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Top 5 Workforce Management Software Of 2022

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Managing your workforce can be a daunting task for any business owner. However, the right workforce management tools can make it manageable. Well, one of the most important aspects of workforce management is predicting the demand for employees and where they need to be. For instance, say a company hires a seasonal worker to fulfill orders over the Christmas season. If they do not plan well enough, they may end up with too many people working on Christmas Day and not people when the holiday season peak actually occurs. #EveryBusinessManagersNightmare

This would be a really poor use of their resources, right? To avoid this problem, it's important to make accurate predictions about what jobs will need to be done at any given time. The more accurate predictions are, the better chance you'll have of keeping things running smoothly!
So, how can you do it?

The answer is with the help of Workforce Management Software. It helps you manage your evolving workforce, oversee all the tasks and evaluate the performance of your employees – all from a single platform.

That's not all - there's a lot more! Dive in as we explore the top 5 Workforce Management Software of 2022!
TechDogs-"Top 5 Workforce Management Software Of 2022"-Wave A Magic Wand For Spell-Bounding Workforce Management.
Workforce Management Software is an enterprise tool that is no less helpful than Harry Potter's wand was to him. It is the key to helping you seamlessly manage the workforce to meet the dynamic needs of your business. This includes staffing, shift scheduling and assigning tasks for better employee engagement. It also includes directing staff for better workforce optimization, improving working conditions and empowering the workforce for improved performance. A well-managed workforce can be the difference between a business that flounders and one that thrives. However, it's not always easy to know where to start when it comes to implementing workforce management in your company. That's exactly where we step in!

This article will walk you through the top 5 Workforce Management Software (that are no less than those powerful magic spells that Harry Potter used!). So, let's say Alohomora and unlock this exciting journey.

Top 5 Workforce Management Software Of 2022

Workforce Management Software automates the administrative tasks involved with managing employees, allowing organizations to plan, monitor and analyze its workforce for better human resource management. This awesome software helps businesses stay organized and focus on what matters the most: achieving their goals and meeting all objectives. Here we present the top 5 Workforce Management Software of 2022 (in random order!).
Ceridian Dayforce
Ceridian Dayforce
ADP Workforce Now
ADP Workforce Now
UKG Ready
UKG Ready

Tool 1: Ceridian Dayforce

Wingardium Leviosa is one of the go-to spells that was commonly used throughout the #HarryPotterSeries to make things float. While this software won’t help you with levitation, it is equally helpful as a magic spell. Ceridian is an awesome human resources software and services provider that was founded in 1992. As of 2021, it had a revenue of over 1 billion USD, making them one of the largest workforce management solution providers.  Capterra featured Ceridian Dayforce as Noteworthy Product in Workforce Management Software (2021) and Established player in Talent Management Software (2021).

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Ceridian Dayforce"-An Image Showing The Employee Dashboard Within Ceridian Dayforce
Ceridian Dayforce is a comprehensive Workforce Management Software that combines workforce management tasks such as HR, payroll, benefits and talent management in one tool. It is built with a unified approach that combines real-time updates to help businesses address complex regulatory requirements.

This Workforce Management Software also boasts some awesome features such as an activity dashboard, compensation management, employee benefits administration, employee database, COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act) administration, applicant tracking and so on. Super-cool!

Tool 2: ADP Workforce Now

#Potterheads would agree that Lumos was one of the most memorable spells used to create a source of light. Similarly, ADP, an American provider of human resources management software and services, provides a comprehensive suite of tools that can light your entire HR functions such as payroll, time and attendance, talent management, benefits management, etc. G2 has also listed their Workforce Management Software, ADP Workforce Now, under the Top 50 Products for HR in 2021.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: ADP Workforce Now"-A Screengrab Showing The Talent Profile Screen Within The ADP Workforce Now Tool
ADP Workforce Now is an all-in-one software that equips you with the tools to track HR information, helps in managing the workforce and in making data-driven decisions. This software by ADP helps its users streamline processes such as onboarding, record-keeping and changing employee statuses.

