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Top 5 Sales Gamification Software Of 2022

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At TechDogs, we love playing games – be it board or video. Yet, unlike Alan Parrish, we have yet to play a supernatural board game like Jumanji. Surely you remember Jumanji! Do you know what was the most astonishing part of the game? The board game released jungle-based hazards upon its players at every turn, challenging players to think and adapt. Interesting, right! The question here is, apart from entertainment, what can a game really do? Don't think too hard, games develop the spirit of competition and fuel motivation. Duh!

If we said that there are certain software that will help your business' sales processes by adding game mechanics to it, would you believe us? Eureka! We present to you Sales Gamification Software. This type of software uses commercial game mechanics and social media applications to motivate and inspire sales professionals, generate competitive engagement and create effective and measurable sales success outcomes.

So, if you're looking for a way to motivate your sales workforce or want a new, creative way of team-building exercises, then Sales Gamification Software might be the answer for you. Want to know the top 5 Sales Gamification Software in the market? Read on!
TechDogs-"TechDogs-"Top 5 Sales Gamification Software Of 2022"-Had They Gamified Jumanji,It Wouldn't Have Taken Me 26 Years
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." We can't agree more with James Howell, who first said this famous proverb.

Playing is as important as doing work. Why? To remain entertained and motivated among your peers. Alan Parrish, too, wanted entertainment in his life, which directed him towards Jumanji. Don't worry; we are not offering you the chance to play a supernatural board game! We’re talking about the potential benefits of gamification?

The answer lies with Sales Gamification Software. Salespeople are always looking for ways to increase their sales performance and revenue. With the use of gamification, the sales team can be more productive and motivated. This software is a great way to improve your company's bottom line because it helps motivate salespeople and increases the overall productivity in sales activities. It also provides rewards that help keep them on track and achieve their targets. #SalesInnovation

There are ample Sales Gamification Software available today, which creates a game out of sales goals and performances to help your sales team be more motivated and engaged. Sometimes, it helps salespeople attain and even exceed their targets. Utilizing compelling visualizations of sales figures and other indicators to rank and award people’s performance, builds a sense of competition and motivation. We understand that choosing the best one for your organization could be challenging. Therefore, we (#Techdogs) are here to help you! We have created a list of the top 5 Sales Gamification Software to help you choose the best for your organization.

Let's roll the dice!

Top 5 Sales Gamification Software Of 2022

Sales Gamification Software strengthens sales processes by providing additional motivation for the sales workforce through competition and recognition of success. Not only this, but the software also ranks employee performance based on their success against the metrics designed by the sales department and shares incentives accordingly. Interesting, right?

Here are the top 5 Sales Gamification Software of 2022. Choosing the one for your organization is your call. (Disclaimer - the order is random, don't choose it by rolling dice.)

Tool 1: Ambition

The first Sales Gamification Software on our list is Ambition. It was founded in 2013 and is known to develop and manage your sales teams with consistent, customizable metric based-coaching programs and gamification. Ambition serves mid-market and enterprise sales organizations, including Xactly, Salelytics, Pendo and many others. It also won the Enterprise Leader award by G2 and has substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in 2021. What more do you need to know about this tool’s awesomeness!

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Ambition"-A Screenshot Of Ambition Dashboard
To start with, Ambition is an enterprise-grade sales poaching, analytics and gamification software. It provides sales leaders with the tools they need to increase their productivity and generate pipelines. Whether you are on the floor or working remotely, it has something for everyone! Sounds like Jumanji, right? Whether the dice show one or six, it has something for everyone. Ambition also helps you to use scorecards to track your business or organizational progress, measure objectives and change outcomes through gamified coaching.

You can also trust Ambition with activity tracking, feedback management, benchmarking performance management with metrics. With a simple and user-friendly interface, even those who aren't tech-savvy can create custom scorecards, contests, reports and more!

Tool 2: Hoopla

Hoopla Software Inc. was founded in 2010 headquartered in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. It is a privately held SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company that uses gamification technology to help motivate sales teams. Do you know the most exciting thing about their software? It can be integrated with the apps you use daily - Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Talkdesk and many others.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Hoopla"-An Image Showing The Monthly Sales Performance Of Salespeople Within The Hoopla Tool
Hoopla is a game-based platform that can help you build your business goals and employees' Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) within the company. This software not only increases your sales performance but also inspires friendly competitions which can be played by teams or as individuals. Disclaimer - Unlike Jumanji, playing Hoopla is not life-threatening!

