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Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools Of 2022

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Allow us to take you on a journey that will twist the very fabric of nature. No, you won’t need to put on your seatbelts! “My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work. The sooner the better.” Bingo! Yes, we’re in 1890s London listening to the words of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes whose eye for details helps him solve perplexing mysteries. Mr. Holmes and his partner, Dr. John Watson, are here with us today to unleash the mystery behind Social Media Analytics Tools.

Before we start, they would like to know what is social media? (We can't blame them. There was no social media in the 1890s!). So, to brief them on the very foundations of the case - social media is a form of electronic communication through which users share thoughts and information using virtual networks of communities. It is known for its numerous websites and channels - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and many more.

Now that they know about social media, without wasting any time, let's put on our detective hats, grab our magnifying glasses and follow Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson to raise the curtain on the mystery of the top Social Media Analytics Tools of 2022. Case reopened!
Techdogs-Sherlock,We Must Analyze This New-Fangled Social Media! -"TechDogs-"Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools Of 2022"
Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. John Watson have searched every place possible for the evidence to crack the case open. Before proceeding to their actual findings, they want to unveil what social media analytics is and how it is helpful for businesses.

Social media analytics is a process of collecting, monitoring, analyzing, summarizing and visualizing social media data and finding meaningful insights to support business decisions. Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson have cleared the air about social media analytics so now we can proceed to unleash the real mystery - Social Media Analytics Tools. We are bound together in a journey that will twist the very fabric of social media!

Well, the market is full of Social Media Analytics Tools. To help you choose the one that is best for your organization, our detective duo has created a list of the Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools in 2022. Let's crack the mystery!

Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools Of 2022

Social Media Analytics Tools provide functionality for gathering and reporting data which is related to various social media platforms and user accounts. These tools allow businesses to gain a clear picture of customers' desires and responsiveness, which will help them in creating more effective campaigns while improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools of 2022 that we would recommend. Choosing the one that best suits your requirement is still your take. (Disclaimer - The order is random, neither alphabetical nor chronological).
Sprout Social
Sprout Social

Tool 1: Hootsuite

Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson are working diligently to solve this case. They have revealed the core of the first Social Media Analytics Tool on our list - Hootsuite. Founded in 2008, Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social platform. It has 200,000 paid accounts and around 18 million users worldwide, which makes it as popular among users as our detective duo Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson.

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Hootsuite"-A Screengrab Of The Hootsuite Tool Showing The Analytics Features
Hootsuite is suitable for organizations of every size - from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises. It is designed to execute social analytics strategies across multiple social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. It encourages clients to strengthen its connection with customers and drive results by integrating social media analytics results across the organization.

Hootsuite's intuitive dashboard can schedule posts across various social networks, manage organic and paid social content, track customers' conversations and gain actionable real-time insights from social media platforms. This will facilitate organizations to make critical marketing decisions. The tool follows the words of Mr. Holmes - never theorize before you have data. Invariably, you end up twisting facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

This tool also helps clients with key metrics, unlimited real-time reports and team performance measurement across all the social media platforms presented through a graphical dashboard. It also offers competitor analysis, follower analysis, post-performance, social reporting, report customizability and exporting. What more do you need!

Tool 2: Keyhole

Mr. Holmes is currently intrigued by the curious case of Keyhole, the next Social Media Analytics Tool on our list. He's been studying this tool's features, they appear...powerful. Founded in 2001, Keyhole is the #1 company in the world of hashtag analysis. It has been awarded High Performer and Fast Implementation Awards in winter 2020. Renowned companies such as Google, Spotify, L'Oreal and many more, use Keyhole for their social media analytics tools.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Keyhole"-A Screengrab Showing The Analytics Capabilities Of The Keyhole Tool
Keyhole automates social media analytics for agencies, marketers, journalists and executives. It uses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to let you fetch data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and millions of news, blogs and forum websites. Mr. Holmes believes if social media monitoring had been a thing in the 1890s, it would have helped him a great deal. No worries, Sherlock, they’re here now!

This tool believes that the best way to know how your campaigns on social networks are performing is with hashtag analytics. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to predict the performance of the hashtags in the upcoming days. It is known for effortlessly searching keywords, accounts and URLs on various social media platforms. Keyhole measures real-time and historical social media data, illustrates information in easy-to-read graphs and layouts that simplify reporting and strategizing for social channels. We mean, can you solve any case if you cannot visualize the data easily?

It has a unique feature of filtering influencers based on geo-location and keywords in their bios and reaching out to them to help boost the engagement, thus increasing marketing Return On Investment (ROI). Besides all this, Keyhole can be trusted with instant reporting resulting from social monitoring, social listening and campaign tracking.

