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Top 5 Live Chat Software Of 2022

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"Hey, are you there?"

Wouldn't it be great if connecting with any business was as easy as pinging them? Yes, maybe you don't want to start a conversation as candidly as we did but you get the gist, right?

Unlike Hogwarts and Diagon Ally, such a service is not fiction! In fact, reaching out to a business in the digital age is indeed as simple as dropping in a "Hi." The credit of making this super-convenient mode of interaction into reality goes entirely to Live Chat Software or live chat solution. What's that, you ask?

As the name suggests - it is an online live chat support application, which helps to resolve the query of the customers. Even a small business owner can utilize this feature, with a simple step of integration onto their website as a chat widget. This chat solution is a great aspect of customer engagement. It makes connections with the customer service executive or agent in real-time a cakewalk for consumers. Well, who wouldn't want their customers to have such accessibility? What businesses wouldn't want their customers' issues to be resolved in a jiffy? It will surely go a long way in ensuring website visitors' convenience leading towards customer loyalty, right!

Well, if you're looking to invest in customer satisfaction (duh, who isn't!), read on to explore the top 5 Live Chat Software of 2022 that will be your best bet in the market!
Techdogs-Ping! I Am Here For Round-The-Clock Support!-"Top 5 Live Chat Software Of 2022"
"Customer service, this is Kelly. Oh my god, I'm so sorry, this is so messed up. Everyone here is so upset; you have no idea. I'll be thinking about you all day."

Clearly, Kelly from The Office had found her mojo for handling never-ending customer service calls. For the millennials who don't remember this scene, that's probably because it was deleted later. Trust us, it did tickle our funny bone!

Moving on, funny as it may be to watch, as a business, that's probably not how you would want your customer executives to be handling their service calls. However, if they handle a hundred calls a day, what else are they going to resort to apart from sarcasm? In the era where customer satisfaction is prime for any organization and where customer feedback fly more faster that the resolution of support requests, these live chat app are the best bet to have.

You could make your employees' lives slightly easier by integrating Live Chat Software within your communication platform, so that simpler calls get converted into a comfortable chat conversation and your customer doesn't have to hear the message "All our customer service executives are busy at the moment. Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line." (Sorry, Pheebs!)

If you're convinced of the value addition of such an interaction channel and are about to Google the best Live Chat Software, hold on. We've done the scouting for you. We do know that there are ample of famous and favorite live chat solution available like Pure chat, ProProfs chat, LiveAgent etc. yet we have enlisted here the top 5 Live Chat Software that made the cut above the rest.

Top 5 Live Chat Software Of 2022  

Live Chat Software enables businesses to communicate with website or app visitors in real time through dedicated chat windows. Customer service representatives can use the software to assist users with their questions about products, guide in website navigation or more.

Here are the top 5 Live Chat Software of 2022 - in random order!
Intercom Live Chat 
Zendesk Live Chat Software
HubSpot Live Chat Software
Olark Live Chat Software

Tool 1: LiveChat

LiveChat was launched in 2002 and is based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model. It supports over 40 languages and is used in 150 countries by over 31,000 businesses for customer support. In 2015, LiveChat Software was shortlisted for the European Small and Mid-Cap Awards organized by EuropeanIssuers, FESE and the European Commission - the only Central European company to do so!

TechDogs-"Tool 1: LiveChat"-A Screenshot Of The Tool Showing Its Live Chat Interface
Having Live Chat software for conversations on your site means that the website visitor can send you their questions and receive the answers by the agent in real time. Besides being easy to use, LiveChat also provides contextual tags and lots of social integrations, including Facebook, Messenger, WordPress, Salesforce, Shopify, Dropbox and many others.

It also has Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that automatically route inquiries to the right teams and agents by segmenting visitors and leads. We kid you not, some sales can be made directly from the chat feature in the software itself. That's not all. You can also organize all your communications viz-a-viz emails, chats, SMS, apps and more in a user-friendly dashboard. Customer experience and customer satisfaction intensified.

