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Top 5 Interactive Voice Response Solutions Of 2023

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Remember the good old days of directories? Finding information meant flipping through the pages of a thick, well-worn book rather than tapping a screen. These directories provided a tangible and reliable resource, with neatly organized cellphone numbers, addresses and even advertisements.

Then, directories stopped directing the way they used to direct. #EndOfAnEra

However, we have tools (read solutions) akin to those directories!

Just like directories consolidate information and serve it to the users – these solutions consolidate communication and provide an efficient way for businesses to interact with their customers over calls. Yes, we are talking about Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions!

Much like directories, IVR Solutions steer callers towards their intended destination - just like directories list businesses by category, IVR Solutions categorize calls and route them to the appropriate department or service.

Yet, IVR Solutions goes beyond static listings, engaging callers in dynamic conversations. As directories evolved from printed books to online databases, IVR Solutions has transitioned from basic menu systems to intelligent, data-driven interfaces. They don't just provide numbers; they provide accurate information, process requests and speed up problem-solving for your customers.

Okay, enough about directories – let's direct to the article and look at the top 5 Interactive Voice Response Solutions of 2023!
TechDogs-"Top 5 Interactive Voice Response Solutions Of 2023"- For record-breaking Voice Automation!
Scene 1 – Bank

User: "Hello, I'd like to check my account balance."

IVR: "Sure, please enter your account number followed by the pound key."

[User enters account number]
IVR: "Thank you. Your current account balance is $1,234.56."

Scene 2 - Customer Support

User: "I have a problem with my internet connection."

IVR: "I'm sorry to hear that. To better assist you, please type in your account number."
[User enters account number]

IVR: "Thank you. It seems there is an outage in your area. Our technicians are working on it and expect it to be resolved in about two hours."

Both the scenarios are from entirely different places but there is one thing in common, i.e., Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Right from banking to healthcare to customer support to retail and whatnot – IVR has revolutionized customer service and business operations by providing a seamless and efficient way for callers (customers) to interact with automated systems.

Did you know Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions play a huge role in empowering businesses with this wonder of technology? Well, IVR Solutions use voice recognition and touch-tone keypad inputs to guide callers through a series of menu options, helping them access information or complete tasks without human intervention.

We bet you must be curious to know about the best Interactive Voice Response Solutions available on the market today!

So, without further ado, let's delve into the article and get acquainted with the top 5 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions of 2023 – along with their providers, benefits, features and what you'll love about them!

Top 5 Interactive Voice Response Solutions Of 2023

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions streamline operations, reducing the burden on human agents for routine queries, which leads to cost savings. Moreover, they enhance data collection and analysis, helping businesses gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Now, let's look at the top 5 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions of 2023. (Disclaimer: The list is random; choose wisely.)

Tool 1: UJET

Introducing UJET, the pioneer in IVR Solutions. It's a solution by the US-based company of the same name (UJET) which was founded in 2015. Renowned brands like Instacart, Turo, Wag and Atom Tickets trust UJET for delivering exceptional customer interactions. Recognized by G2, UJET has earned the titles of Leader (Summer) - 2023 and Best Relationship Enterprise (Summer) - 2023.
Say goodbye to tedious, automated voice responses that frustrate customers as UJET is here to lead the way in enhancing customer experiences across various communication channels, such as voice, in-app, web and SMS routing. With UJET's visual interactive voice response (IVR), your in-app support menu becomes a powerful tool that empowers customers to specify their needs and find resolutions.

Users can also choose their preferred mode of contact, be it voice calls, chat, SMS or email. Unlike traditional Interactive Voice Response Solutions, UJET offers a user-friendly touchscreen interface within the app, eliminating the need for lengthy pre-recorded messages. UJET streamlines the customer journey by eliminating channel switches and redundant information repetition by providing a consistent visual navigation experience across all channels. Furthermore, it accelerates issue resolution by presenting estimated wait times and offering dynamic channel options. When customers connect with your support, UJET's Voice IVR guides them through their choices, ensuring they select the most relevant issue. #URockUJET

What You'll Love: Basic reporting, Security alerts and notifications, Prompt customer service, User-friendly interface, Hassle-free implementation.

Tool 2: JustCall

Established in 2016 with its headquarters in the United States, JustCall has emerged as a prominent player in the market. JustCall boasts a clientele of over 6,000 companies, including industry giants like Cloud Kitchen, Domino's, Jaguar, Alibaba Group and Walmart. The company's remarkable growth has earned it a place on the prestigious Inc.5000 list of the fastest-growing firms!

TechDogs-"Tool 2: JustCall"- A Screengrab Of JustCall's Dashboard.. Streamline Your Customer Interactions With JustCall's Advanced IVR Capabilities.
JustCall, a cloud-based phone system, empowers businesses to acquire phone numbers in 58 countries and manage their calls seamlessly via web, mobile, or desktop apps. Leveraging JustCall's IVR, you can automate call handling, craft interactive menus and route calls based on digit-based inputs. Furthermore, the flexibility of creating multi-level IVR branches tailored to your workflow ensures that callers are directed precisely to specialized teams. Streamline your customer interactions with JustCall's advanced IVR capabilities.

