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Someone sent you a snap!

You got a new mention!

Someone just retweeted you!

Oh, the joy!

Are you about to say that this isn't you? Okay, then answer this. When was the last time you checked  Instagram? Allow us to guess – just a few minutes back, right? We get it. Today, social media matters as much as the morning tea or coffee #weloveboth! Invariably, what matters to the consumers matters to the businesses. So, Social Media Marketing is becoming integral to every new-age business.

The tricky part – the face of social media changes every day. There's a new reel, a new hashtag and a new challenge that's trending each day. When social media changes, your Social Media Marketing tactics have to keep up.

So, to stay on top of your Social Media Marketing game, quit scrolling your Instagram feed for the next few minutes and scroll through this article to find out the top Social Media Marketing Trends of 2022.
TechDogs-Going From IHop To IHOB? Here's What You Need To Know!-"Top Trends 2022 - Social Media Marketing"
What's the best gratification you can get from a social media campaign? Imagine launching a campaign that reaches over 30,000 people to engage with you in less than a day? You'd probably be over the moon. Hey, come back from your moon ride – we said IMAGINE!

Frankly, you don't really have to imagine. The marketing team of the famous breakfast franchise International House of Pancakes (IHoP) managed to grab 30,000 eyeballs (not literally!) within a few hours of their IHoB campaign. #NoKidding

One fine day in 2018, they changed their name to IHoB and asked the world what the B stood for. It was only after over 15,000 retweets and a million wrong guesses that they revealed that the change was temporary and a way of announcing that they're introducing burgers in their menu. #StirringTheSocialPotRight

A simple switch got IHoP on top of the trending charts on social media – it's all about catching the eye and to do that, you need the right Social Media Marketing tips and tricks up your sleeves. The deal is simple – stay updated, keep up with the trends and then try to beat them. While we can't give you ideas to beat the IHoP campaign success, we can let you in on the top trends in Social Media Marketing that'd help you match their game.

We're sure you were tracking the top SMM trends from 2021 but it's time to prepare for the year ahead. After all, you may know all about the pancakes but you need to stay ready for the burgers, too, right? #NewTrendsNewTacts

Start scrolling because this #TechDogs feed will take you through the Top SMM trends for 2022! #SocialMediaPun

Trend 1: You Will Have To Make Your Videos "Snackable"

TechDogs-"Trend 1: You Will Have To Make Your Videos"-Snackable"" Image Of Donald John Trump - Holding A File With Content That Says - "You Just Need Snackable Video Content"
Enough with the food reference already? Okay, we will try but we didn't make this one up. Apart from burgers and pancakes, videos are going to be the next "snacc" (pun intended) that everyone would like to binge on!

It's no news that videos have been sought after since forever now because they're engaging, fun to watch and get the message out faster. However, this year, the challenge for you will be to keep them really short. All thanks to Tik Tok, which compelled YouTube to introduce Shorts and Instagram to have Reels. It's time for you to create videos as short as 2 minutes, 1 minute, 45 seconds, 30 seconds and even 10 seconds long to catch the attention of the social media world. Yes, you've got to get the message out faster than fast food! (We said we'd try to stop the food wordplay #NoPromises!)

In fact, marketers are already setting stage to tap into this trend. According to HubSpot's Marketing Industry Trends Survey for 2022, more than half of marketers, i.e., 51% who use short-duration video, plan to expand their investment in 2022. Clearly, they know how to back the right horse!

TechDogs' Opinion: On one hand, we'd find marketers looking for cloud-based video editing tools to create snackable yet professional video content quickly because who wouldn't want to ride on a sure-short success bandwagon, right? However, we think you should proceed with caution. Just because we're witnessing the increasing popularity of short-duration videos, it nowhere signifies that long-form content would go out of fashion. In fact, your short videos are heading on their way to get longer with the duration of Reels and Stories already increasing and IGTV getting merged with Feed Video. So, what should you go for?

