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Top 5 Mobile Data Security Software Of 2022

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Business on the go is the new cool. From responding to emails and checking the latest product designs to joining meetings and scanning through sales reports, the digital age professionals are always busy managing work on their smartphones, whenever they're on the go.

While we find it cool, the IT team disagrees and we all know why: data security. A single virus that manages to get into your phones can lead to losses or data leaks worth millions to your company.

Does that mean you should stop checking your emails on your way to work while you Uber pool?

That's totally your call. You can do that, though that may not be the best solution. Instead, you can invest in a Mobile Data Security Software.

Which one, you may ask? Well, read on to find out what TechDogs (that's us!) recommends.
TechDogs-Stop! This Is A No Data Theft zone!-"Top 5 Mobile Data Security Software Of 2022"

Imagine yourself on Jimmy Fallon's 'Show Me Your Phone' with your family, spouses and bosses watching it. "I've got nothing to hide." Sure, we believe you! However, for the rest of us who may have a funny picture of a sibling, an old rant audio note after a long day at work and videos of a secret trip to Vegas, we would be scared.  
Let alone Jimmy Fallon, even when your spouse or mom gets hold of your phone, you end up breaking a sweat. While there's still a chance that some way or the other these people may get hold of your phone and its data, what you can definitely avoid is letting random hackers gain access to it. Oh yeah, just adding a screen lock or going for thumbprint impression or facial recognition may not always work.  
Rather, you need a top-notch Mobile Data Security Software. Yes, that's right. It is a spouse-proof tool that prevents any identity theft, reduces security threats, secures networks and creates a data backup in your mobile phones. Pretty much everything you need to prevent any random accessibility to your network and other systems via your mobile phone.  
Now, there can be hundreds of options available that provide this facility of safeguarding your mobile data. However, you cannot just randomly point at one to decide. This is why we are here to ease things for you.  
Arranged in random order, here is the list you need - Top 5 Mobile Data Security Software that are the most sought after. Want to explore each one in detail? Let's go!

Top 5 Mobile Data Security Software Of 2022

Malware attacks are pretty common these days (Not just the ones coming from your spouse but technical malware – just kidding!). They pose a big threat to your mobile applications and data. Here are the top 5 Mobile Data Security Software you can pick from.  
Kaspersky Internet Security 
Kaspersky Internet Security
Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect 
Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect
Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile 
Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile

Tool 1: Kaspersky Internet Security

Let's begin our list with Kaspersky which is a huge multinational company dealing in anti-virus software and resolving cybersecurity threats. The company started serving when the world was dealing with real security issues back in 1997. Today, it has stopped over 975 million cyber-attacks, blocked over 273 million malicious URLs, controlled 24 million+ neutralized viruses.

TechDogs-"Tool 1: Kaspersky Internet Security"-Image Screenshot Of Kaspersky Internet Security -Kaspersky Mobile Security: New Technology To Access Stolen Smartphone - It Has Offered Effective Protection Against Malware For Android Smartphones Since 2011  
Kaspersky's Internet Security is one of the key offerings is preventing cyber-attacks and security threats for your business on the go. It is particularly well-suited for phones and tablets to keep your data security up to the mark. It simply blocks applications, websites and even files that are found suspicious in any sense. Besides, its spyware monitoring system tracks your calls, locations and texts to keep an eye on potential threats.

Kaspersky is packed with rigorous protection technologies that give you excellent security. Combining that feature with its manual scanning is what makes all the difference.

Tool 2: Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect

Our next best thing is Palo Alto which works across the globe, specialized in tackling cybersecurity problems and giving out the best solution to your personal requirement. Its cloud-based offerings and advanced-level firewalls are what help this company cover every aspect of security. No wonder this company is loved by over 70,000 organizations in more than 150 countries. Believe it or not, most of these companies have been listed in Fortune 100. Impressive resume, right?  

