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Welcome to the Hotel Techsylvania! where, as guests stroll in, they are not greeted by the typical hotel staff but by "Ella" and "Atlas," the charming robot duo!

As visitors step into the lobby, they are surprised by the tech extravaganza. The hotel app is a genie granting wishes, allowing guests to conjure up their room preferences even before they unpack their bags. The app delivers a mobile ordering portal and a snazzy POS system, so ordering food, drinks and other stuff is a breeze. Moreover, a Wi-Fi 6 network showers everyone with super-speedy internet - say goodbye to loading screens!

Wait, wait, the real party begins in the high-tech lounge, a part-brainstorming hub and part-relaxation haven, depending on your mood. Guests can immerse themselves in virtual reality tours or jump into meetings that feel like they belong to a sci-fi movie, while kids can spend time with simulated avatars of their favorite cartoon characters.
So, tell us, does it read like a fantasy? Well, believe us this is real - and it's thanks to the latest Hospitality Technology trends that have revolutionized the entire industry. Wait, what trends, you ask?

Well, for that, you must join us on this exciting ride that explores the top 5 Hospitality Technology trends of 2024, along with what's driving them and how you can leverage them too.

So, without further ado, delve right in!
TechDogs-"Hospitality Technology Trends 2024"
Imagine the characters from the iconic sitcom How I Met Your Mother are back! They are all vacationing at different places and having a group call. Let’s see what they are talking about:

The legendary Barney Stinson starts the conversation: "Hey, folks! My hotel’s got robo-buddies delivering room service. Plus, the lounge in the living room is the ultimate multitasker. It’s my office by day and a party central by night. Just the way I like it, that is - legen..wait for it.. dary!"

Ted Mosby says in his typical Schmosby style: "Love that! I’ve been chilling and ordering meals through this slick app without budging an inch. Tap, order, chow down – it’s a lazy foodie’s dream!"

They both ask Robin, “What about you Scherbatsky?”

Robin: "Guys you won't believe it! My hotel has a Wi-Fi 6! It’s like I’m zipping through work and cat videos at the speed of light. No lag, just smooth sailing."

Then Marshal and Lily join the conversation: "Our hotel takes personalization to the next level. They know our preferences even before we ask them. It's like they read our minds!"

Well, well, well, as fictional as it sounds, the hospitality industry has come a long way, making all this real. Think of the top trends we covered last year, such as automation, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR and Advanced Connectivity, reshaping the hospitality landscape. This year we have the 5 latest trends adopted by the leaders across the industry – from robots serving in restaurants and Wi-Fi 6 to advanced IoT adoption to personalized experience, every trend has drastically reshaped the hospitality industry. Sounds interesting?

Well, dive into the article and read about the top 5 Hospitality Technology trends in detail!

Trend 1: It Will Be An Era Of Robots!

TechDogs-"Trend 1: It Will Be An Era Of Robots!"-"A Self-generated Barney Stinson's Meme For Robots."
Suit up for the first trend on our list which is legen-wait for it-droidary! Last year we read about automation taking center stage and this year we have robots. You see the hospitality industry is experiencing a technological revolution, with robots taking center stage in various roles. From concierges to servers and even chefs, these automated marvels are transforming operations in 2024.

Think of this: by 2027, the robotics market is projected to surpass a staggering $20 billion globally, a testament to its rapid growth. One such pioneer, Everest Nepal Restaurant, has embraced this fusion of tradition and innovation. Owner Maink Sakya introduced two serving robots to address labor shortages, a struggle faced by many business owners. Besides, systems like Temi, the first personal assistant robotics platform, hospitality businesses will tackle operational challenges and tasks such as temperature checks, sanitation and virtual engagement with robots.

In fact, robots aren’t just flashy gadgets; they can be precise culinary maestros. They follow recipes meticulously, ensuring consistent, perfect dishes every time. With the potential to enhance efficiency and relieve human staff from repetitive tasks, robot chefs are reshaping kitchen dynamics. However, it is critical to remember that their role isn’t to replace humans but to augment and streamline operations in hospitality.

TechDogs’ Takeaway: AI-powered hotel chatbots represent a game-changer for the hospitality industry. These bots alleviate staff from repetitive queries, streamline customer interactions and handle bookings efficiently. To maximize the impact of this trend, businesses should customize chatbots to comprehend nuanced language, promptly address FAQs and seamlessly redirect complex inquiries to human staff when necessary. It optimizes guest experiences, allowing staff to focus on more personalized services.

Innovations such as room service and housekeeping robots offer convenience and enhance guest satisfaction. Businesses leveraging these technologies must prioritize maintenance efficiency and weigh costs against benefits. While robots minimize human error and repetitive tasks, they might lack the finesse of human touch, demanding a careful assessment of their role within hotel operations.