It helps sales managers create contests and competitions around any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) metric. Not only this, but the tool also broadcasts live performance updates to TV screens, web browsers, or mobile devices throughout your company to cheer players with online celebrations. It motivates the team and boosts employee engagement with fun workplace competitions. Just like Alan Parrish, who motivated Sarah to play and complete the game, Hoopla motivates employees to complete their monthly targets.

You can also rely on Hoopla for badge management, leaderboards, peer-to-peer recognition and reward points. It is known to be one of the best software for the banking sector, entertainment sector and call centers.

Tool 3: Spinify

The next Sales Gamification Software on our list is Spinify. Founded in 2016, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Spinify is the gamification platform offering sample data and playbacks. It is the first choice of organizations that want to give their sales agents a competitive advantage. It was awarded as Top Performer in the Employee Recognition Software by Capterra in 2021. Take this tool for a spin!

TechDogs-"Tool 3: Spinify"-An Image Showing The Individual Leaderboard Metrics In Spinify Tool
You must be wondering what makes Spinify so popular? Spinify has solved the gamification puzzle with revolutionary features. With data learned from over 4 million leaderboards, it has built world-class playbooks with amazing sample data - setup time has been transformed from weeks to minutes which results in the fastest gamification and quicker results. Besides this, Spinify connects CRM with all the other software you use to manage and gamify sales. Pretty much like Alan Parrish who connected everyone together to finish the game.

Spinify's features include entry management, forms management and customizable branding. It also has points, badges and leaderboards to make the competition even more exciting among peers. Its clients include Coca-Cola, Prudential, Audi, Cisco, bitly and many others.

Tool 4: SalesScreen

Founded in 2016, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, SalesScreen combines gamification with data visualization to motivate and engage teams of modern sales professionals. It has won Best Employee Recognition Software of 2021 by, a leading independent review website. They claim businesses have seen up to 44% activity increase when running SalesScreen competitions – how cool is that!

TechDogs-"Tool 4: SalesScreen"-A Screenshot Of SalesScreen
So, what is so unique about this software, you may ask? It integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to make sales more collaborative through a wide range of peer-to-peer recognition and healthy competition. This in-team incentivization helps its clients drive stronger revenue and better delivery of key performance indicators (KPIs). SalesScreen turned what was once challenging work in sales into a professional and motivating game. A game where all employees can have fun while competing to reach the highest position.

Let's now look at its features: real-time sales competitions with various sales contest templates, social chat to increase collaboration with colleagues, various TV slides to showcase information and updates, live chat to rapidly resolve troubleshooting and more. This software also supports web, mobile app and TV integrations, along with live leaderboards, goal tracking and performance reporting for competitions.

Tool 5: LevelEleven

Founded in 2012 as a Sales Gamification Software, LevelEleven grew up into an entire suite of performance products to motivate, engage and coach sales teams to drive results. This may be the best gamification software for sales leaders who want to drive revenue and improve performance through a metric-driven sales approach. Take your sales to level eleven!

TechDogs-"Tool 5: LevelEleven"-A Screenshot Of LevelEleven.
For starters, LevelEleven helps sales at every level. It enables sales representatives to better understand goals through a single view of their daily performance in one location. Sales leaderboards for teams enable them to move faster and better with actionable feedback delivered consistently in one easy-to-use system. Sales Managers can use customizable templates to enhance the coaching of sales representatives and unlock their team’s potential. They can coach with consistency using actionable data from LevelEleven's Reports & Coaching tools to adjust coaching on the fly based on day-to-day progress.

Executives can also get insightful metrics at any level or drill down into the details by region or for an individual salesperson without ever leaving the LevelEleven tool. With this information readily available at their fingertips, executives can make more informed decisions about divisional strategy - deciding where resources should be allocated.

The Game Ends Here!

TechDogs-"The Game Ends Here!"-A Meme In Which A Man Is Saying “One Does Not Simply Ignore Gamification.”
Sales Gamification Software is an important tool for any business looking to push its sales management strategy to the next level. Just like Jumanji, a board game that pushes you to the next level! Sales Gamification Tools are much more than just using badges, though. It's about creating a space where people enjoy what they are doing and feel like they are making progress in their careers. Now that you have learned the importance of sales gamification, it would be easier for you to choose the best software for your organization. Adventurers beware; do not begin unless you intend to finish.

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