This software has a bunch of features namely managing information, seamless integration and viewing real-time insights. These features help managers and employees to access all the information related to time, attendance, benefits through the mobile application, etc. ADP Workforce Now is available with hundreds of add-ons like Workday, Litmos, ZipRecruiter, TSheets, so you have all the integration you will ever need!

Tool 3: UKG Ready

UKG was formed as a result of the merger between Ultimate Software and Kronos Incorporatedin 2020,
to become a cloud-based multinational workforce management and human capital management solutions provider. Capterra shortlisted this Workforce Management Software as Noteworthy Product in Workforce Management Software (2021) and Talent Management Software (2021). Kudos, UKG!

TechDogs-"Tool 3: UKG Ready"-An Image Showing The Employee Management Tab Of The UKG Platform

UKG Workforce Central is a unified go-to-software that helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retirement. It helps you with sorting out major issues for HR, recruiting, onboarding, timekeeping, dashboards and a robust mobile workforce scheduling. This software enables your workforce to punch in/ out for work, check schedules and retrieve information about time off, other benefits and payments.

ACA (Affordable Care Act) reporting, automated employee scheduling, benefits management, appointment scheduling, benchmarking, biometric recognition, etc. are some of the cool features of UKG Workforce Central. Long story short, this software helps you simplify your workforce needs. The highlight is that UKG Workforce Central also works offline, so no worries if your employees don't have access to an Internet connection, their actions will be saved and they can retrieve it once they are connected online.

Tool 4: WorkAxle

WorkAxle is a workforce management solution designed to manage your desk less and essential frontline workers quickly and efficiently. It is a highly multifaceted system that can handle complex workforce management challenges at any scale.  Software Suggests awarded WorkAxle as Best Value Software - Winter 2022. WorkAxle was only founded in 2017, making it the youngest on our list!

TechDogs-"Tool 4: WorkAxle"-A Screenshot Showing The Schedule Tab Of The WorkAxle Tool
WorkAxle is a Workforce Management Software designed to help enterprises and start-ups manage employees effectively. It provides an end-to-end solution, designed as a web application. WorkAxle enables managers with recruiting management, performance appraisal with workforce analytics and skills tracking. WorkAxle Workforce Management Software steps in handy with features like demand forecasting, scheduling and rostering, time and attendance, wages on demand and so on.
Its features help you establish flawless customer satisfaction and management approaches, budgeting and forecasting, dashboarding and address variable workforce plans and scheduling. What more do you need!

Tool 5: Bitrix24

What can be cooler than a Workforce Management Software which is no less than a social media network for companies irrespective of size? Bitrix24 does exactly this! Bitrix24 was founded in 2011 and is a social enterprise network that's free to use for small businesses (under 12 employees). Their Workforce Management Software was featured in Top Performer in Business Phone System (2021) and Noteworthy Product in Project Management Software (2021).

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Bitrix24"-An Image Showing The Social Media Template of The Bitrix24 Tool
It is a Workforce Management Software that has a company directory, employee profiles, leave requirements other traditional HRMS (HR Management Software) features and many other workforce management capabilities for free. Account Management, activity dashboard, appointment management, employee attendance management, approval workflow, etc. are some of the prominent features of this software.

Besides these features, Bitrix24 merges task and time management modules with efficient reporting so that managers can see when the job is done and approve it based on how well it was done. It also has unlimited chats, calls and videoconferencing for quickly communicating important information with the workforce.


For many businesses, Workforce Management Software is a must-have. With the use of this tool, you can have greater access to your company's workforce. This will help you get better results as well as increase employee productivity with better labor compliance and lower costs and expenses involved. It can also improve the quality of your employees’ work and work-life by eliminating the hassle of manual processes. Finally, it allows for better customer service and customer experience with easier access to information and data about your employees' schedules and projects. With this software. You won’t ever have too less or too many hands in the holiday season!

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