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Top Trends 2022 - Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence - surely, you've heard of it! AI, as we all know it, is no longer a futuristic concept. It's quickly becoming an integral part of our digital-first society and influencing how we live, work, unwind and communicate. It was once limited to expensive supercomputers and enterprise data centers but has made its way into our homes today. From Amazon Echo and YouTube's feed algorithm to facial recognition and intelligent refrigerators that can recommend recipes with the ingredients inside - AI is everywhere!
Artificial Intelligence continues to grow and 2022 is no exception. Where are the most exciting developments in AI right now, you ask? We predict that 2022 will bring significant milestones for this technology in various fields.
Here are the top 5 Artificial Intelligence Trends to look out for in 2022!
TechDogs-"Are You A Huge Fan Of AI!" - Top Trends 2022 - Artificial Intelligence
Movies like “Her” and “Ex Machina” are widely remembered for their novel (and often dystopian) depiction of the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future. We still get chills thinking there might be a super-advanced AI robot amongst us.
"One day the AIs are going to look back on us the same way we look at fossil skeletons on the plains of Africa." - Nathan, Ex Machina.
Okay, thanks for the nightmares, Ex Machina!
While Ava is still just a figment of our imagination (and nightmares!), AI has progressed a lot in the past year. As TechDogs (that's us!) predicted last year, intelligent chatbots, ethical AI and other advancements are already making their way into the world of AI. This is just the beginning. The research firm Tractica has predicted that the Artificial Intelligence market will increase to $37 billion in 2022.
Now, the question is - what does the future of Artificial Intelligence holds for us? What is going to drive this exponential growth?

TechDogs-"What Does The Future Of Artificial Intelligence Hold For Us?"-Meme Of Gary Cole As Bill Lumbergh - If You Could Just Tell Me About The Future Of AI - That Would Be Great

Relax, we’ve got the answers!

Based on hundreds of expert opinions and millions of studies, here are the top 5 trends that will shape the face of Artificial Intelligence in 2022 and beyond!

Trend 1: Artificial Intelligence Will Transform 9 To 5


Artificial Intelligence will transform our lives in offices and make our work easier. Through an augmented workforce approach, businesses will adopt AI technologies to supplicate their workforce to automate menial, repetitive tasks, streamline processes thereby making their businesses more efficient and productive. Don’t be worried. This adoption is not being implemented with the intent of increasing the number of pink slips handed out but with the intent of businesses re-training and upskilling the workforce to make their output more qualitatively high yielding and roles more meaningful.
Employees will also be able to access vital information quicker by leveraging AI-based devices and tools. Yes, no more browsing through multiple Excel sheets - your voice assistant can tell you exactly how much inventory you need this quarter!
Experts predict that by 2023, 40% of infrastructure and operations teams in large organizations will use AI-powered augmented solutions to free up their staff for more strategic and creative tasks. Employees will complete more tasks independently and spend less time managing day-to-day operations. According to a SEMrush survey, 54% of executives said that implementing Artificial Intelligence in their workplace has increased productivity. The stats don't lie!

TechDogs' Opinion: Artificial Intelligence, so far has always been used for tedious and repetitive tasks so that employees can spend more time on creative and strategic activities. However, in 2022, Artificial Intelligence will be deployed to work alongside employees in an augmented workforce model. With the availability of smart AI-driven tools, workers will become more productive in creative pursuits, such as copywriting, brainstorming and template generation. Magic? No, that's Artificial Intelligence for you!

Trend 2: Language Modeling Will Transform How Businesses Communicate


TechDogs-"Trend 2: Language Modeling Will Transform How Businesses Communicate"-Meme Of Philip J. Fry, Commonly Known By His Surname Fry, - Fictional Character And The Protagonist Of The Animated Sitcom Futurama - Not Sure If Human Or A Very Clever ChatbotSource

One of the top trends for Artificial Intelligence from last year was AI-based chatbots that will transform how companies interact with customers. However, this year, Language Modeling (LM) will do all the talking. The improvement in Natural Language Generation (NLG) and statistical algorithms have given rise to machines that can perfectly emulate human speech. Speechless? (We couldn't resist the pun!)

These conversational AI systems will become increasingly indispensable to businesses in providing a top-notch customer experience. From offering immediate responses to complex queries to making digital experiences more seamless, the ability to improve machine-to-human communication will be in the spotlight in 2022. 

Gartner predicts that roughly 70% of workers already regularly interact with conversational platforms - and the number will only grow. Applications such as the GPT-3, an open-source language model, are enabling businesses to deploy custom conversational AI systems with NLG (Natural language generation) capabilities. Open AI, developers of GPT-3, are already working on a successor aptly called GPT-4 (which will be 500 times more powerful!).