Well, the key is to understand what your audience is more comfortable with. Analyze your video content performance, know when your viewers drop off and decide how to go ahead. Snackable content surely works but that doesn't mean you should totally abandon longer video content. After all, IHoP didn't remove pancakes from their menu just because they had to add a burger in it! #WeKnowYouLikeTheseReferencesToo

Trend 2: Micro-Influencers Will Be Your Brand's Best Friends

 TechDogs-"Trend 2: Micro-Influencers Will Be Your Brand's Best Friends"-Image With Human Character Meme - In Reference To Show Brands Tie-Up With Micro And Nano Influencer Instead Of Macro Influencer And Celebrities
You've undoubtedly heard of influencer marketing by now, right? The strategy where brands tie-up with famous social media celebrities to promote their offering. Now, what if we told you that brands are no longer looking for massy influencers and celebrities to spread the word?

That's true. This year we would witness brands going to micro-influencers to reach a targeted audience. Unlike celebrities or other well-known influencers with 500K or 1 million followers, micro-influencers have a much smaller (about 10-100k) yet niche reach. They have an audience from a specific geography with specific taste and behavior – the kind of nuanced audience brands wish to reach, making them a lucrative option for brands to build a more personal connection with their target market segment. Almost like getting Ronald McDonald to promote the IHoP's burgers! #WeKnowThatsImpossible

The temptation of getting a targeted audience is increasingly making micro-influencers more sought after – especially because their promotions are not as "promotional;" they have higher engagement and are affordable too. In fact, the lesser followers an influencer has on Instagram, the higher their engagement rate is, according to a Later x Fohr Influencer Marketing Report. So, what would you prefer, 500K followers with only 5000 engaged or 10K followers with 3000 engaged, at a much lesser cost? #ItsSimpleMathReally

TechDogs' Opinion: Going ahead, we wouldn't be surprised to see Nano influencers (those with less than 10K) too being tapped into the paid promotion gambit more actively. They too, offer a niche audience, are way more affordable and can really help a brand with long-term engagement and connection with their target market, as opposed to a one-time uproar that macro-influencers provide. Along with that, we can also expect these micro-influencers to go offline from online in 2022. While the usual giveaways and reviews - model with continue to remain popular, brands would also leverage micro-influencers for in-person collaborations. For instance, IHoP calling out influencers to visit their outlets, try their new burgers and share their experience on live feeds. #FreeFoodForThemAll

Trend 3: User-Generated Content Will Totally Change The Face Of Your Marketing Game

TechDogs-"Trend 3: User-Generated Content Will Totally Change The Face Of Your Marketing Game"-Image Of Hoi4 Focus Trees In A Nutshell Invasion Of (France) - Meme Showing How Brand Are Attracted Towards User Generated Content
Do you remember the time when Coca-Cola introduced its personalized coke bottles? The world went crazy! Social media was flooded with posts of consumers enjoying a drink with their personalized coke bottle. The result - Coca-Cola's consumers became their advertisers. Do you know what was unique about these campaigns? User-Generated Content (UGC) - and we expect to see many more of these campaigns this year.

For marketers who see social media as a tool for conversing with audiences, UGC offers a host of benefits. With UGC, the authenticity of content is immediately recognizable, while text-based online reviews can easily be faked. We're not the ones making this claim, 93% of marketers agree that consumers place more trust in UGC than the content created by the company itself. User-Generated Content has a significant role in helping your brand provide evidence and prove the customer satisfaction claims that previous users make. Thus, this Social Media Marketing trend has a viral pull that will establish authenticity and trust in your brands while taking user experience to another level. 

TechDogs' Opinion: UGC is going to be the real game-changer in building brand credibility. The authenticity of brand communication has been a significant concern for users and UGC is set to change that by taking the perceived biases away from marketing campaigns. With more brands swaying towards UGC, you'd also witness a drastic change in the kind of content brands produce. We're going to find more memes, jokes, songs, podcasts by users than standard picture-perfect marketing campaigns. Not to mention the drastically reduced production costs with lesser assets and collaterals generated in-house and more of them curated from the users.  