One of JustCall's standout features is its multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, enabling businesses to resolve customer inquiries on the first call. Inbound callers can effortlessly navigate to the appropriate teams by configuring IVR flows, boosting operational efficiency. With JustCall, all your customer communication and workflow automation needs can be consolidated into a single platform. #JustJustCallThings

What You'll Love: Free trial available, Comprehensive dashboard, Easy to scale, Prompt customer service, Workflow automation.

Tool 3: Aircall

Step into the world of Aircall, a France-based company established in 2014. Over 15,000 companies rely on Aircall to strengthen their customer relationships, including renowned brands like Pipedrive, Refract, Lightspeed, Lokalise and Caudalie. Aircall's global reach spans eight offices with 800+ employees hailing from 40 different nationalities, earning recognition as one of Built In's Best Places to Work. Besides, in 2022, Aircall secured its place on the Deloitte Fast 500 list by surpassing $100 million in annual recurring revenue.
Aircall isn't just an IVR Solution; it's a lifeline for sales and support teams. This cloud-based voice solution integrates with essential tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, Slack and Gong. Aircall empowers small and medium-sized businesses, transforming productivity and elevating customer and employee satisfaction. With Aircall by your side, you can boost your customer support to an 11-star level by seamlessly integrating your call center with your help desk or customer relationship management (CRM), enabling your team to delight your customers consistently.

With the help of Aircall, you can bid farewell to wasting precious call time on tasks an IVR menu can handle with finesse. Aircall is an instant IVR Solution that offers a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface for crafting the perfect welcome message and call routing. Aircall gives you a key to first-class call center features, including SMS, advanced call routing, analytics, call coaching, live feed and collaborative tools, all at your fingertips. #AmazinglyAircall

What You'll Love: Web-based, Basic reporting, Best suited for SMEs and SMBs, Collaboration capabilities, Value for money.

Tool 4: LiveVox

LiveVox, a veteran in the realm of IVR Solutions, boasts a lineage dating back to its inception in 1998. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, it has established its footprint globally with seven strategically positioned offices, orchestrating an astonishing 14 billion omnichannel interactions annually. Over two decades of excellence have fostered trust among transformative clients such as Commerce Bank, GreenSky, PayPal and James Allen. Adorned with the prestigious Leader – Mid Market (Summer) award by G2, LiveVox is your steadfast partner in customer engagement.
LiveVox's IVR capabilities are the epitome of reliability, intuitiveness, security and robustness, serving as the bulwark against customer attrition while optimizing performance. With LiveVox, the future of cloud communication takes form, seamlessly fusing IVR with CRM and Artificial Intelligence. Routing customers effectively is a breeze with LiveVox's IVR. Tailor the journey based on customer profiles and IVR inputs, promptly ensuring customers reach their desired destinations with LiveVox!

LiveVox simplifies the art of optimizing customer journeys, offering a treasure trove of 40+ drag-and-drop modules for effortless workflow creation. Harness the power of AI to decode customer intent and interactions. Campaign and list management, call and screen recording, and seamless third-party API integration are some of the noteworthy features of LiveVox. #LovelyLivelyLiveVox 

What You'll Love: Comprehensive dashboard, AI and Machine Learning Capabilities, Flexible pricing, Outstanding performance, Easy to use.

Tool 5: Knowlarity

Renowned as a trailblazer in cloud-based communication, Knowlarity was founded in 2009, with its headquarters in Singapore. Remarkably, in just 13 years of existence, Knowlarity has cultivated a customer base exceeding 6000 businesses in over 65 countries, counting prestigious names such as DLF, Hyundai, Swiggy, OYO, Let'sdoc and AstroConnect among its satisfied clients. Knowlarity claims prestigious awards, including the Amazon Excellence Award, Silicon India Startup of the Year and the coveted Nasscom Emerge 50 honor.

TechDogs-"Tool 5: Knowlarity"- A Screengrab Of Knowlarity Dashboard. This IVR Solution Makes Customer Engagement Effortless, Allowing Seamless Interaction At Any Time.
Knowlarity automates customer interactions in both inbound and outbound calls through pre-recorded voice messages and Text-to-speech technology, all driven by customer inputs via DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency, a sound made when pressing a number key). This IVR Solution makes customer engagement effortless, allowing seamless interaction at any time.

Integrating this cloud-based IVR Solution into your voice operations empowers you to efficiently handle high volumes of inbound calls from customers and prospects, facilitating your business's scalability. Further enhancing operational efficiency, this solution provides access to an IVR dashboard for generating reports and managing call recordings. Additionally, it boasts an array of features such as call routing, customizable menus, support for concurrent calls and call recording, making it a superb solution for your communication needs. #KnowingKnowlarity

What You'll Love: Basic reporting, Support multiple languages, Customization possible, 24X7 Support, Value for money.

It's A Wrap!

In a nutshell, IVR Solution stands as a powerful aid in today's business landscape. They elevate customer service to new heights by offering immediate and efficient responses and contribute significantly to operational efficiency and cost savings. Their ability to gather and analyze data provides invaluable insights into customer behavior, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. Moreover, their personalization and streamlined processes enhance the overall customer experience. As technology advances, IVR Solutions remain at the forefront, proving an indispensable asset for organizations striving to deliver exceptional service to their customers.

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