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect"-Image Screenshot Of Palo Alto Networks Globalprotect - Authpoint Communicates With Various Cloud-Based Services And Service Providers With The Radius Protocol - It Shows An Overview Of The Configuration Required For Radius Authentication
Palo Alto's GlobalProtect services are, just as the company says, more than a simple Virtual Private Network (VPN). It uses Prisma Access along with the next-level firewalls to give you dependable control over your mobile security. The tool has comprehensive security policies that overlook the scanning of both incoming and outgoing traffic. Be it via text, calls, voice memos, media, or web search. Moreover, you will be impressed by its utmost transparency with simple yet risk-free accessibility.

Palo Alto offers a seamless implementation of its services that you can access from any device
possible, no matter where you are or what the time is. It's that convenient and easy to use!

Tool 3: ESET PROTECT Advanced

Moving on with our list, the next security software provider is from ESET. This company has been in the market for about 30 years. Undoubtedly, it has marked its position in the industry for offering antivirus and firewall products with several awards and recognitions in its pocket. Not to mention its phenomenal growth from a small company to a global brand with over 110 million users in over 200 countries globally!  

TechDogs-"Tool 3: ESET PROTECT Advanced"-Image Screenshot Of Eset Protect Advanced - It Is An Enterprise-Grade Security Management Solution Providing Visibility, Management, And Reporting Across All Operating Systems  
As a part of its world-class services, ESET PROTECT Advanced offers an advanced security management system that enables you to manage everything with a single click. Create, execute and shift all your mobile data security in one space without going through any complex steps. Moreover, with the help of its advanced reporting system, you can access your built-in reports from more than 1000 data points. Sounds incredible, right?

Here is the fun part, ESET project has a feature in which you get notified whenever some activity takes place in your mobile security system. Besides, this feature includes a custom-made notification system for a better and more personalized experience.

Tool 4: Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile

NortonLifeLock Incorporation, formerly called Symantec Corporation, is a company specializing in cybersecurity and business software services. Currently, it's a member of the S&P 500 stock-market index and one of the prestigious Fortune 500 companies. The entire company is currently dealing in two areas and one of its core focuses is on information management. It's the real combination of syntax, technology and semantics.  

TechDogs-"Tool 4: Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile"-Image Screenshot Of Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile - Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (Sep Mobile) Offers The Most Comprehensive, Highly Accurate And Effective Mobile Threat Defense Solution, Delivering Superior Depth Of Threat.
Symantec is renowned for using its technologies and tools to protect traditional as well as endpoint devices. These technologies will help you reduce the number of endpoints vulnerable to attacks, prevent malicious attacks, detect problems and say NO to breaches. That's all possible due to its renowned Global Intelligence Network, a protection system built to provide strong security.

Here comes the best part! Symantec can help Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) prevent worst-case scenarios for any breach. That means, even if there's a possible breach, Symantec detects it before it can turn into a full-blown breach of the entire IT system. Along with it, it offers remediation made up using threat analysis.

Tool 5: Lookout

Not too long ago, Lookout was providing end-to-end cloud security systems centred around privacy and data protection. After its launch in 2005, it soon became one of the well-known companies in this domain. Known for its security reports, Lookout sets case studies and standards for companies to learn from. Today, there are a lot of phishing cases, harvested attacks and uncovered viruses. Lookout creates new reports and leverages existing reports to keep track of mobile attacks management products.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Lookout"-Image Screenshot Of Lookout - Lookout Acquires Ciphercloud To Secure Enterprises From Endpoint To Cloud
Lookout knows the significance of integrating security and endpoint safety for all mobile users. Which is why it encourages productivity. Wondering how? It does that by delivering data protection in systems like the cloud and mobile software. Moreover, its Artificial Intelligence-based technology for mobile protection establishes trust and empowers privacy for more than 200 million devices.

The mobile security approach of Lookout comes with a 360-degree security app, that is known for its lightweight use and goes best with full threat recovery.

To Sum Up

Believe it or not, you really need that mobile security to avoid all the mess you could have been in. You don't want to end in that situation where, because of your lenient mobile data security, you attract malicious activity. That’s where these 5 Mobile Data Security Software can be your top solution! 

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