Trend 4: Augmented Reality (AR) Will Take Your Social Media Places

TechDogs-"Trend 4: Augmented Reality(AR) Will Take Your Social Media Places"-Image Of - Hard To Swallow Pills Meme - Our Reality Is Getting Worse But Our Augmented Reality Is Getting Better
Imagine looking at an image of yourself on your phone with the latest fashion garments you would like to try superimposed over yourself. It will help you see what it would look like before buying it, right? Just like trying out a ring on your hand before buying it online. #TotallyPossible

A lot of brands are already providing out-of-the-box, interactive experiences on their websites and apps to customers using Augmented Reality. In 2022, we’ll find them recreating these experiences on social media too. In fact, Facebook has already integrated filters and masks that are helping brands like Sephora and Timberland. They let customers try out different products on Messenger and make purchasing decisions faster. It’s only a matter of time when other brands follow pursuit. Psst… Nike and Kia Motors are already on their way to offer you AR features too! #HappeningSoon

The good part – all social media platforms are also busy doing their bit to make AR features more accessible to customers and brands. In just the past few years, social media giants such as Facebook have introduced AR ads, Snapchat released the Local Lenses feature and Instagram stories have enabled an AR-based try-on feature proving the importance of AR in Social Media Marketing – and for good reason. People are looking for AR features and you’ve got to give the people what they want, right?

As per a ThinkMobiles report, 63% of online consumers believe AR has enhanced their shopping experience, 40% are ready to pay more for a product if able to preview using AR technology. In comparison, 35% would increase their shopping budgets if provided with more AR experiences. To top it all, the Drum reports that AR has the potential to increase the click-through rates of social media advertisements by 33%. #WeBetYouLikeThat

TechDogs' Opinion: Leading social media giants have been somewhat secretive about their AR plans but we're no amateurs to not pick up on the hints they're dropping every now and then. Zuckerberg is busy adding a camera and AR robust features into the Metaverse – and that's just phase 1 of his plans. They're also working towards more advanced AR, which could recognize individual objects in videos, blend the real world with animated objects and create 3D scenes from 2D photos. It would be as good as preparing your own burger from your favorite set of toppings on Instagram and IHoP managing to deliver it to you at your doorstep! #ImaginationGoingWild

Even Snapchat's working secretly towards AR. While they haven't revealed any plans yet, we found out that they recently filed for a patent on "Image Based Tracking In Augmented Reality Systems." That patent is centered around leveraging AR for wearables like helmets, glasses and visors that would communicate with smartphones – just saying!

Trend 5: Your Customers Will Go Social Shopping

TechDogs-"Trend 5: Your Customers Will Be Going For Social Shopping"-Meme Of Shaquille O'Neal American Former Professional Basketball Player - Ecommerce I Sleep Social Commerce Real Shit
Who doesn't like shopping! Well, apart from the Grinch, obviously! What if we said that now you can shop while scrolling through social media? It is called social shopping and it's all set to take social media by storm in 2022. The world of social media has changed the way we buy products, from price comparison to product reviews. It's also given rise to a whole new type of influencer - the shopper - who can make or break brands with their opinions on social media.

Social commerce or social shopping has enabled consumers to make purchases directly via social media platforms. In fact, as per Facebook group's reports, the next big thing in social networks and commerce is selling via live video. This is not us; experts believe so. Currently, only 47% of consumers would buy a product through a live video feed. This number would rise to 55% for millennials and 62% for Gen-Z consumers throughout 2022.

TechDogs' Opinion: Social shopping has proven to be more than a passing fad in 2021. The future of Ecommerce is social platform commerce/ shopping and that is fixed relative to its core. In 2022, it is expected that consumers will spend more shopping when their experience will be personalized. This challenge will likely be overcome using chatbots that will provide quick, simple answers to consumers' questions and enhance their trust. The time is ripe to consider a social network shopping strategy that will connect brands with consumers in a more personalized and seamless way than before.

To Wrap Up

TechDogs-"To Wrap Up - Social Media Marketing"- Meme Of Willy Wonka Who Appears In British Author Roald Dahl'S 1964 Children'S Novel Charlie And The Chocolate Factory And Its 1972 Sequel Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator - Oh So You'Re Using Social Media Without A Strategy? Tell Me How Great That's Going
Social media is a growing phenomenon that businesses can't afford to overlook - and we all know it. These are just a few top trends that will change the social media landscape in 2022 and beyond. The most significant anticipated changes are the rise of short-duration video content (with the love for longer videos remaining intact!) While brand ambassadors will continue to be important, 2022 will be the year for micro-influencers and User-Generated Content. Oh yes, Augmented Reality and social shopping will become a must for Ecommerce businesses dabbling with social media marketing. These trends and predictions are for companies to be informed, stay ahead of the pack and reap benefits throughout 2022.

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