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The Top Sales Technology Stats Of 2024 You Can't Miss Out On!

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Thanks to advancements and innovations, sales technology has grown increasingly important in recent years. We mean, every modern salesperson relies on a diverse set of tools and platforms to improve their ability to close deals. Yes, even the iconic Don Draper would have needed help from technology had he existed in our real world!

Gone are the days when making sales was about sheer volume—knocking on doors, making endless cold calls or sending a barrage of cold emails. Modern business representatives have a vast range of technology at their fingertips to reach, engage, nurture and sell to prospects. It's almost like having a virtual sidekick to help you navigate the complex world of sales. From AI-powered analytics to automated prospecting and personalized customer outreach, the realm of sales technology is on a rollercoaster ride of innovation!

However, what does it mean for sales professionals? Well, well, well, fellow sales enthusiasts and tech aficionados, buckle up and prepare to dive into these must-know Sales Technology Stats of 2024!
In the world of sales, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. As we navigate through 2024, it will be essential for sales professionals to stay informed about the latest trends and statistics that shape the industry. From lead generation to customer retention, embracing new technologies and strategies in sales can significantly impact your performance. If you agree, check out our deep dive into the hottest Technology Trends of 2024!

Now, get ready to dive into the world of sales statistics and figures to equip yourself with the knowledge to supercharge your sales strategies and emerge as a sales superhero. In the words of the great sales guru, Zig Ziglar, "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." Or you can be like Stanley from “The Office.”

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Whatever you choose, there's no better way to start your sales journey this year than by immersing yourself in these top sales technology stats of 2024? Read on!

The Top Sales Technology Stats Of 2024 You Can't Miss Out On!

  • 118% growth in predictive intelligence and 115% growth in lead-to-cash process automation is expected in the next three years with significant advancements happening in these sales areas. These figures show that predictive intelligence can enhance decision-making for accurate forecasting and strategic planning, while integrating automation in the lead-to-cash process can streamline revenue generating operations for sales businesses. -  Source: SaaS Scout

  • 77% of sales professionals conduct more video meetings now as digital selling has become mainstream. This underlines the increasing accessibility to global clients through video meetings is enhancing market reach and fostering stronger client relationships, ultimately driving revenue growth. - Source: Finances Online

  • 57% of UK sales professionals say technology is “important” to closing deals, while 38% say it is “very important.” This highlights why almost a third of all sales professionals are applying technology to sales planning, engagement and enablement for building stronger relationships with prospects, providing valuable insights and tailoring their approach to each customer. - Source: Get Accept

  • 90% of companies use two or more lead enrichment tools to learn more about prospects. This stat shows that sales professionals in lead generation are leveraging technology to enhance their decision-making by understanding the prospect’s preferences. - Source: Spotio

  • 57% of sales professionals spend 3 to 10+ hours every week using Customer Relationship Management tools. This highlights that sales professionals spend a significant amount of time using CRM tools to streamline their sales processes and improve overall customer experiences. - Source: Spotio

  • 29% increase in sales and a 34% improvement in productivity can be achieved through the implementation of CRM software. This shows that CRM tools can increase sales and productivity among sales professionals, making them an essential tool for sales teams. - Source: Salesforce

  • 24% more sales professionals meet their annual quotas when they have mobile access to their CRM. This stat shows that mobile sales tools can help professionals gain a competitive edge by accessing valuable data and insights on the move, leading to quicker decision-making. - Source: Webinar Care

  • 45% of sales professionals who use social media to research prospects and their businesses say it is important to have a connected view of data across the entire customer journey. Sales intelligence dashboards that leverage data from social media provide sales teams with the most up-to-date and accurate information on their customers, an essential step for maintaining strong relationships and closing deals. - Source: LinkedIn

  • 79% of sales teams currently use sales analytics tools. By leveraging data from sales analytics tools, sales representatives can identify the best moments to engage with prospects, leading to shorter sales cycles and faster deal closures. - Source: Salesforce

  • 139% is the predicted adoption rate of AI over the next year, making AI the top growth area for sales teams. The adoption of AI provides quick insights to boost the effectiveness of sales efforts, helping sales teams identify areas where they can improve and make data-driven decisions. - Source: Salesforce

  • 22% of sales professionals who leverage a CRM tool identified "offering detailed analytics and reports" as being a CRM's biggest benefit. This shows that analyzing sales data through comprehensive reports helps sales teams understand their customers' needs and pain points better, allowing them to adapt their sales pitch and improve their outcomes. - Source: Hubspot

  • 41.2% of sales representatives say that their smartphone is the most effective tool for performing their jobs. This shows that in the modern age, sales professionals demand a mobile-first approach for more effective sales efforts. - Source: Finances Online

  • 42% share of the sales technologies used by sales teams consists of CRM tools, followed by visual collaboration/demo tools (41%) and sales intelligence (40%). Access to the best sales technology tools helps in accessing accurate, up-to-date and relevant customer information, leading to sales reps closing more deals and furthering their sales pipeline. - Source: Ixahub

  • 28% of businesses use sales coaching tools for their sales teams. This shows that sales leaders are leveraging sales coaching to help streamline the process of training their sales professionals by identifying areas of improvement and deficiencies. - Source: Ixahub

  • 15% of sales professionals leave voicemails rather than talking to the prospect. Although voicemails have a low conversion rate, few sales teams leverage it as it allows the prospect to engage with the message at their leisure and allows sales reps to focus on hot leads instead. - Source: Ixahub

  • 60% of sales agents say that they spend too much time on administrative tasks like data entry that can be streamlined with CRM software. This stat highlights the need for CRM software that can help sales professionals reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and instead focus more on selling and building customer relationships. - Source: Close

  • 7.8% is the expected compound annual growth rate of the conversation intelligence software sector between 2019 and 2027. Conversation intelligence software can help sales managers provide better coaching and improve the performance of their teams by analyzing sales conversations and identifying areas for improvement. - Source: Webinar Care

  • 51% of sales businesses have already deployed or plan to deploy algorithmic guided selling within the next five years. This shows that automating sales workflows to help sales reps close deals will be driven by algorithmic guided selling soon, enabling businesses to respond quickly to their customers' wants and needs. - Source: Gartner

  • 25.3% increase in sales gamification was seen by businesses that utilized gamification in their sales processes in 2023. This highlights that businesses that utilize gamification in their sales processes experience an increase in sales volumes, showcasing the potential for improved sales performance through gamified approaches. - GlobeNewswire

  • 54% increase in trial usage and a 15% increase in buy clicks was seen with the implementation of gamification for customer engagement. This shows that using gamification in customer engagement strategies results in positive outcomes for customer engagement and product trials. - Source: Webinar Care



In a world where sales technology is evolving at the speed of light, it's crucial to stay ahead of the game. As we wrap up this whirlwind of statistics and facts about sales technology in 2024, one thing is clear: the future is now and it's digital. From the rise of CRM usage to gamification and the presence of algorithmic selling, salespeople need technology to navigate a landscape that's as dynamic as a high-stakes poker game!

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While we bid adieu for now, remember that we will be back with Sales Technology stats fresher than the latest memes. See you soon and till then – Always Be Closing!

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