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Top 5 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solution Of 2022

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We can all agree that Sherlock Holmes is one of the most endearing fictional characters ever created – after all, surely each one of us can rattle off his address right away! Whether it’s the timeless original novels, the movies starring Robert Downey Jr. or the latest BBC TV series – Sherlock has always been the same sociopathic genius, or has he?

Imagine this – Sherlock has just found out about Moriarty’s plan to blow up the parliament and he needs to inform Inspector Lestrade urgently. How would the original Sherlock do it? Either by sending a runner or asking Watson to find the inspector, right? However, the BBC Sherlock would simply send him a text or give him a call – that’s technology for you, it’s even smarter than Sherlock!

Our point is that, as technology evolves, so will the great Sherlock Holmes. You wouldn’t expect him to communicate through telegrams and letters in the modern age, rather he would use audio and video calling like the rest of us. In fact, he would most likely be using a sophisticated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solution – but since he’s too busy solving cases, we have done the research for him.
Presenting - the top 5 VoIP Solutions of 2022!
TechDogs-"Top 5 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solution Of 2022"-Old-School Communications Are Un-Bear-Able!
Let’s face it – without the Internet our global economy would crumble within minutes. It is essential to routine daily tasks that keep businesses and trade going. However, the most significant downfall would be the disruption of digital communication - being unable to connect with remote friends and colleagues.

We saw of glimpse of this when the world transitioned to a remote work setup almost overnight due to the pandemic. Organizations scrambled to find alternate means of communication and collaboration – thankfully we had a tailor-made solution and that’s what this article is about!
Presenting the top 5 VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Solutions of 2022!
The game is afoot!

Top 5 VoIP Solutions Of 2022

VoIP systems allow for the transmission of voice and data over the Internet. This software routes calls over the internet rather than traditional phone lines and cell towers. It employs devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets to help businesses to improve communication and save money by merely paying for internet access. Here are the top 5 VoIP Solutions of 2022 – in random order!
RingCentral MVP
RingCentral MVP
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Webex Calling
Webex Calling
GoTo Meeting
GoTo Meeting

Tool 1: RingCentral MVP

RingCentral, Inc. is an American technology solutions provider, focusing on cloud-based communication and collaboration products and services for businesses. Since its inception in 1999, they now have over 350,000 business clients. They were rightfully named as an Emerging Favourite in Capterra's 2021 shortlist for the Business Phone Systems Software category. Well done, RingCentral!

TechDogs-"Tool 1: RingCentral MVP"-A Screenshot Of RingCentral MVP Tool Showing The Calling Screen
RingCentral MVP is a versatile cloud-based solution that works well for enterprises of all sizes. This VoIP solution enables modern remote workers and distributed workforces to communicate and collaborate in real-time. Moreover, it allows employees to connect and collaborate through any medium, device, or location – as long as they have Internet access.

However, it has a number of useful attributes, including an automated attendant, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), rapid call routing, call scheduling and auto-dialing capabilities. Another standout feature is that all calls are automatically monitored and recorded for training, quality checks, etc. and ensuring a secure line of communication. Sherlock approves!

Tool 2: Microsoft Teams

Raise your hands if you've never heard of Microsoft - pretty sure your hands haven't moved an inch! That's because we all know Microsoft. It is an American multinational technology corporation with over 182,268 employees as of 2021. Recently, its VoIP solution, Microsoft Teams, was recognized as a Top Performer in VoIP Software, Meeting Software and Conferencing Software by Capterra's 2021 shortlist.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Microsoft Teams"-A Screengrab Of The MS Teams Video Calling And Live Chat Feature
MS Teams, as it’s better known, is a cloud-based VoIP and conferencing communication software that helps businesses manage chats, meetings, file sharing, calls and more from one unified platform. It is so intuitive we think even Mrs. Hudson will be able to use it! The tool enables organizations to bring remote workers together for business meetings. It is one of the most important VoIP tools for distributed teams to seamlessly collaborate and achieve higher productivity.