Tool 2: Intercom Live Chat 

Yet another exclusive Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP), Intercom is trusted by the world's most successful companies, like Atlassian, Shopify and New Relic, to deliver conversational customer experience through chat window, chatbot and personalized messaging. Founded just about a decade ago (2011), Intercom has already made its way into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes of over 25,000 businesses.

TechDogs-"Tool 2: Intercom"-A Screenshot Of The Tool Showing Its Easy To Build Communication Channels
One of the premium feature of Intercom allows you to build communication channels and experiences across the customer's entire journey. It offers a customizable chatbot for human-like interactions, showcases help center articles in the chat widget, automatically routes visitors to the correct department and much more. Talk about streamlining communication 101!

What's even more impressive is that Intercom is not just fantastic for your customer engagement but also for your sales and support teams. With the unique inbox feature, site visitors can connect and collaborate with the relevant technical support staff to address difficult questions prospects and customers ask.

Tool 3: Zendesk Live Chat Software

Widely popular as the "Champions of Customer Service," Zendesk's live caters to complete Customer Relationship Management knowledge base, with a range of products. With over 1,60,000 customers spread across 160 countries, Zendesk expanded from an exclusive customer service company to a comprehensive customer support solutions platform, including sales. In 2021, they were recognized with the "Customer Value Leadership Award" - that says it all!

TechDogs-"Tool 3: Zendesk"-A Screenshot Of The Tool Showing User Profile And Interaction Features
Zendesk, also formerly known as Zendesk Chat, is known for its real time messaging services that help your business attend to incoming customer queries and send a response immediately. Not just limited to the web, Zendesk's Live Chat Software can also be integrated into your mobile app or within other social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

You can also use the chatbot and video chat routing capabilities to handle customer queries faster, even raise support ticket when your human agents are unavailable. We also drool over their added integrations that allow emojis, GIFs and more formats that make the chat conversations much more engaging!

Tool 4: HubSpot Live Chat Software

A popular name in the marketing, sales and customer service industry, HubSpot is a brand that has been trusted for years and for a good reason. Founded in 2006, HubSpot has grown rapidly across the globe. We mean, it was named the #2 Best Global Seller for 2021 by G2.

TechDogs-"Tool 4: HubSpot"-A Screenshot Of The Tool Showing Live Chat Interface And Chat History For Quick Resolution
Coming to HubSpot Live Chat, it is a part of HubSpot's free forever CRM and allows you to connect with customers, prospects and webpage visitors in real-time (duh!). It's got everything, right from the ability to personalize chatbots, to directly record data in the (Customer Relationship Management) CRM system. Moreover, HubSpot Live Chat boasts various integrations such as Slack, Gmail and Outlook.

Our (#TechDogsTribe) personal favorite is that you need not spend too much time implementing the chat solution. All you need to do is embed an auto-generated code within your website and the live chat widget becomes functional - one more reason to love this tool!

Tool 5: Olark Live Chat Software

Launched in 2009, Olark has also built an exclusive Live Chat platform with several out-of-the-box features and capabilities. What started with a team of four has today expanded worldwide, catering to more than 11,000 businesses worldwide. Moreover, Olark Live Chat won the Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year in 2017.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Olark"-A Screenshot Of The Tool Showing User Profile And Historical Metrics
Olark is the complete package when it comes to choosing a Live Chat Software. Right from customization, automation and real-time engagement to searchable transcripts, reporting and custom forms - it has everything you'd need to make the live chat experience exceptional and seamless for your customers.

Olark is known for its Power-ups that allow you to monitor visitors, get visitor insights and more and help you make the conversation more personalized.

Summing It Up

So, which of these will you pick for the Kellys in your office? Whichever you want to go for, make sure that you consult your customer service team before finalizing; after all, they're the ones who're going to use it the most. Other than providing support ticket, unlimited chats solution and easy integration, if you're looking for a comprehensive sales, marketing and other premium feature in customer engagement service solution, then HubSpot can be the best bet. If you're looking for a CRM, Zendesk can be your go-to choice. Lastly, Olark, Live Chat session and Intercom are your best bet if you want to go for an exclusive LiveChat software.

Hope we've helped you get closer to the decision.

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