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Top 5 Web Analytics Tools Of 2022

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There are almost as many Web Analytics Tools available for the eager website owner as there are metrics to track. Web Analytics Tools collect data from your website visitors and provide reports that enable business owners to better understand traffic trends, visitor behavior and referral sources. These tools are a must-have for anyone with a website. Having said that, finding the right tool can be more complex than the Red Pill - Blue Pill choice from the Matrix.

Fret not; we're here for you! We have shortlisted the best out of the lot for you to pick from. Read on to find out the Top 5 Web Analytics Tools for 2021.
TechDogs-Hey, is That Your Website?-"Top 5 Web Analytics Tools Of 2022"
Imagine driving in your car and suddenly, the dashboard that displays all your essential driving information disappears. It's replaced by long lists of datasets housed in columns and rows of spreadsheets that track your speed, gas mileage and the air pressure in your tires. You glance at the numbers, baffled, just as a police officer pulls up behind you and flashes his lights, signaling you to pull over.

The officer informs you that you were going 20 miles over the legal speed limit. You make your apologies and drive away (once you've put the ticket in a safe place). You now drive much too slowly because you still have no idea how fast you're going. As angry cars honk and pass you by, your car makes a sputtering sound and suddenly stalls. You've run out of gas too!

As you sit on the side of the highway waiting for your partner to arrive with a can of gasoline, you suddenly realize how essential your car's dashboard was. Without it, you're stuck interpreting data manually - a slow, error-prone process that can lead to false conclusions (and speeding tickets!).

What you have here is a data problem and it's one faced by every business that runs a website. Luckily, it's a problem that's easily solved with Web Analytics Tools. Just like a car's dashboard, Web Analytics Tools monitor performance (of a website, in this case) and provide easy dashboard-style reports that help website owners measure traffic, understand visitor behavior and make smart decisions based on this information.

If you're in the market for a Web Analytics Tool, whether to replace an existing tool or install one, the decision fatigue can be overwhelming but never fear - we won't leave you stuck on the side of the highway! We've isolated 5 Web Analytics Tools that are easy to use, popular and suit small to enterprise-sized businesses.

Top 5 Web Analytics Tools Of 2022

Web Analytics Tools covers not only common website data like number of visitors, bounce rate, new versus returning users but also provide advanced analysis like audience demographics, devices used, OS data, language and more. Keeping in mind such features and capabilities, here are the top Web Analytics Tools you can opt. - in no particular order.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Clicky Web Analytics
Clicky Web Analytics

Tool 1: Google Analytics

To say anything new about Google, we'd probably Google it and we would rather not get into that paradox. Since Google rules everything, it shouldn't be a surprise that Google Analytics is the most used Web Analytics tool in the world, with a market share of over 85%.
Google Analytics offers web traffic reporting, conversion tracking, referrer information, the ability to create custom dashboards and the smug knowledge that you've fallen in line with the majority of website owners (at least as it relates to Web Analytics tracking).
It also has an advanced version, Analytics 360, which provides advanced analytical options using BigQuery for enterprises. Both the versions not only easily integrate with most of the popular business platforms and tools (such as WordPress and Google AdWords) but also are easy to implement and have a very intuitive user interface.

Tool 2: Chartbeat

An exclusive data and analytics company, Chartbeat has made a mark in the Web Analytics industry in a little over a decade. Catering to a customer base of over 60,000 media brands across 60+ countries, with publishing houses taking the major share, Chartbeat makes the cut of top Web Analytics Tools because it's known to be a customer favorite.

TechDogs-Tool 2: "Chartbeat"-Screenshot From Chartbeat Dashboard -It Allows To Track The Real-time Dashboard Provides Iive, site-Wide Data, Including Traffic Sources, Geographic Location, Reader Device, Referrers, Visitor Frequency, And More
Chartbeat's claim to fame is that it tracks real-time web metrics. The tool focuses on content analytics and is widely used by publications that need to understand how readers connect with their content. It also provides high-level website traffic metrics. Catering to their primary target audiences, AKA publications, Chartbeat provides real-time analytics to help understand what’s being shared and liked by readers.
Understanding what's working at any given moment is critical for publications like newspapers that post stories daily and must pivot quickly based on reader interests and sentiment. Moreover, it's got a very visual dashboard that is easy to read and navigate instantly.

Tool 3: Hotjar

The youngest one in the lot, Hotjar, has risen to glory in less than seven years with its exclusive behavioral analytics platform. The company is as popular for its heatmapping capabilities as it is for its 100% remote team. Being the trusted choice for over 900,000 websites, Hotjar made the cut due to its unbeatable behavioral analytics capabilities.
Hotjar specializes in deciphering the ‘why’ of website visitor behavior via the use of heatmaps, real-time feedback boxes and recordings of visitors' movement through the website. It provides robust (and intriguing) behavioral analytics that enables users to get a deep understanding of what site visitors are doing. Users can gain insights from this feature that might escape the abilities of other tools.
The best part - it has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with a fast setup time that can be done via Google Tag Manager.

Tool 4: Adobe Analytics

The designer's paradise, Adobe, is a company synonymous with creativity. Known for providing creative solutions, design features and ability to collaborate and share business assets, Adobe Analytics is a hidden gem in the Adobe Suite. Not many are aware that it is comparable to Google Analytics in features and performance.
The tool measures the same basic website metrics that Google Analytics measures but integrates with many other analytics and marketing tools on Adobe Experience Cloud, a collection of website marketing and analytics applications. Such integrations with other Adobe digital marketing products enable more robust reporting/ features (e.g., attribution modeling, audience targeting, campaign tracking, etc).

It also has a dynamic, intuitive user interface designed for marketers (not data scientists) and clear yet comprehensive dashboard reporting that enables users to easily visualize website performance.

Tool 5: Clicky Web Analytics

We'll end our shortlist with Clicky, another young player in the market, catering primarily to bloggers and SMEs. About 15 years into the industry, Clicky has been devoted to its niche audience and provides solutions that they need the most.

TechDogs-Tool 5: "Clicky Web Analytics"-Image Screenshot Of Clicky Web Analytics - Clicky Web Analytics Is Simply The Best Way To Monitor, Analyze, And React To The Blog Or Web Site's Traffic In Real Time, Also It Allows Individual User Tracking, Action Based Alerts, Video Analytics Tracking, An On-site Widget Information
Considering the scope of requirements of its target group, Clicky allows users to choose the features they want to go for, as per their needs. They can start with the basic set that provides fundamental website tracking and choose the premium set that has everything right, from heatmaps and uptime monitoring to split testing.
There's more - Clicky has a "spy" feature that enables website users to see what's happening on their site in real-time. Not just that, its widget-based interface helps even non-technical users easily set up reporting dashboards.


A list of Web Analytics Tools doesn't need to be exhaustive or overly complicated. The five tools listed above can help businesses analyze their website traffic and glean insights about website visitor activity, which can improve site features and content. For larger businesses with more robust needs, Web Analytics Tools will incur a larger investment. Yet, even small businesses and individual bloggers can find something of value in the above list with affordable options. Now go forth, obsessively monitor your website visitors and prosper!

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