Businesses

 TechDogs-"Trend 4 – Digital Immune Systems Will Immune The Businesses"-A Self-Generated Meme From The 300 Movie.  
Business leaders, a brand-new form of immunity is coming in!

As a business leader, you must know that adopting a new approach will help deliver high business value, mitigate risks and improve customer satisfaction. Digital immune systems will integrate practices and technologies from observability, AI-augmented testing, chaos engineering, auto-remediation and software supply chain security. These systems will combine a range of technologies from software design, development, automation, operations and analytics to create an excellent user experience and reduce system failures that might influence the business performance.
A report by Gartner predicts that 76% of businesses responsible for digital products are also responsible for revenue generation. The same report predicts that by 2025, enterprises that invest in building digital immunity will reduce system downtime by up to 80%. Besides, digital immune systems will protect applications and services from anomalies and help businesses combat continuity risks.
TechDogs' OpinionDigital immune systems will be a set of solutions and methods that will assist businesses in detecting, neutralizing and recovering from security incidents in no time. We believe that if implemented right, digital immune systems can be the biggest arsenal leaders can invest in! A successful digital immune system will simulate real-life attacks on an enterprise's network at lightning speed, making leaders well aware of possible cyber-attacks.

It's a kind of integrated defence that encompasses a range of solutions and services to safeguard businesses against cyber-attacks. The primary of digital immune systems will be to protect an organization's IT infrastructure and data from malicious activity. #AGoodLeaderProtectsTheTribe


Trend 5: Leaders Will Need To Lead And Harness Talent Of Multi-Generations

 TechDogs-"Trend 5: Leaders Will Need To Lead And Harness Talent Of Multi-Generations"-A Self-Generated Meme From The 300 Movie.
Let's face it, it's a multi-generational era! From baby boomers to Gen X, Gen Z and millennials all are working side by side. This kind of variation in the work environment opens the gates to different values and working styles, resulting in the need for leaders who can adjust their leadership style according to whom they are managing. It's a no-brainer that a leader is the smartest person in the room and micromanaging the direct reports will not be enough. Leading employees of different generations and thriving in a collaborative and cross-functional environment will require leaders to have a flatter structure.
According to Mal Fletcher (business leadership consultant and broadcaster) - "Building a better future will depend on our ability to appreciate generational differences." Businesses can bridge this gap by balancing the needs and views of individuals from those groups. For this, business leaders are expected to be aware of the changing demographics and welcome characteristics, technological influences, workplace attitude and general consciousness. For instance, leaders can host team-building exercises to bring together employees of different generations and boost their engagement.
TechDogs' OpinionBusiness leaders must first understand that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to pooling and managing different generations in the workplace. They can experiment with various tools for creating custom employee feedback programs, administering employee engagement surveys and comparing the results against top players in the market. These tools will also make it easy to identify the key drivers of employee engagement. We believe communication is the key to breaking down the employee generation, some tools help with exactly that! These tools help you improve communication, employee recognition and engagement levels.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

In the business world, trends are constantly shifting and new ones are emerging. Everything is becoming increasingly interconnected and accelerated—this extends to business trends. Leaders need to keep track of the latest trends in their industry and identify which trends could impact their organization in the future. These Leadership Trends will help make informed decisions about optimizing resources, allocating capital, developing new products or services, expanding, or entering new markets. These trends will continue to grow in popularity over time. With that, it's time to call it a wrap.
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