TechDogs' Opinion: In the coming years, conversational AI systems will gain more popularity and be leveraged primarily by the healthcare, banking, tourism and hospitality industries. Language models are also expected to overcome the language barrier through advancements in NLP (Natural Language Processing). As Artificial Intelligence matures, it will answer the need for better digital customer experiences by allowing businesses to deploy machines that are indistinguishable from human agents. Yes, chatty robots are the future - who would've thought! #AintNoBotLikeAChattyBot

Trend 3: Artificial Intelligence Will Beef Up Cybersecurity


Forgive us for stating the obvious - cybercrimes and cyber-attacks are rising. Each year, we are adding more devices to the global network, creating more endpoints for hackers to access your sensitive data. We bet Fred Flintstone would never have to worry about his data being stolen! However, businesses need not worry for long either; Artificial Intelligence will soon support cybersecurity like never before.
This year, we will see higher adoption of AI-based cybersecurity software and tools, especially those implementing Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. AI will enable intelligent automation by actively monitoring user activities, analyzing in real-time and pinpointing anomalous behavior. A significant advantage for businesses is that AI-based systems integrate directly into existing cybersecurity systems.
According to Statista, network security, data protection and endpoint security will be the leading use-cases for Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. No wonder, in 2022, we will see the rise of sophisticated, customizable AI systems that will learn to identify security threats with unprecedented precision and speed. (You can also thank new-age Machine Learning models for this trend!)
TechDogs' Opinion: Businesses will always be on the lookout for technologies that improve their cybersecurity initiatives. Leveraging AI to strengthen cybersecurity systems will foster a more proactive approach. Businesses will need to move away from the traditional method of passively responding to cyber-attacks and instead make changes based on AI's predictions. While this may lead to some false alarms, overall, an AI-based cybersecurity system will be far more robust.

Trend 4: Artificial Intelligence Will Enable Contactless Services In The Healthcare Industry


Yet another trend from last year's list that refuses to change is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on healthcare. Currently, there are not enough medical professionals to meet the unprecedented demand. However, thanks to AI, contactless healthcare services will roll out in 2022 - providing much-needed relief to the healthcare sector. The critical factor driving contactless healthcare services is AI-powered surgical robots. Various medical organizations are currently developing these robots by leveraging Machine Learning techniques in Google AI DeepMind and IBM Watson.

Deploying intelligent pre-trained robots will enable doctors to perform surgeries and medical diagnoses from remote locations. During the pandemic, we saw "virtual hospital wards" being set up to oversee the treatment of patients remotely - a trend that will continue to grow, virus or not. According to analysts at Deloitte, remote healthcare consultations shot up from 0.1% to 43.5% during the first few months of 2021. The rise of AI-based robots with real-time sensors will add more momentum to this trend. Don't be surprised if Dr. Mac Hine signs your next prescription! 
TechDogs' Opinion: Artificial Intelligence will continue to enhance medical prognosis while making healthcare more accessible and affordable. Through telemedicine and contactless services, healthcare professionals will be able to provide treatments irrespective of geographical constraints. Yet, many people believe that physical interaction with healthcare professionals is more reasonable and telemedicine is a fad. Another factor to consider is that AI-based robots can perform surgeries faster and with a much better success rate. That's a big win for healthcare!

Trend 5: Artificial Intelligence Will Keep You Entertained


One of the most exciting developments in Artificial Intelligence is how it's making its way into our homes. We can find AI in several products and services we use daily - voice assistants, fitness trackers, Netflix recommendations, etc. Soon, your smart coffee machine will be able to customize coffee brews according to your mood!

One of the most significant contributors to AI adoption in 2022 will be intelligent voice assistants - think of Alexa, Siri and Cortana. According to market and consumer data specialist, Statista, the number of voice assistants worldwide is forecasted to rise to 8.2 billion in 2024! Once connected to the internet, they can answer questions, give news updates, set alarms or reminders, play music and much more.

"Alexa, play Butter by BTS, please..."

Moreover, advances in Artificial Intelligence have transformed the analysis of user data, especially search queries, to curate more relevant content for individuals. In 2022, any business that generates or collects user data will invest in AI-based recommendation systems to analyze what people are searching for, how they interact with it, etc., to personalize recommendations. Netflix knows you'll enjoy "Bodyguard" because you watched "Killing Eve" - or because they're both shows with a badass protagonist!

TechDogs' Opinion: As Artificial Intelligence improves; we will see various devices and applications being developed and marketed to ease daily tasks. From voice assistants to fitness trackers, AI will evolve to create holistic experiences for users. However, businesses will have to leverage the data obtained from these devices to make tailored recommendations to users. Most important, even when you reject a suggestion, the AI algorithm will learn from it to improve future recommendations. We wish more people would take rejection as well as AI does!

To Wrap It Up

Artificial Intelligence has been and will continue to be critical in driving businesses, industries and applications to newer heights. Conversational AI systems will assist customers and provide excellent customer experiences. Simultaneously, healthcare services will heavily rely on AI-based robots to provide telemedicine and remote treatments. AI will benefit the workforce through an augmented approach in workplaces. Also, cybersecurity systems will become smarter by integrating AI in 2022.  

Most importantly, in 2022, AI will change the way we live our lives by becoming a household concept - rather than being just a buzzword.

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