For hotels, investing in AI-driven solutions and robot technologies can reduce labor costs, improve productivity and elevate service quality. Once again, balancing these innovations with human interaction remains pivotal for delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Trend 2: Mobile Ordering And Point Of Sales Will Reign Supreme

TechDogs-"Trend 2: Mobile Ordering And Point Of Sales Will Reign Supreme"-"A Self-generated Major Salute Meme For Mobile Ordering And POS Trend."
Mobile ordering and Point of Sale (POS) systems have revolutionized the hospitality industry, offering convenience and efficiency for both guests and vendors. In 2024, we expect to see more hospitality players adopt solutions to streamline customer experience.

For instance, mobile ordering systems such as Toast revolutionize the guest experience by allowing effortless perusing and ordering through QR codes, reducing wait times and placing orders effortlessly. On the other hand, Point of Sale (POS) systems, a hospitality tech staple, transform mobile devices into efficient cashiers for various services such as dining in or online orders, ensuring swift and secure transactions.

Did you know the Point of Sale (PoS) market size is projected to grow from $29.02 billion in 2023 to $81.15 billion by 2030? GoTab is the best example of infusing the best of PoS to hospitality, as its GoTab Manager App has helped resort managers handle their operations better and more effectively.

This innovation in hospitality tech not only reduces wait times but also helps restaurants manage orders efficiently amidst labor shortages to elevate guest satisfaction and make the hospitality industry more efficient and accommodating.

TechDogs’ Takeaway: Businesses in the hospitality industry should prioritize embracing the evolution of Point of Sale (POS) software to align with changing sales dynamics. With the significant rise in cashless transactions and mobile payments, there's a crucial need to emphasize online stores and integrate interactive features into POS systems. Next, developers must focus on creating adaptable POS systems that cater to these shifting trends, as hospitality businesses recognize the growing importance of interactive POS systems. By harnessing the capabilities of POS technology, they can automate essential tasks such as order placement, seat reservations and electronic bill payments, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Besides, the emergence of virtual cafes and ghost restaurants highlights the necessity for establishments to consider independent POS systems tailored for direct orders, distinct from food delivery platforms. Industry leaders must prioritize incorporating mobile ordering features within their POS software to remain competitive. Enabling mobile payments not only streamlines processes but also reduces turnover time by processing payments while customers are on the move, significantly boosting operational efficiency. This strategic move can ensure that businesses stay agile in the face of evolving consumer preferences, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness within the industry.

Trend 3: Wi-Fi 5 Will Move Aside As Wi-Fi 6 Makes Its Entrance

TechDogs-"Trend 3: Wi-Fi 5 Will Move Aside As Wi-Fi 6 Makes Its Entrance"-"A Self-generated Meme Of Marshal Smiling."
"Haaaaave you met Wi-Fi 6?

In the fast-paced realm of hospitality, where every moment matters, a silent hero is transforming the guest experience: Wi-Fi 6. Continuing the footprints of the last year into the realm of connectivity, Wi-Fi 6 is not just an upgrade; it's a game-changer, poised to revolutionize how hotels and resorts cater to their guests. Wi-Fi 6 isn't just faster – it's over 30% speedier than our current Wi-Fi standard. That might not sound mind-blowing initially but in a world where our devices are practically an extension of ourselves, this boost is monumental for hospitality service providers.

These days, even while vacationing in a hotel, guests want to have a pleasant experience of binge-watching. They want to stream their favorite show while their phone seamlessly connects to smart devices and their laptop hums along without a hitch. That's the magic of Wi-Fi 6, effortlessly accommodating the increasing number of devices vying for online connectivity.

Sure, 5G is hogging the limelight but for the hospitality industry, Wi-Fi 6 is the real deal. It's not just about guest smartphones; it's about a comprehensive upgrade in the way hotels provide top-notch connectivity services in 2024.

TechDogs’ Takeaway: With Wi-Fi 6, businesses can revolutionize the guest experience by ensuring seamless connectivity for an array of devices. Hotels must leverage this technology to streamline smart devices in rooms, offering personalized services like smart room temperature control, voice-activated assistants and secure smart locks. To infuse this trend, businesses should invest in upgrading their Wi-Fi infrastructure, ensuring robust coverage throughout their properties.

Businesses that adopt this technology can set themselves apart from competitors by showcasing the enhanced connectivity and capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 in their marketing, attracting tech-savvy guests seeking a superior stay. Implementing Wi-Fi 6 technology early on can position a business as an industry leader committed to offering cutting-edge Wi-Fi services!

The adoption of Wi-Fi 6 isn't solely a tech upgrade; it's a strategic move to drive positive guest reviews and secure repeat business. When guests experience seamless connectivity and enjoy the convenience of integrated smart devices, they're more likely to leave glowing reviews and return for future stays. To leverage this trend, businesses should also prioritize training staff to utilize these technologies effectively, ensuring guests get the most out of their stay.