Tool 3: Sprout Social

Data! Data! Data! - We cannot make bricks without clay. The next tool on our list is all about collecting every possible piece of data as it is an all-in-one social management solution. Sprout Social was founded in 2010 and is a recipient of many awards under various categories by 2021, including Fortune Best Workplaces In Technology 2021.

TechDogs-"Tool 3: Sprout Social"-A Screengrab Showing The Analytics Tab Of The Sprout Social Tool
Sprout Social is a platform with several modules - Analytics, Engagement, Publishing, Listening, Collaboration and Automation. The tool connects with the audience, organizes publishing workflows, collaborates in real-time and turns social media channel data into meaningful insights. Sounds like Sherlock Holmes - who has all the qualities that make him an efficient detective. Currently, we are focusing only on Analytics. (After all, Watson, we are here to unveil the mystery behind Social Media Analytics Tools!)

Sprout Social's analytics tool measures performance across various channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and many more - and presents it through analytics reports. It includes 18 different types of reports on activities - task reports, team reports, Facebook competitors reports and many, many more. This tool speeds up data collection and distribution so that brands can focus on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that matters, inform strategy and prove the ROI. By measuring ROI, users will get an idea of the impact of your advertisement on social media platforms and eventually on the company's growth.

You can rely on Sprout Social for report building, providing additional insights, interactive charts and graphs, selectable metrics, advanced filtering and custom comparison. #AllInOne

Tool 4: Socialbakers

Analytics is common, logic is rare. This is the trait of our next Social Media Analytics Tool - Socialbakers. Founded in 2008 under the name Facebakers and was renamed in 2010. It has won 2021 Social Media Analytics award based on customer and expert reviews in G2 - the world's leading business solutions review platform.

TechDogs-"Tool 4: Socialbakers"-A Screenshot Showing The Supply Chain Dashboard Of The E2Open Tool
Socialbakers is the first AI-powered social media marketing suite for brands and agencies of all sizes. Its social media management tool analyzes social channels on various platforms. It then benchmarks their performances based on which clients can create more original content, set better advertising strategies, make decisions based on their AI recommendations, calculate ROI and predict future engagements (Phew! Quite a lot of features.).

Its Audience Analytics tool simplifies the audience research with an AI-driven platform. Just like our detective duo who solve every mystery by analyzing all the data at hand, although without AI. This tool will help you track suitable online persona profiles for businesses based on digital and social media data. Its Content Analytics tool will provide insights and analysis from various digital channels to help you create more engaging content. (Such a savior!)

Socialbakers can compare various social media platforms (from Facebook to Instagram) to analyze the strategies used which make it unique. It can also be trusted for social measurement, social engagement, paid campaign tracking and attribution.

Tool 5: Brand24

The little details are by far the most important, so let's dig into the minute details of our next Social Media Analytics Tool on the list with Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. Brand24 was founded in 2010 and is one of the best sentiment analysis tools in the market (Yes, sentiment analysis is for real!). Brand24 has received recognition among the top 10 most popular software in 2019 and is still one of the most popular Social Media Analytics Tools. Some of its users are Uber, Intel and McCANN.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Brand24"-The Sentiment Analytics Feature Of Brand24 Tool
You must be wondering how this tool works. Sherlock Holmes, along with his partner, has unlocked the answer. Brand24 collects all the mentions of the keyword, product or brand name on the internet, integrates them and provides a comprehensive analysis. It has an automated sentiment analysis that uses advanced sentiment detection to bifurcate positive, negative and neutral mentions. After analyzing social media data, it can show instant alerts or send out notifications based on the business requirement. How cool is that?

Brand24 also helps the users analyze who is talking about which brand online and provide insights about them. It also has an affordable media monitoring tool that allows users to manage online reputation, track and assess marketing campaigns, track competitors, get customer feedback, help in social selling and more.

Brand24 is known for engaging communities, identifying sales leads, improving social customer service, reaching out to influencers and monitoring their competition. Besides this, you can rely on the tool for feed mentions, discussing volume charts, social media alerts, data exporting and filtering. That sounds pretty cool to us!


The amount of information and functionality available in today's world via social media is staggering. No matter what tools are in your arsenal, make it a point to dig deeper into your data to get the most for your future campaigns. Social Media Analytics Tools are here to help you manage your social media performance and can be a great source of business intelligence.

Now that we have solved the mystery behind the Social Media Analytics Tools, Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson are waving us goodbye until another case. Our journey has taken us somewhat further down the rabbit hole that we'd intended and though we dirtied ourselves, we've emerged...enlightened.

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