Apart from voice conferencing, the software has other useful mediums of interaction, including Live Chat and group messaging. The tool is reputed for its meeting scheduling feature and the fact that it enables third-party enterprise integrations on both desktop and mobile applications.

Tool 3: Webex Calling

Webex is an American tech firm that develops and markets web conferencing, video conferencing, Unified Communications as a service, etc. as cloud-native applications. It is a subsidiary of Cisco now, after being acquired in 2007. Its calling solution, Webex Calling, was named as Best of 2022 in the VoIP and Video Conferencing categories while being recognized as an Established Player in 9 similar categories by Capterra!

TechDogs-"Tool 3: Webex Calling"-A Screenshot Showing The Main Screen Of The Webex Calling Tool
Webex Calling seamlessly brings together calling, conferencing and messaging into an intuitive and intelligent platform. This helps businesses make meetings more productive and interactive. Thanks to its background noise removal and voice enhancement features, it provides callers with a top-notch online communication experience.

Being a cloud-based solution, it delivers enterprise-grade calling functionality and has helped various organizations replace their traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange, or private telephone networks) infrastructure. We mean, even Sherlock Holmes transitioned from his “Homeless Network” to modern means of passing information! The tool also has advanced features such as next-gen dynamic polling and stage layout customization for personalization.

Tool 4: GoTo Meeting

GoToMeeting (stylized as GoTo) is a web-hosted Voice over Internet Protocol service, designed and marketed by the company formerly known as LogMeIn. GoToMeeting was developed in July 2004 and since then, has been named a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant as well as won the Codie Award for Best Collaboration Solution in 2017.

TechDogs-"Tool 4: GoTo Meeting"-A Screengrab Showing The Preview Screen Features Of The Goto Meeting Tool.
GoTo Meeting is an online meeting, desktop sharing and video conferencing software suite that allows users to meet with consumers, clients, or coworkers in real-time over an Internet channel. Apart from allowing users to communicate using audio, live chat or video, the tool enables commenting/adding notes, file sharing, real-time chat, automated chat transcripts, etc. for up to 3000 participants. #WeLoveGoTo3000

This VoIP solution also boasts an easy-to-use and reliable mobile application, allowing users to attend virtual meetings from anywhere at a moment’s notice. Yes John, now Sherlock can call you at 3 a.m. just to remind you about his nicotine patches! Another highlight is the security provisions – single sign-on, encrypted sessions, secure chat and meeting lock among others.

Tool 5: Zoom

You might not have used Zoom over the last two years but we bet you have heard of it! It has zoomed to the top to become one of the most trusted VoIP solutions this year! Founded in 2011 and currently headquartered in California, Zoon serves millions of employees and individuals each year. No wonder it was named as a Top Performer across 8 categories by Capterra Shortlist 2021 – including Meeting Software, Remote Work Software and Web Conferencing Software!

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Zoom"-A Screenshot Showing The Video Calling Screen In Zoom.
Zoom Meetings, or Zoom as we know it, is a one-stop shop for all of business communication needs, from video calls to chats to webinars. The program is user-friendly, secure and highly dependable, providing a consistently high-quality experience to users. Zoom Meetings enables HD video and audio communication, as well as a live chat channel for effortlessly sharing content - from both mobile devices and computers.

Some of the unique features include cloud storage for recordings with transcripts and multi-user annotation through screen sharing. The standout feature is that calls can either be scheduled or made instantly with a single click. Furthermore, all chats, shared data and communications logs are encrypted for security compliance.


TechDogs-"Conclusion"-A Meme Of Sherlock Holmes Smiling Because He Now Understands VoIP Tools
Sherlock Holmes once said, “You have a grand gift for silence, dear Watson. It makes you quite invaluable as a partner.” However, if your team does not communicate well, it will definitely create chaos and challenges later. No matter the domain or industry – quality communication forms the core of any business.

Moreover, having discussions with consultants, freelancers and remote workers is unavoidable, something that necessitates every business to have a top-notch VoIP solution in their arsenal. We hope these 5 VoIP tools helped you understand how they can streamline your communication efforts.

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