Trend 4: Impressing Bleisure Travelers Will Be A Must

TechDogs-"Trend 4: Impressing Bleisure Travelers Will Be A Must"-"A Self-generated How I Met Your Mother Meme On Bleisure Travel."
Bleisure (a portmanteau of business and leisure) travel has made a grand entry as a transformative force in the hospitality industry, reshaping traditional notions of business trips and leisure vacations. So, bliesure travel, blending the worlds of business and leisure, allows professionals to extend work trips for leisure purposes. It's a trend where individuals combine business obligations with personal enjoyment, optimizing travel opportunities for both work and relaxation, creating a seamless balance between professional commitments and leisure activities. Surprisingly, this trend has catalyzed a significant shift in how hotels, airlines and destinations approach their offerings and services in 2024.

In fact,'s survey indicates a resurgence in business travel. Over half (52%) of employers plan corporate trips to foster in-person communication among remote workers. Face-to-face meetings with clients are deemed essential by 56% of employees, highlighting the significance of these journeys. Additionally, these trips offer business travelers opportunities to pursue adventurous experiences.

Moreover, this trend has compelled destinations to diversify their attractions, ensuring that business hubs offer unique cultural experiences and leisure opportunities. For the hospitality sector, this means a pivot towards personalized services that blend professional requirements with leisure desires, creating a holistic travel experience. As companies acknowledge the value of combining work and play, the hospitality industry will continue to evolve, striving to meet the demands of this new breed of traveler, ultimately enriching the overall travel landscape for business professionals in 2024 and beyond.

TechDogs’ Takeaway: Businesses must leverage this trend to offer a top-notch service to their guests. Hotels and travel companies can offer tailored packages or exclusive discounts to business travelers extending their stays for bleisure purposes. This strategy encourages longer stays and boosts revenue while providing added value to corporate guests. They can also partner with local attractions, restaurants and tour operators, the hospitality industry can curate experiences that cater to both professional and leisure interests. This strategy can also include creating guides for exploring the area, offering specialized services and creating bleisure-first travel plans to accommodate business needs as well as leisure.

Hotels can provide amenities that support relaxation and recreation, such as spa services, fitness facilities and on-site activities. Promoting safety measures and ensuring a secure, connected environment will attract business travelers seeking a peaceful yet productive stay, contributing to a positive bleisure experience.

Trend 5: Personalizing The Guest Experience Will Be Essential!

TechDogs-"Trend 5: Personalizing The Guest Experience Will Be Essential!"-"A Self-generated How I Met Your Mother Meme On Personalized Guest Experience."
In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, personalization isn't just about a bottle of lemonade or room decorations. It's a tailored journey that starts long before check-in and extends far beyond. It's about understanding a guest's preferences, lifestyle and needs to craft an unforgettable experience. This will be a major area of focus for hospitality players in 2024.

Today, from the moment a guest books a room, a personalized journey begins. A simple welcome email or a quick questionnaire helps hotels delve into preferences. In fact, some guests are even willing to share their social media profiles, offering a treasure trove of insights for hotels to customize their stay.

Surprisingly, 3.7 million Americans who enjoy traveling crave a personalized experience. Besides, according to the 2023 State of Personalization report by Twilio, more than half of consumers are inclined to become repeat buyers after a personalized experience. Millennials and Gen Z, the torchbearers of this trend, place even higher value on personalization!

Consider the Hilton, considered a synonym for top-notch personalized experience for its guests. Its CMO, Geraldine Calpin, puts it as offering “white glove treatment.” Its power of personalization is pretty visible in the brand's loyalty program which has over 60 million members! Hence, this trend will be on every hospitality service provider’s list in 2024.

TechDogs’ Takeaways: Businesses must understand that these days, travelers want the best of both worlds: the convenience of online bookings and the tailored experiences of offline stays. So, the benefits of personalized experience not only make guests feel special but also streamline decision-making and save time. To yield an impressive 8x ROI, businesses must leverage this blend of convenience and emotional connection, starting from pre-booking interactions to checkout, leveraging guest data from social media to personalize the entire experience.

Furthermore, businesses should invest in online personalization, especially during the booking process, to bridge this gap and offer a seamless stay. They can further implement systems to collect guest preferences during their stay. To reap the benefits of this trend, hospitality leaders can use surveys, questionnaires and incentives for guests to voluntarily share preferences, interests and social media links.

They must invest in advanced digital tools and platforms that analyze guest data and behavior to personalize online experiences. Besides, tailoring website interfaces, booking processes and pre-arrival communications based on individual preferences can also be some effective mediums to pave the way for personalization in hospitality interactions.

It's A Wrap!

In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, technology is the beacon guiding a transformative journey. Seamless check-ins through mobile apps, virtual concierge services and smart room controls redefine guest experiences. As these trends converge in 2024, hospitality tech will propel innovation, reshaping how hotels, resorts and accommodations interact with and delight guests. The industry's dynamic evolution isn’t just about technology; it’s about crafting unforgettable experiences that blend seamlessly with the digital age. So, why not grab the best of what’s trending in hospitality in 2024!

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